Your Questions About Tournament Brackets

David asks…

can anyone read these japanese writing and translate it to english?

as i was reading my yu yu hakusho manga i came along a picture of two tournament brackets with their names but they are in japanese writing. if anybody is interested to help me point them out, email me at „“ and i will send you the two pictures and see if you can read them.

admin answers:

Why not just put the picture on here
i’m too lazy to email

Lisa asks…

formula in excel for double elimination tournament bracket?

Hey all…..I’m tired of racking my brain…Does any know the formula I would use to keep track of a tournament bracket in excel?

admin answers:

Here is a link to try:

Good luck.

Robert asks…

How would I make a 2010 FIFA World Cup Tournament Bracket?

I have a bunch of friends who want to do a world cup bracket, similar to march madness. How would I go about giving out points and determining the winner?

admin answers:

Make usernames on the ESPN website and compete in the bracket predictor game. You can make a private group for you and your friends to compete against each other.

Ruth asks…

What are your first impressions of this years tournament bracket?

I’m very interested in the Kansas St./USC matchup(even though I think O. J. Mayo is overrated). Other than that, the biggest surprises to me were:

1. The fact that Arizona even got in.
2. I was kinda surprised that Duke got a 2 seed considering Wisconsin had a better case to get one(they actually won their tournament.)

What do you agree/disagree with??? Please give a reason to go with your initial thoughts as well.

admin answers:

I think Va Tech should have gotten in. I thought they picked teams that improved through the season and awarded that.

I think the ACC got the shaft.

…and I’m not a Va Tech fan. They played very well against UNC. Hard to believe they aren’t one of the best 64 teams.

John asks…

Best way to file a suit for money from someone?

Every year, my coworker runs an NCAA March Madness tournament bracket with $60 entries. We usually have thousands of dollars in the pot that goes to the winners along with some other side pots. This past year I noticed along with a couple other people in the tournament pool that some of our picks were changed after the fact causing us to lose points. To clarify, if I chose Notre Dame to win a game against someone else, my bracket was edited to show I had the opposing team after Notre Dame had already won.

I confronted my coworker and asked for him to fix the situation. He refused. I then asked for my money back. He refused. I now wish to file some sort of suit against him to get my $60 back. I wanted to know how is the best way to go about doing this…will a lawyer write a letter for free? Do they have a minimum that they will go after monetarily wise? Any help would be appreciated.

admin answers:

You can’t sue, sorry. Both you and him are engaged in an illegal undertaking (gambling is illegal unless you have a license to operate a game of chance such as an NCAA pool). Courts will not rule on the operation of an illegal undertaking.

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