Your Questions About Pokerus And Macho Brace

Steven asks…

When your Birly starting to EV training ?

If your pokemon is level 87 how many level 5 lilipup you need to beat If my pokemon has pokerus and Macho brace help plz?:)

admin answers:

Dont start EV training at level 87. Chances are you already collected all of your EVs. Refer to this page if you want more information.

Lizzie asks…

What wild Pokemon do you fight for Attack EV in Pokemon Pearl and a berry question?

When you give it a Berry that reduce EV do you give it only 1 berry or more?

Which Wild Pokemon Should I fight for Attack EV?

admin answers:

To answer your berry question, it depends on how many Evs your pokemon has. If your pokemon has over 100 evs in a stat, the berry wil reduce it to 100 evs. If it has 100 or less evs, each berry will reduce your evs by 10 in that stat. If you want the stat to have 0 evs, you can just use berries until it says something like „Azelf’s defence wont go lower“

Attack and Speed, a very common ev combo, is best trained by fishing for gyarados and poliwhirl in the pond north of the fight area. They are all that appear there. Gyara gives 2 attack evs, and poliwhirl gives 2 speed evs.

Just attack is easily trained by fighting gyarados in the pond in celestic town. Use the super rod.

Power Bracer(battle tower prize for 16BP) gives you 4 extra attack evs after each battle, Macho Brace doubles the amount of evs you get(obviously not combinable with the power bracer), and Pokerus doubles the amount of evs you get and in combinable with any item(Get a pokerus from random trades on the GTS and pass it on to the pokemon you want to ev train)

David asks…

What is the best place to EV train my Pokemon in each stat in Diamond ?

For attack , I am currently using Gyarados
For special attack , I am using Espeon (for Physic) and Magmortar (for fire)

I dont know where to EV train them. I want my pokemon’s stats to be the maximum. Pls help .

Pls give examples of places in order. Thank you

admin answers:

Use your Vs Seeker on Richboy Trey on Route 222 who has a Luxio that grows up to lv 60. It’s great for attack EVs. Give Gyarados a macho brace, have pokerus (it gets more EVs), and send it out first. Then switch to another pokemon (holding amulet coin) with some ground attack (earthquake, earth power) that can take out the Luxio in one hit. It might take a while to do, but it’ll pay off when you see its growth. Use the berries that lowers stats to get rid of extra EVs for Sp attack. Don’t forget to have the second poke holding amulet coin or you’ll be losing a lot of money.

The woman near him called Beauty Nicola has a Lopunny which is good for speed training.

If you need to restore your health, go the gatekeeper in the building that leads to the beach.

For Sp attack use the same techniques and fight a woman called Socialite Reina on Route 212 who has a Roselia that grows up to lv 60. She should be standing near a man who has a Chatot(raise attack). They’re both rich so get 2 pokemon to switch. It’s time consuming, but they pay more than the richboy. Use stat reducing berries to get rid of extra Attack EVs for Espeon and Magmortar.

Donald asks…

How can I get the best out of my Reshiram?

Because of the fact that you can’t see the nature of Reshiram/Zekrom BEFORE it saves because you beat the game, the Reshiram I caught ended up getting a Quiet. I checked everywhere for help and apparently Reshiram needs to have a good Speed stat even though it’s his lowest.

How can I make this Reshiram a good pokemon to use?

admin answers:

The best I can suggest would be to max out it’s EV training in spped by beating a total of 64 Basculin while it hold the Macho Brace, 32 if it hold both the Macho Brace and has Pokerus, or 21 Basculin if you give it the power anklet and it has Pokerus. If you need to know more, go here:

Robert asks…

In Pokemon diamond and pearl, how many ev points do you need to add 1 stat point to overall stat?

I defeated 6 Machoke (2 ev atk) with Mamoswine and yet his attack only increased by 6 points when he leveled up. Please explain why?

admin answers:

Every 4 points. EV gain is not immediately obvious so keep on working away (say that you maxed out all the evs, you would only find that the attack points would have all been added when you reached level 100). Max ev in each stat is 255, but put those 3 points on something useful! Max ev gain in total is 510, so don’t waste all the points! You know when you’ve finished when you get an effort ribbon so check every now and then. Also, vitamins will also make EV gain easier, each vitamin gives 10 evs in the mentioned stat. You can only gain a maximun of 100 evs in each stat via vitamins, so you’ll have to do the rest. Pokerus is also REALLY useful, it doubles EV gain like the macho brace so its great for a trainer

These items boost the number of EVs gained per battle with a pokemon in their
respective stat.

Power Ankle: Boosts Speed EVs

Power Band: Boosts Special Defense Evs

Power Belt: Boosts Defense EVs

Power Bracer: Boosts Attack EVs

Power Lens: Boosts Special Attack EVs

Power Weight: Boosts HP EVs

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