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William asks…

What are the fewest games that can be played for the tournament?

Six teams enter a basketball tournament. Each team plays until it loses 2 games.what is thethe fewest games that can be played for the tournament?

admin answers:

coz 5×2=10
there r 6 teams, but there has to be a champion, so its 5 teams that u multiply by the # of games they have to lose
and they have to lose 2 games
If you did 6×2=12 to find the amount ur doing it wrong, coz then there wont be a champion.
Hope this helps =D

Sandy asks…

Which is the most important Tournament in Tennis played by men?

I started playing tennis, and i would like to know which is the most important Tournament in Tennis played by men? In football is FIFA Cup.

admin answers:

The four most important tournaments in tennis are called the Grand Slams. They take place every year and last two weeks. All four Grand Slams are played by men and women, for single, double and mixed-double tennis. A player who wins a Grand Slam gets 2000 points in the ranking system, and prize money between 1.000.000 and 2.500.000 $ depending on the Grand Slam. All of them are outdoor tournaments unless they close the roof in case of rain (except for French Open which has no roof).
Players are usually remembered by the number of Grand Slams they won alongside their number of titles. In singles, Steffi Graf holds the women’s record with 22 Grand Slams while Roger Federer holds the men’s record with 17 Grand Slams.

The Grand Slams are:
1. Australian Open: the first tournament of the year, it is held in mid-January in Melbourne, Australia. The tournament is played on a plexicushion hard court.

2. French Open: it is held during the last week of May and the first week of June in Paris, France. The tournament is played on slow red clay and ends the Spring clay court season. It is also considered being the most physically demanding tournament. Rafael Nadal is the player who won it the most times with 7 victories there.

3. Wimbledon: it is held during the last week of June and the first week of July in London, England. The tournament is played on fast grass and it’s also the oldest and considered most prestigious tournament. Players there have a strict dress code to follow as they have to be dressed all in white. Roger Federer and Pete Sampras are the players who won there the most times with 7 victories.

4. US Open: it is held during the last week of August and the first week of September in New York. The tournament is played on acrylic fast hard court.

After the Grand Slam, there is another tournament that is important for the top 8 men players: the World Tour Finals. It is held annually in London, at the end of the tennis season in November, and it is played on indoor hardcourt. The players are divided into two groups of four, and play three round-robin matches each against the other three players in their group. From there, the two players with the best records in each group progress to the semifinals, with the winners meeting in the final to determine the champion. The player who wins the tournament wins 1500 ranking points.

Then the other important tournaments are called Masters 1000, the players who win it are awarded 1000 points. There are 9 and are held throughout the whole year in Europe, Asia and North America: Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo (it started today), Madrid, Rome, Montreal, Cincinnati, Shanghai and Paris Masters.

And of course the Olympics Tennis, held every four year are very important for players, they get to win a medal for their country, but it’s also an add to their personal record and achievement!

David asks…

What is the difference between Champions League and Europa League?

I am bit confused. I thought that the BEST club in Europe is decided by the Champions League? Then what on Earth is the Europa League?

admin answers:

The Champions League and Europe League competitions are admittedly confusing. But with a simple and focused explanation, you should be able to understand them.

If you’re in the States, the best way to think about the Europa League is like the National Invitation Tournament (NIT), as opposed to the main College Basketball 64-team tournament. The Europa League is the 2nd best tournament, NOT the first! That’s the most important fact to understand.

Details? The best and top-ranked teams from the most prestigious leagues, usually the top 2 or 3 spots, get automatic tickets to the Champions League. Other teams have to compete to get into the last 32 teams. The 20-something EXTRA teams from smaller countries that compete for the final 10 open spots amongst the 32, eliminate each other. The teams that don’t get eliminated, get to be amongst the 32. The teams that ARE eliminated, get delegated to the Europa League.

Some teams that get eliminated amongst the final 32 of the Champions League, when it goes down to 16, ALSO go to the Europa League. AND finally, some teams that finished like around the 5-7 spots of the most prestigious leagues, automatically go to the Europa League TOO. And that’s what winds up comprising the Europa League participants. Some 5-7th ranked teams from the domestic leagues plus Champions League losers / eliminated teams.

BOTH tournaments continue on though and they wind up having two winners, one from the Champions League and another from the Europa League. Just like the NIT and the March Madness tournament. Make sense? Hopefully! If not, I’ve provided you with a number of sources. 🙂

Mark asks…

What is the proability that in a single elimination tournament a particular pair of players (ex Fred and Jane)?

„What is the probability that in a single elimination tournament a particular pair of players (ex. Fred and Jane) will play eachother at some point in the tournament? (Note: tournament contains 64 players)“
This is really hard….

admin answers:

There are 63 games in a single elimination tournament (every player except the champion will lose one match).

And there are 4,032 = 64 * 63 „particular pairs“ so there will be 63 of the 4,032 possible matchups played.

63 / 4,032 = 1 / 64.

Nancy asks…

What’s the difference between the NIT and the NCAA tournament?

…and why does the NCAA tournament seem to get more coverage? I’m new to the college basketball circuit and would like to know why people seem to be more concerned about the NCAA title than the NIT. A site would be helpful….thanks!

admin answers:

As indicated by your first answer, the NIT selects teams that remain after the NCAA picks their top 65 teams. As a result you will never have the top ranked teams playing for the NIT Championship. On the other hand, there has been over the years some outstanding basketball played in the NIT, but this tournament lacks the „star power“, and thus the television contract for the NCAA playoffs insures wider coverage and distribution of the games being played. The NCAA just has more coverage both via TV and the news media, thus March Madness reflects upon the eventual NCAA Champion.

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