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Susan asks…

What is the best opening in chess that helps you win?

I have my chess tournament soon and it is the semi-finals. My opponent is very strong and I think that he already has a tactic. Please tell me the best opening or some moves that would help me win. (No Fool’s Mate or the 4 move). Thanks!

admin answers:

Try an opening variation that is unfamiliar to your opponent. If White, try d4 openings. If Black, try King’s Indian Defense when opponent tries d4, and Sicilian Defense if White plays e4. However, you have to do your homework as your opponent may know the response and you don’t know how to counter it. I suggest reading a book on openings. I like Ruy Lopez as White, and Sicilian Defense as Black.

Joseph asks…

When and where did medieval tournaments occur?

I am doing a project for school, and one of the questions is asking for the when and where of medieval tournaments. I’ve been searching the Internet but can’t come up with anything. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

admin answers:

Medieval tournaments first developed in earnest around the middle of the 11th and 12th century in France.

Interestingly enough, the rise of the medieval tourney seems to coincide with the rise of knighthood and the ceremony of dubbing itself. Medieval romance novels chronicling the tales of Arthur and others are one of the best and earliest sources for the rise and development of the tourney.

It makes sense that the rise of the tourney would coincide with the rise of knightly orders and chivalry itself because the idea of the tourney was to practice and, more importantly, display the skill and bravery of the knights involved.Chivalry is based deeply on the concept of building up a knight’s fame and glory for the benefit of himself, his lord, and his country. Therefore, the tourney was the perfect place to increase one’s fame.

Tourneys first took place primarily in France and especially Northern France. IIndeed, Henry I of England frequently traveled to France for the tourneys.

Again, most references to tourneys are found in period romance novels. For some primary source reading, check out Chretien de Troyes. He wrote Arthurian romance novels in the 12th century and is the first to write about the Holy Grail and Lancelot. Anyway, put out of your mind the idea of a tourney being simply a series of jousting matches between knights — that came later as the tourney developed more and more into a form of entertainment and ceremony.

The original tournaments covered a wide area of countryside and included villages. Those involved were more than just the knights, other lowers ranks such as archers and footsoldiers fought as well. Quite literally, the tourney was a mock battle, although the use of real arrows or crossbow bolts was frowned upon. If a knight were captured he was literally held for ransom and the horses and armor were taken as the spoils of the victor. Indeed, the mock battle was about as close to the real thing as you could get. One tournament actually came to be known as „the little battle of Chalons.“

it was because of this violence that kings and nobles soon began to put restrictions on tourneys by limiting their playing fields with „lists“ to demarcate the boundaries of the battle. The use of blunted swords and the rise of armour specifically designed for the tourney (padded leather) grew. In the later half of the 13th century the iconic one-on-one jousts began to become much more popular as the tourney become less about a „mock war“ and more about a „mock duel.“ By the end of the 13th century the tourney became much more ceremonious and the threat of death to the participants and the spectators alike decreased dramatically.

Robert asks…

What percentage are the lower seeds upsets during the playoffs?

I am doing my NHL bracket to see if I am correct. I have a feeling that the Kings will knock out the Canucks, but I don’t think it is accurate enough to put in my brackets. Should I gamble on that?

What percentage is the 8th seed upsetting the 1st seed?
7th to 2nd?
6th to 3rd?
5th to 4th?

admin answers:

Just happened to read an article on the topic.

The NHL has staged six Stanley Cup tournaments since the salary cap was introduced in 2005-06, so there have been 12 examples of each seed – six of each in the East, six of each in the West. Only three No. 8 seeds (25 percent) have won in the first round. Only two No. 7 seeds (16 percent) have.

The wild cards are the fifth and sixth seeds. Seven fifth seeds (55 percent) have won in the first round. Six sixth seeds (50 percent) have. But the middle matchups are always the most competitive in a seeding system, and the NHL awards division winners the top three seeds in each conference, pushing superior teams down in the order. Both third seeds had fewer points than the sixth seeds this season. Who’s the underdog?“

Ruth asks…

In chess can you take out a king with a king but putting your king in chess?

its the end of the game almost and my king is facing the other king diagonally. if i take out his king it would put my king in check by his bishop. would that prevent me from killing his king or does it not matter?

admin answers:

If it ever appears that you can take out his king, what has actually happened is:
  •   Your opponent moved into check.
  •   Your opponent is not allowed to do that; it’s illegal.
Tell him to take back his illegal move, and make a legal move instead.

In a tournament, if your opponent moved into check, or made some other illegal move:
  •   Hit his clock so that this discussion happens on his time, and
  •   Tell him that he has made an illegal move.
Your opponent is required take back the illegal move, and then make a legal move.
Touch move rules still apply. If there is a disagreement,
stop the clocks and call the tournament director (TD) for a decision.
Penalty can often be assessed to the opponent.

Michael asks…

What are the best parks to go to/best value in Walt Disney World resort?

We are going to Orlando for a tournament and want to visit Disney.
What are the best parks (if we only go to one), or best value (park hopper?). We would only have at maximum 2-3 days to dedicate to Disney, and a budget, too ! Any thoughts or recommendations for our trip?

admin answers:

I think you can do all 4 parks in 2 or 3 days. My family did disney in 3 and we loved it. I suggest you get hopper passes, its so worth it.

Magic Kingdom-Do the 3 mountains,Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean,the Laugh Floor,Its the small world, Buzz Lightyear.
At 3 is a Parade,So get a spot at least 30 mins before it starts. Go to Mickey’s Toontown Fair Tent to get pictures.

Wishes is the fireworks,it the best I have ever seen.

Epcot- Sornin, The seas with nemo and friends,Mission Space,Test Track,The countries, and Spaceship Earth.

Illuminationsns is the fireworks

Disney’s Hollywood Studios-Tower of Terror,Rock and rollercoster, the great movie ride,Toy Story Mania is a must,Beauty and the beast show.

Animal Kingdom-Its tough to be a bug, the safarif, Expeditiontion Everest,Dinosaurosor,Finding Nemo and Lion King show.

The link below is The dining link so you can see what resturant there is at WDW.

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