Your Questions About Bestest

Mary asks…

How cancerous is my dead eyes compared to religion?

Just think of the deeds we could commit to doing together some day
When we are older we will be bestest buds!
I promise all my blood to you darling, I would love you to tip over
And when I catch you,
You stand up again as the goddess that you are
You see you are replaceable but your powers are not.

You see you are not 1 with your powers.
It’s as if there are 2 identities in the folk I am speaking to this moment. (I speak to you).

Handle with jubulance.

Whatever did you think I meant, Julia?

admin answers:

No comparison

Thomas asks…

What’s an easy, good 1 minute acapella for a 13 year old?

Hi, i’m in my drama club for school and we’re supposed to prepare a 1 minute acapelle (one person singing without music) to perform. I need one that is easy to sing because i don’t have the bestest voice, i mean it’s okay but sometimes a little pitchy on higher or lower notes. And one that’s well known with a good tune would be great. Thanks.
a capella*

admin answers:

Go with good old „Castle On A Cloud“ from Les Miserables. It doesn’t go up very high and it’s intended for a younger person to sing.

David asks…

What do you think is the largest best dollhouse out there?

My 3 year old is turning four and wants a huge Barbie doll house. Like four stories perferably. So what do you think is the bigest bestest barbie house and isnt plastic fold out. Im thinking more like wood. Any and all ideas please.

admin answers:

Ok well Barbie does not make not plastic fold out playhouses anymore if they ever did. Its just not that type of world anymore. My mom however still has her big wooden dolhous from when she was a kids and she used barbies with it and loved it. It was an american girl dollhouse.She did get it though in the 70’s and I dont even know if it was new then

Paul asks…

How to tell if your boss is a douche in the interview?

I’ve worked for a number of jobs now where during the interview the boss seemed like the friendliest, most caring, bestest boss in the world. But within the first week I suddenly realize the truth about what an asshole I’m working for.

Is there any particular ways to detect douchebaggery from a potential employer? Are there any questions I could ask that would indirectly give me some insight into who they really are?

What are your experiences?

admin answers:

Look for a douch-like shape that usually gives it away…

Sandra asks…

How long does it take for the laxative metamucil to take effect?

I took it between 15-20 minutes ago. I’m taking it to be even thinner than I already am. I want to be as thin as possible for my bestest bff semi this friday im her date and i have to be as thin as possible for social events.
I exercise everyday and eat very little. the very little i eat is healthy.

admin answers:

That’s horrible for your health and being that skinny doesn’t look attractive for you dear you should gain a little bit of weight. To answer your question though laxatives don’t help you lose FAT at all you just lose a lot of water weight making you dehydrated. The reason is because as soon as you eat something, by the time it’s passed through your hole lol your body has absorbed about 95% of the calories from the food.

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