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Helen asks…

Why is the Mercer Street tunnel tiled?

The Mercer Street tunnel in Seattle has tile on the walls, columns, and ceiling and it always looks filthy. It seems like tiling is way more expensive than just concrete walls and the concrete would look nicer. So why did they tile the tunnel?

admin answers:

While not all manmade tunnels are tiled, this type of surface is used for underground roadways and railways all around the world. As it turns out, there are some very good reasons for this.

The main reason why tunnels are tiled is the same reason why most showers are tiled. Smooth ceramic tile is fairly easy to clean because particles of dirt and grime generally don’t get imbedded in the material. Instead, most particles collect on top of the tile, and will wash away with detergent and water. This resistance to grime (as well as to moisture) makes tile an extremely durable and easily cleaned material. Even under harsh conditions, it takes a long time for tile to deteriorate, and it’s pretty easy to get all of the grime off.

This is especially important in roadway tunnels because of all the exhaust emitted by the cars passing through. These fumes, along with any dirt or roadway salt kicked up by the cars‘ tires, gets trapped inside the tunnel, leading to a constant accumulation of gunk on the walls. When things get too dirty, city workers can use high-pressure water hoses or extendible brushes to clean off the tile.

Tiles also work well in tunnels because you can easily arrange them to cover pretty much any shape. If you had a cylindrical tunnel, for example, you could attach individual tiles all along the wall and ceiling as if the surface were straight. All of the individual tiles would be flat, but each one would sit at a slightly different angle than the tiles below it and above it. Overall, then, the flat tiles would form a curved surface. To cover the same space with a metal, you would need to prefabricate a metal sheet so that it curved in exactly the same way as the walls and ceiling. You would also need to design metal sheets to fit around any unusual ledges or corners, while tile would adapt easily to these surface areas.

Tiles are also easy and inexpensive to replace should they become worn or damaged. Instead of re-installing an entire sheet of metal, you can simply pop out any busted tiles and put in new ones. It’s also simple to see when a tile needs to be replaced, even from a good distance; the tile will have obvious cracks in it. This makes it much easier to fix any damage to the tunnel surface before it becomes a problem.

Tile is also a good reflective surface. In roadway tunnels, this makes for safer driving conditions using less artificial lighting. Scattered fluorescent lights, as well as the cars‘ headlights, reflect light off the walls, illuminating all areas of the tunnel. This is just an added bonus, of course: There are many other materials that reflect light more effectively, but they are not nearly as durable.

Lizzie asks…

travelling on I90 from chicago to seattle in March. do i need to carry chains all the time in car?

i am travelling on I90 from chicago to seattle in March. am i required by the law to carry tire chains with me in the car? or i need to carry/use them only if there are signs saying chains required???

admin answers:

In Washington state, you don’t have to carry them in the car per se, but if weather conditions require them you will not be allowed to cross the pass without them. And yes, they have state patrol standing on the road pulling cars over to chain up or turn around. But if the conditions don’t warrant it, there is not a requirement that you carry them.

All wheel drive vehicles do not have to chain up when „chains required“ is posted. But they do have to have them available.

We’ve had a weak winter here, and the chances that you’ll need them for Snoqualmie Pass in WA state is pretty low at this point. Hopefully others can comment on the Montana/Idaho mountain passes which are your other hurdle.

Michael asks…

Should we teach our children that men marrying men is normal?

And that women marrying women is normal?

admin answers:

No, because homosexuality is not „normal“ & humans should not claim it is „normal“ when animals do it because humans are suppose to be superior to animals, just as we don’t eat our young & we don’t eat our poop, but our children should be taught that in todays society we sometimes have to accept that people are „different“ & to be tolerant of their choices.

From the science link provided by another answerer:
„It’s been said that homosexual behavior is natural in the sense that it is extensively found in nature. Homosexuality exists in proven ratios in all mammal species. It is as natural as blue eyes, left-handedness, or the genetic predisposition to walk on two legs.

