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Carol asks…

what should the space inbetween the cage bars be?

Im looking for a new, bigger cage for my rats and i want to know what the space between the cage bars should be for not only adult sized rats but very small rats too because i might buy another rat and i dont want her to escape if ever she is small.

I also would like to know the size that the cage should be to house at least 4 rats (i might get 3 but i still want it to be big enough)

Thank you!

admin answers:

The space should be less than an inch between each bar. Maybe about half of an inch, so that the smaller rats cannot get out. Just make sure there is enough space for them to climb on the bars.

Use this calculator to figure out how large the cage needs to be for four rats.
Just enter the dimensions of the cage you are interested in, and it will tell you about how many rats can live in there comfortable.

Good luck! I hope you enjoy your new rats.

Susan asks…

What should I look out for in middle school?

I’m going into 7th grade and am wondering what kinds of things I should be careful of.

admin answers:

Tips? Let’s see.

~You WILL want a boyfriend (assuming you’re straight and fairly normal) but don’t get one. It’s not worth the drama. Girls will be mad at you, girls will be mad at him, there will be jealousy, there will be embarrassment, and there will be tears when you break up. It’s also really awkward, believe me, I’ve been there. It’s just not worth your time.

~Everyone says to be yourself, and that’s great, but don’t overdo it. Always be friendly and careful not to flirt too much or you’ll get a reputation as a skank. That never leaves. Try to be somewhat social- say hi to people in the halls, ask people’s names, etc. It will make you seem rude it you act too shy and girls will talk about you more than you’ll ever know. Be ANAP (as nice as possible). Try not to bring up topics like religion, abortion, etc, or anything very controversial at first.

~Don’t wear too much makeup. Concealer, if you must, and mascara if you’re feeling crazy, but nothing else, please.

~ The typical thing to wear is a short print skirt, jeans, or denim shorts, along with a tee shirt of any kind. Basically walk into Forever 21 and pick out whatever. If you have your own specific style, tone it down if it’s really crazy, at least for the first few weeks. If you don’t, you’ll look like a poser and people will think you’re weird, and not in a good „unique“ way.

~Do all your schoolwork before texting and hanging out. I really regret not doing that. It helps a lot- that way, if ll else fails, teachers will like you, right? Teachers don’t yell at bullies if they hate the victim.

~Always be prepared. Bring tissues, hairties, scissors, superglue, bandaids, pads (even if you haven’t had your period), a calculator, tape and batteries in you purse at all times. Also, keep an extra tee shirt and gym shorts in your locker just in case. There might be an „emergency“- eg,
[you have your period and get it on your pants, you wear a skirt when you have gym, someone pours a slushy on your head, your pants rip, someone mean cuts up your shirt while you’re changing (it happens), your binder breaks, your cell phone dies and you don’t have a ride, your hair exploded, you get a papercut, your shirt doesn’t fit right and you just want to change…]
– just do it, okay?

~Try to get out sometimes. Study hard, but at least once a week socialize outside of school. If you don’t, people will find it odd and take it personally because kids are stupid.

~If someone tries to hit you, scream at the top of your lungs and they’ll stop out of surprise and fear of getting caught. Then avoid them forever. As for other bullies? You can avoid them by never getting into any drama that isn’t yours (even if it’s your bff), never talk to or even look at any boys who aren’t single, and assume the best.

~ At lunch, don’t bring messy food. Spaghetti is the worst because it looks gross while it dangles out of your mouth. A sandwich is the best thing to bring to school! Also, bring extra food or money in case someone steals it.

~ Don’t pretend to be weird for attention. Saying you’re unique all the time and randomly screaming out „CHEESE!“ doesn’t make you ‚random‘ or funny. Nobody wants to hear it- you’ll sound like an attention hog, too.

Middle school is terrible. I know this answer seems harsh, but you probably don’t want to hear „be yourself and everyone will love you“, do you? Just be careful and ANAP and study, and you’ll do great.

George asks…

How to solve a cubic equation by hand?

If I have the following equation

X^3 – 594X +3186 = 0

How do I go about solving this without a computer program?

admin answers:

The equation has 3 real roots
x₁ ~ 5.670611531; x₂ ~ -26.70753070; x₃ ~ 21.03691917

no computer needed, just a calculator
Newton’s method

an odd degree algebraic equation with real coefficients has at least one real solution

find an interval where to find a root
define f(x) = x^3 – 594 x + 3186
and look for an interval [a,b] where f(a)·f(b) < 0
in this interval there is at least one root
if the function f(x) is monotonic on [a,b]
(that is, derivative f '(x) = 3x^2 – 594 does not change sign)
we are sure that the root is unique

f(5) = 342 and f(6) = -162 while f '(5) and f '(6) are both negative
then interval (5,6) contains one and only one root of the equation f(x) = 0

first guess can be x0 = 5.5
x1 = x0 – f(x0)/f '(x0)
and iteratively
x(n+1) = x(n) – f(xn)/f '(xn)
|x(n+1) – x(n)| < precision
for instance precision = 0.001
which gives 3 exact decimal digits

x0 = 5.5
x1 = 5.669647292
x2 = 5.670611499

|x2 – x1| ~ 0.00097 < 0.001
first root is about 5.670

another unique root is in the interval (-27,-26)
f(-27) = -459 and f(-26) = 1054
while f '(-27) = 1593 and f '(-26) = 1434

first guess
x0 = -26.5
x1 = -26.70980003
x2 = -26.70753097
x3 = -26.70753070

|x3 – x2| ~ 2.7·10^(-7) < 10^(-6)
second root is -26.707530
with 6 accurate decimal digits

there is another real root in (21,22)
first guess
x0 = 21.5
x1 = 21.05424156
x2 = 21.03694492
x3 = 21.03691917

|x3 – x2| ~ 2.6·10^(-5) < 0.0001

this root is 21.0369 with 4 accurate digits

the equation has 3 real roots
x₁ ~ 5.670611531; x₂ ~ -26.70753070; x₃ ~ 21.03691917

this other way is quicker, but less amusing 🙂^3+-+594X+%2B3186%3D0

graphic calculator*x%20%2B3186&xmin=-30&xmax=30&ymin=-5344.942063&ymax=9556.219131&var=x

Richard asks…

can you prove a function is even or odd with a calculator?

admin answers:

No. A calculator will show that a functions seems odd or even for some values of x. But, it can’t prove it is odd or even for all values of x.

Sharon asks…

A Good poker odd’s calculator?

Im looking for a good poker odd’s calculator that will work with some of the us friendly poker networks. Other than carbon’s poker odd’s calculator I havnt really found one worth using. Most of them you can download free but then have to purchase something before actually using them… Im hoping to find one free that is compatible with us friendly poker networks.. Any help is greatly appreciated!

10 points for the best answer!

admin answers:


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