Your Questions About Pokerus Spread

David asks…

How exactly does Pokerus work? And how is it spread?

I did a global trade. The other person gave me a Shiny Espeon with Pokerus as well. I have no idea why. But I just wanna know how it works and how it spreads.

admin answers:

Pokerus is like a disease but with good benefits. I am saying it is like a disease because you are able to catch it and spread it around like a real disease . Pokerus doubles the amount of Evs(Effort Values) you obtain form a Pokemon. For example; if one Pokemon gives you 2 evs in attack Pokerus makes it so you gain 4 evs instead. To spread it I usually do a couple battles and walk around a bit and check if they have it. I suggest putting a Pokemon with Pokerus into your Pc as it will benefit all your Pokemon and can be lost during midday or midnight(don remember correctly).

Hope I helped some:)

Steven asks…

Can someone trade me a Pokemon infected with the Pokerus virus?

I don’t have lots to offer, but I may have something you like. Answer if you’re willing to trade.

admin answers:

I can trade you an infected Pokemon. I don’t need anything special for it, since it’s easy to spread it.

PM me if you still want to trade.

Paul asks…

Is there an easier way to find Pokerus in Emerald?

Okay so I’ve herd that an easy way to find it is by catching ton of Pokemon in the safari zone then check the the pokemon on the pc to see if they got it.Is this a good way or is there an easier way?

admin answers:

You CAN catch wild Pokémon with Pokérus, you can also breed Pokémon that are born with it. Wandering around in the wild doing lots and lots of fights is the best way to get it yourself, but the chance is just very low. Approximately 1 / 21,845. So you are more likely to finish your EV training without it than you are to get it.

The TRUE best way to get it though, is just ask around on a forum like GameFAQS or Marriland for somebody who has it and have them trade a Pokémon with it to you. Once you have a Pokémon with it, you can spread it to all your other Pokémon. Just make sure to spread it to a few „extra“ pokes and leave them in a box as backup just in case you ever need it again, or want to trade it to somebody else to help them out.

Sandra asks…

willing to trade pokemon with pokerus for rare or legendary pokemon like tornadus?

I finally got the pokerus virus and have spread it to my pokemon and if anyone needs it I got plenty extra to trade for rare and legendary pokemon. My friend code is. I should be on frequently leave your friend code if you want so I can look you up to when I do go on.
MY FRIEND CODE IS 1894-0083-5445

admin answers:

Pokerus virus is rare

Charles asks…

Can anyone please trade me a pokemon with pokerus? Playing on black 2?

I’ve been playing my Pokemon Black 2 game for awhile now and have recently started getting into ev training. I’d love to have Pokerus to make the training go much faster. I know all the mechanics of it I just haven’t found a person willing to trade. I don’t have much to offer in return but if I do have something you’d like then it’s yours, excluding legendaries :/ Help would be immensely appreciated!! And obviously I am not concerned with what Pokemon has it or their level, just anyone who is still contagious so I can spread it when need be!

admin answers:

I have PKRS, but only on my Soul Silver game, if you have a 4th gen game then we can trade.

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