Your Questions About Betsey Johnson

Ruth asks…

What is a good hairstyle for a valentine’s dance?

I’m wearing a betsey johnson dress that had a lace detail in the bra area and plain the rest of the way down.
My hair comes right below my chest.
I have soft, straight, thick, blonde hair.
What would be a cute style?

admin answers:

Ooh, i think a really pretty style would be like this:
that would look gorgeous.
Or something like this:
theyre both sweet & romantic.

Hope i helped!

Steven asks…

What colour shoes can I wear with a cream dress with a pink bow at empire?

I am wearing a dress from betsey johnson called the evening gliteratti dress, and it is creme strapless with a light satin pink bow at empire. I have had no luck finding a pink that could match the bow, so what else are my options for shoes?

admin answers:

Don’t go with pink it’ll be too color coordinated. Either go with black or nude.

Donna asks…

What clothing stores hire minors in California?

Please, no food places. I hate working at places like that. Only clothing stores, please. Preferably really fashionable ones, like betsey johnson or forever 21. I did check those places out and they didn’t hire minors.

admin answers:

Most stores hire 18 year old because they don’t want to deal with child labor laws. They have to: make sure that they get a break, max hours per school day is 4, they can’t work more than 24 hours a week, they can’t work until 8am or after 10pm or they get fined for child labor law violation.

So here are some stores that hire minors:
Hollister (you have to be 17 btw)
JC Penney
Old Navy
The Gap

The ones that want adults would be:
Forever 21
American Eagle
Banana Republic
Bath and Body Works
Juicy Couture

not sure if that is all of the

David asks…

Ways to make money during the summer?

The neighbors r like family so i cant really do chores for money for them cuz thts just not gonna work on them lol i really realy realy realy wanna buy these awesum betsey johnson boots but im broke!! Any ways to make $200 in a month? And were already planning a garage sale so dont say that lol thx 🙂

admin answers:

Hmm how about cleaning the house for your parents for money (i do that)
or you could get a job in a local shop stacking shelves if any of your family/ neighbors own shops/ Business ask them for a job. That’s the easiest way to get a job. Good luck!! I love betsey johnson!xx

Mary asks…

where can u get betsey johnson paintings?

where do u buy the paintings in the betsey johnson stores?

admin answers:

Im in love with the betsey johnson paintings and i want to know where to get them from as well!!!!

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