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George asks…

How many credits do you get in an honors class in highschool?

I am taking 3 honors classes and one of my classes syllabus says that you receive a 1.5 credit. Does that mean ill receive a 1.5 credit for all of my honors classes.

admin answers:

I think it depends on the importance of the class like if it’s a core class or an elective or if it’s mandatory. I do think that you’ll get 1.5 credits for each honor class as long as you pass them well enough. Better yet, ask the teacher, I don’t think they’ll get offended.

Ken asks…

What percentage of people that received the Medal Of Honor received it posthumously?“?

I was trying to explain to some friends of mine what a huge deal this is and wanted this information to pass on.

admin answers:

In total, 3,465 medals have been awarded to 3,446 different people. Since the beginning of World War II, 854 Medals of Honor have been awarded, 528 posthumously. In total, 618 had their medals presented posthumously.

So, 18% in total, but since the beginning of WW2 almost 61% have been posthumous.

Donald asks…

What do I do for my bridesmaid that passed away before the wedding?

My fiances sister recently passed away suddenly. She was a bridesmaid and I would like to do something for her. We are having a small wedding since everyone will be out of town so I don’t think I will be having a program. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

Congratulations on your wedding, and my apologies for your loss.

You could have a seat „reserved“ in her honor and mark it with a special flower.

You could have your processional minus her, people who know her may know the significance.

You could also have the officiant say something about taking a moment to remember those who are no longer with us – I have access to a couple of different paragraphs.

Hope these suggestions help.

Chris asks…

How should we remember/honor my fiance’s deceased father during our wedding?

My soon to be husband’s father passed away almost four years ago. Sadly this was about two months before I met my fiance so I never had the pleasure of meeting him. We are now planning our wedding and I need some ideas on how to make him a part of the wedding, my fiance just keeps telling me to decide what to do because he doesn’t care.I need some help.

admin answers:

Can you talk to your fiance’s mother about it? I should think she would have some good ideas. If your fiance doesn’t care it doesn’t sound like he had a very good relationship with his father. Maybe it would be best to leave it alone…

Helen asks…

How many AP and honors courses should you take to get into UCLA?

First note, I’m just curious, that’s all. I’m a first year at Sierra College up in Rocklin and planning on transfering to UCSB.

Anyway, if for example, only 3 honors classes and 3 AP classes are taken (that includes Calculus AB and Calculus BC), could that be balanced with something like a GPA of 4.2, an SAT score of 2200, having done 2 sports all 4 years, and those other things that are looked at.

admin answers:

I took 9 AP classes (and 3 honors classes), got 4s and 5s on all the tests, had a 3.9 GPA and SAT of 2010 (I know, pretty sucky score :/ ).

I was accepted to all the schools I applied to, including New York University, Penn State, etc. I would say UCLA would be very similar in high standards.

I would say a minimum of 4-5 APs would be ideal. And also make sure you take the exams! Honors courses also look great, but they are not as valuable and respected as a standard AP class. You will face heavy competition from many applicants applying to UCLA who will have prepared for years to be admitted to this prestigious institution. Have a competitive resume. If you balance that with a high SAT & GPA, community service/volunteer, job, sports, clubs, awards, etc. I would say you will have a great shot at getting in. Stand out in some way and balance out academics with activities you love; show that you follow your dreams and have commendable leadership skills.

AP exams are BIG savings in the bank if you can pass! I had enough AP credit that I entered college in 2009 as a Sophmore and am preparing to graduate this year with my Bachelor’s. It definately makes the parents happy if you can save them big bucks in university tuition (which is crazy expensive as I’m sure you are aware!).

I hope this helped somewhat! I wish you the very best in getting admitted 🙂

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