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Carol asks…

How good is Tiago Splitter of the Spurs?

All i know He is 6’11“ and heard he is one of the best players in the world not playing in the NBA.
How Talented Do you think he is? Who would you compare him to in the NBA talent wise?

admin answers:

He’s a monster. He was the regular season and finals MVP in the Spanish League in 2010. He was also the MVP of the European Supercup Tournament in 2006 & 2007. You’ll see for yourself how food he is if you watch the FIBA World Championships of Basketball from August 28 – September 12 on ESPN. He’ll be playing for Brazil.

Charles asks…

Will Varlamov start for team Russia in the 2014 Olympics?

Won Gold and was tournament MVP at the Worlds.

Will he be the man between the pipes,
or is there a better choice?

admin answers:

It’s Bobrovsky’s job to lose IMO.

Varlamov will certainly be the backup though. And the likely starter if Bob falters.

Linda asks…

Why were the crowd cheering for HHH and giving MVP heat in their match on Raw?

From what I can see, most people are sick of HHH in the main event, chasing the title and are wanting to see MVP pushed….so it made no sense to see people cheering the game and booing him.

If these idiot fans keep this up, of course Vince is gonna say hmmm people want HHH to win so i´ll keep putting him in title matches for the next year.

admin answers:

Actually, In my view, MVP was booked as a heel in that match..
He concentrated on the ‚injured‘ leg of Triple H, which obviously made the crowd to boo him more..

But then again, the crowd loves Triple H.. Over MVP.. It is evident.
Just because few or more people over internet got sick of Triple H doesn’t mean anything or everything..
Triple H is one of the biggest Faces. MVP just turned face.

IMO, MVP is a mid-carder, still. He needs one more feud to get over with fans more as a Face, and to reach the Main Event level.

The fact that WWE put him in that Tournament means that WWE cares about him. So they basically know how to push him to Main-Event level in the coming weeks or months, I would guess.

Richard asks…

Spurs drafted the Brazilian stud Tiago Splitter. When will he suit up for them?

He played well in the Tournament of the Americas for Brazil last year. He has been tearing up the EuroLeague for a while.

Are the Spurs going to make him wait like they did Scola? When will he play for the Spurs?

admin answers:

Maybe next season? Not sure. Francisco Elson and Robert Horry’s contracts are up at the end of this season. Prior to this season they signed Oberto. So it looks like next season they could use Splitter.

However, are you familiar with Ian Mahmini? The Spurs brought him over this year. He went to their training camp and played in preseason games. Currently he plays for the Spurs minor league (D-League) team the Toros. He, like Splitter, is also a „Big“.

Splitter has been doing well. He was the MVP of Week 9 in EuroLeague.

Donna asks…

I’m in HS(10th grade) I hope to play college softball. What division should I look to play in?

Height: 5’3″
Weight: 108
Home to first: 2.6 seconds
Batting average: .643
On base percentage: .783
GPA: 4.5

I start middle infield as well as outfield for the EC Bullets, top 10 softball team in the Nation, ASA National Champion.

4x Top Gun World Series tournament MVP(approx 150 teams each time)

Great range at SS with very quick infield hands.
Quickness and agility WELL above average.

Left handed slap hitter…triple threat. I can power slap, soft slap, fake bunt slap, bunt, as well as hit away for decent power.
ALWAYS put the ball on the ground while batting, never pop up.
Very quick hands through the zone.

admin answers:

Something is not adding up for me Courtney. The numbers you are referencing above along with your accomplishments and awards are nothing short of astonishing. Looking at everything as a package you would have to be one of the top high school softball players in the country, and you are only in the 10th grade with two more years of high school remaining. Yours are division 1 scholarship numbers and every college scout in the nation should know who you are. So, with this impressive resume why would you come on this site and ask a question like this when you should know that the sky is the limit for you?

Also, on some of the questions you have asked you refer to yourself as a 15 year old and other questions you say you are 19 years old, which is it?

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