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Maria asks…

How can I prepare for an upcoming grappling tournament?

I am doing my first one, I feel like although I have TONS I want to work on and learn, I should get my feet wet. I know the whole no sex before a fight thing (the tournament is in 2 weeks), and I should probably go running every day in addition to training, but what else? Is weightlifting a bad idea now? I have been regularly weightlifting, about 2-3 times a week, should I cut it down now that the competition is in 2 weeks?

admin answers:

The thing that beats you in tournaments is lack of technique and lack of fight stamina. Road work is fine, but at this point I don’t think it is specific enough.

Two weeks out, I would spend the next week rolling with intensity every day, as much as possible, concentrating on defense in positions you are not comfortable in. And don’t give up. Just keep going until you are dizzy with exhaustion, then go again! Win the mental game! Have your partner get you in positions you hate or that you are weak in and work to regain dominant control without giving up more points.

When you feel exhausted, tell yourself that it is time to go harder, because he will also be exhausted and chances are he is teetering on the edge of giving up just like like you might be. So that is the time to strike!

The second week, I would roll lighter but work with your coach to tighten up technique. Don’t try and add MORE because you’ll waste your time. Work on deepening the skills you already have. Ask your coach where he thinks you need to work on and do that whilst you also work to make you strengths even stronger.

After the tournament, win or lose, take notes about how you felt, how the mind was, what was good and what needs improvement.

From your first tournament, if you develop the tenacity to never give up and always be mentally tough, your whole career with skyrocket.

James asks…

What to do day before a tennis tournament?

I have a tennis tournament tomorrow, and it is raining, so unfortunately I can’t get a hit in. What exercises, or stretches should I do tonight? I’m young and in good shape, so I don’t need to worry about feeling the effects tomorrow of anything fairly light. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Eat enough carbs the night before for fuel especially if you have to play 2 matches in the first day. Just do some 30-45 minutes of light jogging and footwork drills. Do not exhaust your legs, but at the same time do not just sit for hours.

If you just have one day left, I would try to relax and review your mental tennis notes. Visualize yourself hitting good shots and go over your game plan for tomorrow. Do not stress out and plan to get to bed with at least 7-8 hours rest.

Good luck in your first tournament!!

Joseph asks…

How should I set up a Texas hold em tournament for 28 people?

My small poker party has turned into a large tournament. We will have about 26-30 people coming, the buy in is $5. How many tables will I need, how many chips, how often should the blind be raised? So basically whats the best way to set it up?
I do not want it to last more than 3 hours

admin answers:

You’ll need four tables. Put seven people at each table. You’ll need eight decks. Combine tables if a table falls to four or you get down to 21-people.

I would suggest making $5,000 chip stacks for a $5.00 buy-in. Use four colors of chips to start and have a fifth color in reserve to chip up later in the tournament.

White = $50.00
Red = $100.00
Blue = $500.00
Green = $1,000.00
Black = $5,000.00

Starting Chips: 20 White ($1,000), 10 Red ($1,000), 6 Blue ($3,000), 2 Green ($2,000) = $5,000

I would suggest you have at a minimum (28-Players): 560 White Chips, 280 Red Chips, 168 Blue Chips, 168 Green Chips, 168 Black Chips.

Blind Structure (Increase Every 20 Minutes):

$50 / $100 = Level 1
$100 / $200 = Level 2
$200 / $400 = Level 3
$400 / $800 = Level 4
$500 / $1000 = Level 5
$1000 / $2000 = Level 6
$1500 / $2500 = Level 7
$2000 / $3000 = Level 8
$2500 / $3500 = Level 9
$4000 / $6000 = Level 10
$5000 / $10000 = Level 11
$8000 / $16000 = Level 12

Donald asks…

What is parking like when I visit the Masters Golf Tournament? What are the important things for me to know?

I am taking my 76 yr. old father to see The Masters Golf tournament and am wondering what are the biggest issues I’ll have to deal with. I’ve already got a hotel, tickets, and a car. What do I need to know? Anyone been there and have advice?

admin answers:

If i were you, i wouldn’t drive, they have buses that will take people to the tournament because it is a pain in the ass to try to park

Robert asks…

How do you put on a basketball tournament in a month and half?

I want to put on a fundraiser and I thought a basketball tournament would be a great idea. However, I do not know how to get started. I need to find the cheapest way to do this

admin answers:

To host a tournament, you need the following items:

* Access to at least 2 full basketball courts. Most middle/high schools rent them out pretty cheap.
* Hire certified referees. You can find plenty online.
* At least 6-8 teams who are willing to participate divided into two divisions.
* Create a schedule. Round robin at least 2-3 games for each team, then playoffs based on record.
* Sponsors are great, but not necessary if your entry fee covers all your fees above and beyond your cost.
* Promote your event by posters, ads, etc.
* Volunteers to help out at the event for score keeping, concession stands, etc.

Hope that helps.

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