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Lizzie asks…

Why do dogs scratch the earth behind them after they have deposited their load?

I’ve had a few dogs and currently have an Australian Cattle Dog, (bestest dog in the world), who sometimes does this and sometimes doesn’t. It’s like she wipes her feet afterward. Now this doesn’t happen after she pee pees.

admin answers:

Omg, i know what you mean about acd’s (australian cattle dogs) i had and acd mix, and she was such a sweetheart!

But anyways, the dogs just scratch the earth to spread their scent.

Mark asks…

Is the song dear Maria count me in by all time low supposed to be about a stripper named Maria?

My bestest friend ever (her name is Maria lolz) she told me it was about a stripper named Maria is that true?

admin answers:

Yeah it was about a real girl they knew in high school who eventually became a stripper after they graduated….its still a great song though:)

Maria asks…

What do you think is the funniest youtube video?

What do you personally think is the bestest, funniest, awsomest etc youtube video in the history of youtube?

admin answers:

Search „The Greatest Freakout Ever“

Carol asks…

What Do You Think is the Bestest Rivalry in MLB?

Red Sox VS Yankees has a long history of Rivalry
Dodgers VS Giants rivalry started while those team was in New York
and there’s also Angels VS A’s the teams that fought for AL West Division last few years.

What do you think is the Bestest Rivalry in MLB?

it could be division rivalry, interleague rivalry…juss any rivalry

admin answers:

I live in the midwest and do think it is the Red Sox/Yankees in all of baseball mainly because the teams don’t like each other and both teams fans are passionate about their clubs and baseball in general. Plus the fan rivalry fuels the on field rivalry and it gets a lot of press. I actually enjoy when these teams play.

A close second has to be the Cubs/Cardinals and for the same reasons as the rivalries above, it’s this rivalry doesn’t get the media attention the Red Sox/Yankee rivalry.

A Brewers fans who hates the Cubs!

Sandy asks…

the difference between wanting to be my best friend and loving me?

My closest friend is a boy and I am having difficulty distinguishing whether or not he wants to be bestest buddies with me or if he has feelings for me. How do I know? Keep in mind, this is a very outgoing guy. He makes eye contact and smiles and even hugs many girls. But he treats me differently so I am curious.

admin answers:

I would say that it’s very difficult to have your best friend be a member of the opposite sex.. It’s easy to mistake certain actions for feelings and vice versa. I would tread lightly, but you might want to ask! Better to let him know where you stand right away than let him pine for you without you knowing it.. Trust me from experience, it will be better for both of y.

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