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Linda asks…

Is it illegal to breed pitbulls in British Columbia?

I have 2 purebred American Pitbulls…the male is 6 months and the female is 3 months…i know you cant breed her on her first heat…but people have been telling me you can get into alot of trouble breeding pitbulls in BC.i jsut want to make sure its ok before i do it?

admin answers:

Each city has it’s own bylaws about breeding anything. As well, even though they are purebreds, do you have papers for them? In Canada it is illegal to sell anything as purebred if you have no papers. And, if they are not papered, then they have not been proven worthy of breeding (eg. Through showing or working trials, etc).

They are also very young for you to consider breeding them. Wait a few years to see if they end up with any health or personality problems. Any purebred dog can look good on paper, until you actually see what it is like in real life.

Now, too, you may be digging up trouble for yourself if you do decide to breed them. Not that pits are bad, they are my favorite breed. But people are still very uneducated about them, and the SPCA will be advised to keep an eye on you regarding them.

There are already so many pit breeders in BC, why add more puppies to the mix? Thinking you can make money is just uneducated – the cost of caring for pups and parents will far outweigh any price you get for the pups. And what happens if the parents pass on genetic diseases or irregularities? Then you are selling unhealthy pups to an unsuspecting public who will blame you for all the animals problems.

Now, you sound like you have not thoroughly thought this through. Backyard breeding is not looked upon very highly. There are too many rescues, rescuers and shelters that are full of dogs that will not let you go lightly on this.

Besides, the dogs are too young to consider breeding them. Let them grow, mature and be proven in some way (weight pulls, obedience, agility, showing, and in health), before you consider. Breeding top quality, healthy dogs is the best way. Right now they are babies. Babies don’t need to be making more babies.

Daniel asks…

How to have a good dog meeting?

I have an older, fixed, pit bull. He has had other dogs around, no problems (female wiener dogs, male terrier.) We considered getting another female pitbull, but he was aggressive towards her when they met at the pound.

Tomorrow, he is meeting a female, young (11 months) husky, and we want it to go well so we can bring her home too. Any tips? Maybe tiring him out beforehand? Should he wear a muzzle? He will be on a leash/harness.

admin answers:

Defiantly use a leash, so you can pull him off. And if he’s a bitter then use a muzzle as well.

I don’t believe forcing the issue is a good idea though. Either they’re going to get along right away or not. You don’t want to be on egg shells in your own home, and worry about them fighting while they’re home alone.

You might just be stuck with the one dog until he passes away. Or try smaller breeds since that’s what he seams to be ok with.

Jenny asks…

Should I get a pitbull or Chihuahua? Which is more friendly and overall better dog?

i want a pitbull but my sister wants a chihuahua, which is the superior dog?

admin answers:

All breeds are friendly, IF treated, trained and socialized correctly. Although, as you can see in my facts below, the ATTS tests many dogs on their temperment and the pitbull passed with 86%.

American Temperament Test Society’s results when testing the temperment of breeds.

ATTS is a national not-for-profit organization (registered in the state of Missouri) for the promotion of uniform temperament evaluation of purebred and spayed/neutered mixed-breed dogs.


38 tested
27 passed
11 failed

772 tested
664 passed
108 failed

Helen asks…

Could i pass off a pitbull as an american bulldog?

Just wondering if you could tell someone that a pitbull is an american bulldog and get away with it.

admin answers:

Definitely depends on how the dog looks and how educated the person is who you are telling. I’ve done it with my pit but his ears are not cropped and he’s a little heavy so he doesn’t immediately look like a pure APBT.

If you are asking this in relation to traveling with your sweet pit here’s a great site for getting your baby where you need to go –

Michael asks…

my dog is a pitbull why dose he vomit after after he eats and drinks water?

Bart is a pit bull and the pass few days he vomits after eating and drinking water? dose this mean he is sick?

admin answers:

Logically yes he is sick but there are many reasons for that like if he ate some thing he wasn’t suposset to or he might have the stomach flu. But I would highly recommend you to take your dong to the vet as soon as possible

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