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Lisa asks…

How can I get and save money for a concert? And how much would I need for a backstage pass as well.?

I’m talking about a concert for Selena Gomez when she goes on tour and also does anybody know what prices might be and where she will be on tour at?
I know it’s in the beggining of 2010, but I might need a lot money for it. So I need to start doing something A.S.A.P.

admin answers:

How I got my backstage passes

There is only one way that I know that will get you backstage to meet the Selena Gomez. I know because I have used it twice to take my neices and got them to meet the Jonas Brothers twice already. I have pics if you would like to see them.

The book is the ultimate backstage book and it will show you exactly how to get backstage.

This book uses some easy honest methods that will get you backstage passes and free concert tickets. Give it a try you will not believe how easy it is.

The website is if you would like to check it out.

Charles asks…

What are the Warped Tour VIP club passes for?

This year I bought both VIP club passes and VIP fast lane passes for my Warped Tour date. I know the fast lane passes are so that I don’t have to wait in lines but what are the VIP club passes for? They don’t really tell you when you buy them but it said „Party like a rockstar!“ in the description so it sounded good to me! Lol! Does it let you go into special tents or something?

admin answers:

What lines, i’ve been going to warped tour and the only line is the one to get in. I guess it mean backstage, but 40 bucks to see a band you’ll probably see anyway for free waste of money.

Sandra asks…

How do i find a tour that only takes me to Germany and Denmark?

im having troubles finding the tour, and i live in Miami, Fl.
Any suggestions?

admin answers:

This is a good site for finding tours, but I think you’re going to have a hard time finding something that covers only Germany and Denmark:

You could always do this traveling on your own. You could consider a Germany – Denmark Eurail Pass, for example. Http:// However, it is often cheaper to just buy individual tickets rather than the pass. The faster trains and night trains usually require an additional reservation/supplemental fee with the pass. See: and particularly

Sharon asks…

How can I get a meet and greet pass to the adam lambert concert?

Im going to adam lamberts concert on september fourth, annd i would like a meet and greet pass. I need to meet that man.

admin answers:

Argh, you lucky thing – I am jealous =D

Not sure exactly how the meet & greet works for this tour, but the best thing to do is probably go to his website – there may already be a discussion thread with information on this. If not, just ask a question in the forum – Adam fans tend to be very helpful!!

Good luck xxx

Ruth asks…

How can the people far back have any chance of winning la tour de france?

Everytime I watch tour de France, the biking competion. A question always comes to mind: How can the riders who are so far behind have any chance of winning the Race. wouldn’t the ones in front automatically more likely to win?

admin answers:


If you mean far back in time… Yes. That is the betide of racing…. The fastest time wins. Because riders are son even…. If you fall back, if you want to take the win… You often need an extraordinary effort to make the difference. But, if you find yourself 10 or more minutes baxk, you might just be an also ran in that years TDF.

If you mean by far back in distance at any moment on a stage… It doesn’t take long to catch up, and pass everyone. Lance Armstrong did that several years ago. He fronted as though he was ill. Then as they started the final ascent of the Alps de Hiuiz, he attacked. The Winn sealed his dominance of the race and led to his tour championship that year.


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