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Mark asks…

Can any used cell phone be unlocked?

Ok, I’m too busy to know these things so forgive me my ignorance. But I want to purchase a used cell phone from a private party and was wondering if I could get it unlocked. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Hi Scotty
There are 2 types of phone technology
1) GSM phones that are used by att and T-Mobile
2) CDMA phones that are used by Verizon and Sprint

With GSM (uses a sim card) once the phone s unlocked, you can use ANY carriers GSM sim card in the phone. „Almost“ all GSM phones can be unlocked, some are MUCH more difficult then others to get unlocked. Nokia bb5 series phones and T-Mobiles sidekick series VERY difficult to get unlocked

CDMA phones, you do not unlock, they are activated through the phones ESN#. If you were to by a phone for Sprint or Verizon, It MUST be Sprint branded phone for Sprint and a Verizon branded phone for Verizon. The phones ESN# MUST be listed and clear in the providers system or else they will not activate it
You do not have that worry with GSM since it is the sim that is activated, not the phone

Daniel asks…

Any universal phone unlock code (for any cell phone)?

A friends found it very difficult unlocking sgh e-390 .Any simple way out for all phones.

admin answers:

Unlocking a phone so it can be used with any carriers sim
Nokia – (on most models) The unlock code can be generated using the phones IMEI#. Each code is different as is each IMEI# but again with most (not all) the unlock code can be found using Nokia unlock calculators
Samsung, Motorola etc… The unlock code is not tied to the IMEI# Each code is randomly generated so the only way your friend can get his phone unlocked is to bring it to a shop and pay, or call the sevice provider. Depending on what country he is located, that option could be free or a pay service

David asks…

Whats your opinion on unlocked phones?

im about to buy an unlocked at&t samsung eternity and i have t mobile. im gettin the phone from craigslist. im not 100 percent sure if i should completly go through with the deal. any suggestions or something i should know about unlocked phones before i get it? Thanks 🙂

admin answers:

Unlocked phones are pretty much legal to a certain extent. Problem with getting it from craigslist is knowing if its unlocked or not. If you were to go through with it i would meet the person and put your sim in the phone and make sure it does work before purchasing the phone

Jenny asks…

Is it safe to buy an unlocked phone?

& if so how does an unlock phone work?

admin answers:

It’s completely safe to buy a factory unlocked phone. The other people answering don’t seem to realize that other unlocked phones exist besides the iPhone. Unlocked phones simply define phones that are not tied to a carrier, and therefore are free to operate on a multitude of service providers. You have to be careful about which phones you choose, as some are not compatible with certain networks. Most if not all unlocked phones are GSM, which means they run on a technology limited to AT&T or T-Mobile.
In order to use voice calling, 2G, and text on either AT&T or T-Mobile, you must purchase a GSM 850 MHz phone. AT&T 3G uses 1900/2100 UTMS band, while T-Mobile uses a 1700/2100 MHz AWS band. These are NOT compatible, so make sure the phone is cleared for whatever carrier you plan to use.
An unlocked iPhone should only be purchased at a certified Apple retailer, as non-factory unlocks are not guaranteed to be safe. An AT&T iPhone on T-Mobile, however, will not have 3G capabilities.

John asks…

No service with unlocked phone???

I bought an unlocked phone and when I put my sim card in it, it says „no service.“ I am currently with AT&T (even though my sim card says Cingular) The new phone that I got says T-Mobile, but I thought that wouldn’t matter because it’s an UNLOCKED PHONE……From what I understand, when you get an unlocked phone you’re supposed to be able to just pop your sim cad in there and it should start working, am I doing something wrong??? Please help, thanks in advance…..

the phone recognizes that it has a different sim card in there because at first it will say „Welcome T-Mobile“ (when you turn it on), but then it says „Welcome AT&T“ after

admin answers:

Ahh here is the issue… The phone is unlocked but not completely unlocked. Here is the difference.

When someone buys a phone from tmobile and calls tmobile to unlock the phone they do an unlock so that those phones can be used internationally. This unlock will not allow full usage of this phone within usa by att. So you basically got a partially unlocked phone (trust me it is possible i sell phones for living).

Secondly if you get it confirmed from the seller that it is 100% unlocked take a look at the gsm bands the phone has if it only 1900 band and not supporting 850 and 1900 it will only give you partial service with att and not full service that you would get if your phone had both bands 850 and 1900.

If you however want a take a look at few phones or even your phone to confirm the bands visit or email me i’ll let you know more on it.

Good Luck!

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