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Susan asks…

Odd harmonics and tuning?

Can we tune intervals with odd harmonics ?

admin answers:

„Calculations of Harmonics from Fundamental Frequency“:

There are „even-numbered harmonics“: (1f), 2f, 4f, 6f…, e.g. Triode valve (tube) and
there are „odd-numbered harmonics“: 1f, 3f, 5f…, e.g. Organ pipe closed at top (gedackt) and clarinet.
„All integer harmonics“, e.g. Saw tooth wave.
The frequency spectrum of a symmetric square wave signal (pulse-pause ratio
of 1:1) has exclusively odd-numbered harmonics of 3, 5, 7… or even-numbered
overtones 2, 4, 6…
Because the clarinet acts like a closed tube resonator, it theoretically produces
only odd harmonics.
Note that there is some even harmonic content, but it is much diminished.

Tympanic membranes (eardrums) or bells have a large number of individual
vibrations, which are not simply the exact multiples of single fundamental frequency.
These not harmonic overtones are then often called partial tones or partials.

Overtones whose frequency is not an integer multiple of the fundamental are called
inharmonic and are often perceived as unpleasant. Enharmonics (inharmonics)
that are not close to harmonics are known as partials. Bells have more clearly
perceptible partials than most instruments.

An „exciter“ is an especial equalizer, which creates new overtones. The processed
signal is added to the original input signal.

Cheers ebs

James asks…

What would be the percentage here, and is it best to shove all-in?

In Omaha, say I have highest str8 on the board and there are no flush possibilities …………the other is holding the highest 3 of a kind on the board what is the % they will match another card on board for full house? Ex. Me A 3 4 10 Them Q K 6 6
Flop is 2 5 6 , so what is there chance of getting boat?

admin answers:

According to the odds calculator at Card Player magazine the odds of you winning are 63.29% and his odds are 36.71%. You tie less than 1% of the time.

So in other words, in this situation you win two in three times.

But as you know Omaha is a cruel game, the nuts on the flop does not mean you will have the nuts on the river. Far from it.

Sandy asks…

Odd interest calculation?

You make an initial deposit of $100. You have an interest rate of 10%, compounded daily, credited daily. You make a bi-weekly deposit of $50. What is the formula to find the ending balance after 3 months?

admin answers:

Try calculator below

Thomas asks…

mathematically speaking, do we need a savior?

help me out with this:
[part one,life]. is the cost of living (in any given place) above, below, or equal to the average income (of the highest employed company of said location)?
[part two, death] how much does it cost to have a cremation, & then have the ashes turned into diamonds? does the end result cover the initial cost?
[part three, sum total]. add the first two parts together, is the answer a positive, negative or neutral number?
[part four, covering your rear-end] if the answer to part 3 is negative, who then covers the debt?

these are basic numbers, there is much more variables in life that are not covered. if that offends you, feel free to add in the spaces yourself.

admin answers:

Mathematically speaking, [part one] is no more than an odds calculator, a game of roulette. If the cost of living [odds, evens] is greater than or equal to the average income [red, black], then probabilities dictate that someone has to live on 00 and is green. This set of equations always works out for the house, but is unpredictable as an individual. Just because the wheel landed on 13 [red] 42 times in a row does not in any way predict that on the forty-third time it will come up the same.

Due to preservatives in mass produced food, [death] the human body decays some 25% slower. Meanwhile, our population grows exponentially, increasing the value per capita of each ash-turned-diamond, at a variable rate over time.

Due to market fluctuations, [part three] might have seemed reasonably easy to calculate but you can now see that all equations are spiked with a chaos factor. To top it off, this randomness does little to help the entropic nature of the system, according to the second law of thermodynamics.

So, do we need a savior? Maybe you do, but I’d prefer to [shoot them all] and let god sort them out. Mathematically speaking, that is.

Daniel asks…

How to play a winning spell in Poker?

admin answers:

Using A Poker Odds Calculator –


Poker Strategy Ebook

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