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Paul asks…

Can a credit card be read inside wallet?

Somone told me that there are scanners who can read your cards even in your wallet? If so what kind of wallet should you have?

admin answers:

While it is possible, the condition has to be almost a laboratory setting.
New cards with „pay pass“ can be read. The card would need to placed so in the wallet that it is not obstructed by any other metallic or magnetic material. The way most wallets hold cards is in spread stack manor where on obstructs the other.
Almost everybody in the city Of Seattle that use public transportation have a card that can be read through a wallet or wallet type holder. The card has to be placed directly against the outside material.
I don’t have to open my wallet to board the train just touch my wallet to the card reader.
SO A PERPETRATOR would practically have to hold the wallet to scan it

SO Yes to your answer BUT not probable! YET

Donna asks…

Quebec City to Vancouver in late March, in a RWD sports car, in 6 days?

I know there is a potential for snow, that’s why I was thinking of going straight out of Ontario south of Lake Superior, then hit the I94 to the I84 to the I5, it is a little longer but seems less mountainous. Is this a good route? Any thing else I need to take into account on this route?
I drive from Vancouver to Edmonton return every few weeks during the winter so im not afraid of the road conditions in my 4×4 truck, but wondering if a rear wheel drive car will be up to this Quebec to BC drive in March. Ive never driven east of Alberta in Canada or east of Washington in the US, so I don’t know what to expect, any pointers would be great…

admin answers:

Most of the traffic through the mountains is probably vehicles without 4×4, so you should be fine as long as you check the weather/road conditions before leaving. I’ll assume you have snow tires. There may be snowfall that late in the year, but chances are pretty good that the roads will be more or less dry. Free of snow, at any rate. Ice, from melting snow, in the mornings and late afternoon, is a better bet.

It looks a little less direct on the map, but you might be better off to go more southerly and cross at Detroit which puts you on the US interstates from Detroit all the way through to Vancouver. I would take I90/94 out of Chicago, then take 90 the rest of the way to Seattle.

There are no mountains until you get west of Ellensburg on I90. Before that, it’s no different than the Canadian parts you’ve done before, except the roads are better. Once you’re partway down on the downhill side of Snoqualmie Pass you’re going to encounter rain rather than snow and ice. As you can see on the map, Ellensburg to Seattle is a relatively short hop. Plan that as your last day and you’ll be fine.

Maria asks…

SEATTLE ski resorts ( i had to make the topic at least 20 characters long, thats why i added this extra bullzh?

i am going to seattle in february and would like to know if there is snow around there and where to go skiing that is close enough to make a day trip of it? we will have a rental car , anywhere with say 2 or 3 hours drive?

admin answers:

The closest is the Summit at Snoqualmie. It’s about a hour drive and the ski conditions are OK. Lots of acreage and its right along the highway. It tends to have the classic heavy west coast snow.

Further away with a two hour drive, and at a higher elevation is Crystal Mountain. Lots of varied terrain and lighter snow. It can be crowded on the weekends but its lots of fun. They are already open for the 2009-10 season.

The last option is Stevens pass. I always enjoy „The Pass“ because it has a relatively low use backside thats fun to explore. It’s a great place for intermediate skiers. About 2 to 2/12 hours each way from Seattle.

Beyond that if you want to really reach for it, you can go for Mount Baker – It’s got killer snow, it’s open now, but it is a 3 hour drive each way from downtown Seattle. Be warned: the drive up can be very scary without 4 wheel drive, and occasionally chains/4 wheel drive is required on Mt. Baker highway.

Sharon asks…

Flight question. Using 2 different airlines?

I am planning a trip to Las Vegas next month. The tickets have already been bought and I will be flying Southwest. Unfortunately, where I live there is a slight difficulty getting to our Seattle airport that is 300 miles away with the winter weather. We have a local airport that has flights to Seattle and they are Alaska airlines. If I were to fly to Seattle using the smaller airport, would I actually be checking my luggage in with Alaska airlines? And once I get to Seattle, where do I check in to Southwest to make it to my final destination?

admin answers:

Big problem here. Southwest (being a no-frills, economy carrier) does not transfer baggage to or from other carriers – they do not have „interline“ baggage agreements with anyone.

Furthermore, Alaska Air at your airport will not be able to check you in for your entire itinerary for the day.

So you would have to check you and your bag in at the Alaska counter at your local airport. When you get to Seattle, you would have to leave the secure area and collect your bag at the Alaska Air baggage carousel. Then get your bag over to the Southwest counter, which fortunately is not far away (go upstairs one level and then follow the signs, if I remember right it’s just the next area over from Alaska’s area) and repeat the whole checkin process.

Your inbound flight on Alaska will have to arrive early enough to let you get to the Southwest counter the usual two hours before your Southwest flight, as you will have to go back in through seucrity, etc. How long? Well, whenever I arrive at Seattle on Alaska, it usually takes about half an hour for my bag to show up *after* I walk from the arrival gate to the baggage claim area. So to allow for „worst case scenarios“ I would allow three hours between your scheduled arrival and departure times.

I.e. You can do it, but it won’t be much fun. Bring a book and/or lots of songs in your portable player.

Repeat the whole process in Seattle on your return trip. Again, Southwest will not issue a boarding pass for your Alaska Air leg, nor transfer your bag to Alaska.

Alaska does fly from Seattle to Las Vegas. Are you sure you can’t book the whole trip on Alaska Air? Even if your SW tickets are „Nonrefundable“ you might be able to get them to refund based on „winter travel conditions, can’t get to airport.“ That might be a tough sell though given that the trip is not immediate.

Ken asks…

How to deal with a terrible life?

I am a somali and in our culture we consider older people more smarter than the younger. Even if he just older than you by 2 years. I am 20 but i look 14 bcoz am short 5’5 and skinny am like 110 lbs. its all bcoz i grew malnutritioned in a refugee camp before i came to USA. I now live in seattle where their is alot of somali. They call me kid every time, everybody calls me a child even tho am 20. People who are like 16 who grew up here look older than me and are treated with respect. I feel bad inside, coz i have a weak vision 20/100 and very tiny body. I have a baby face. I hate myself. I never had a girlfriend, and am not sure if i ever will marry. I know i wont grow that much from now, so i dont have hope. I have crowded teeth, its like i grew 50% of my potential. I grew badly in africa, dealt with bullying at school. i didnt have a mom coz she passed away while as very young ,my dad lived in USA all that time while i was being raised by relatives in africa who never cared about me at all, i used to beaten harshly too for any mistake i would dad would send money but my relatives would keep it and neglect me. Finally last year my dad brought me to America but i look very tiny for my size, i am so insecure some time i cry secretly if i reflect on my condition. Compared to other people i feel inferior coz of my looks. What would you do??

admin answers:

Don’t base your self-esteem on your looks, that means that your confidence is based on something shallow when it should come from within you and should shine, no matter what you look like.

You can eat heavier meals more often in order to gain weight. You can also work out to gain muscle (and muscle weighs more than fat).

You can save money to see an eye doctor and get a prescription, so that you can buy glasses or you can even find out if you could have eye surgery to correct your vision. You could also save to get braces to fix your teeth but they may have to pull out 2-4 teeth if your mouth is crowded.

It seems like you feel lonely. Seek refuge in Allah, read the Qur’an, and pray. Remember that God is sufficient for us during your loneliest moments. Take up a hobby, join a class, and make friends.

Remember that you’ve been through a lot, more than most, so God alone knows how strong you are. Don’t pay any attention to the hateful things others say. Some people can be toxic so it’s best to avoid these people and have as little contact with them as possible. Don’t let them bring you down.

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