However, chemical imbalances and chromosomal disorders are ABNORMALITIES in nature. Blue eyes, left-handedness, etc are neither of these things, but simply inherent traits; they are part of our genetic makeup which was originally formed due to environmental conditions, but now is just code passed down through offspring. Simply because its found in nature doesnt mean its natural. Nature makes mistakes, to put it bluntly. Defects, mutations, and abnormalities exist all throught the animal (as well as plant) kingdom; some more apparent than others. Human beings, as do most animals, have two sexes to further the species through procreation. We are predispositioned to be attracted to the opposite sex in order to mate. Since two memebers of the same sex cannot procreate, there is no bilogical reason for two like sexes to have a physical or chemical attraction to each other.

Bruce Bagemihl, a biologist from Seattle, WA, has prepared an encyclopedic survey of homosexual or transgender behavior among more than 190 species, including butterflies and other insects.

However, due to a flaw in the chemical or genetic makeup of an animal (too much estrogen in males, too much testosterone in females, or genetic defects/mutations) during the developmental stages of its life, these animals can have a dimished, or even completely lose their, gender identity. When courting (a step towards mating), the animal will either court both sexes or the like sex, depending on the severity of the mutation. As for physical differences, its been shown that differnt parts of the brain are either more or less active in homosexuals than in heterosexuals. Likewise, some parts of the brain can be larger or smaller in comparison. As for the whole butterfly thing, its irrelevent. They reproduce in a totally differnt way than humans. We do not produce clones, as the genetic line will eventually fray and produce mutations (this is why incest is illegal).

The fact remains that homosexuals are abnormalities in the species.“

Sandra asks…

What role did sled dogs play in the Alaskan Gold Rush?

all I know is that the two breeds used mostly for sledding are the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky. any information anyone can give me? thanks!

admin answers:

Dogs played almost no role in the gold rush. The sled dogs are all of a mixed breed and NOT malamutes or Huskys. They are of two types. Frieght dogs are a larger breed of dogs loosely related to Malamutes. They are NEVER purebred because mixbreeds result in specific dogs for specific conditions. The second type of dogs are built for speed over long distance like marathon runners. These are the most common and are ONLY of mixed breeds. They are much smaller than most people would expect around 40 to 45 pounds or so. They have shorter hair than most would expect also. The shorted fr keeps Ice from building on their feet and legs and damaging the dogs from frostbite. They get their warmth from a very high protein diet and by running for hours at a time. These dogs look like skinny little runt dogs and are very homely looking. The looks are decieving though as these dogs are very strong and will run for 60 miles at a time by their own free will. That is part of the mixbreeding to make dogs who like to run and these dogs will eat their doghouses when left home when some others are out in harness.The cruelest thing you can do to these dogs is leave them home when there running to do. When they get tired they just stop and rest and no amount of convincing will keep them from stopping when they get tired. As soon as they are rested they are ready to run again. The gold rush was mostly done by steamships from Seattle to Skagway. A short but amazingly difficult hike over the Chilkoot pass to the Yukon River where the miners built more small boats and set off down the Yukon river to the Alaska gold fields. But as for the Malamutes and huskys they are 99% myth and not reality.

Sandy asks…

Can Tsunami waves in the west coast reach 2000-3000 ft in height?

? Would this spill over the cascade range in oregon and impact the valleys? i.e: Willamette valley, seattle portland, L.A basin?
What would cause waves this huge? Are they possible?

admin answers:

Huge asteroid might be able to produce tsunami waves that high (but that would be the least of everyone’s worries at that point).
Most of the Oregon passes (low points in the mountains) are about 3,300 feet so the waves would be unlikely to spill into the valley. Seattle and Portland would be flooded and destroyed utterly. LA Basin–it would most likely be flooded as well and destroyed.
Highest known tsunami was in Lituya Bay, Alaska and was 1720 feet tall.

On the night of July 9, 1958 an earthquake along the Fairweather Fault in the Alaska Panhandle loosened about 40 million cubic yards (30.6 million cubic meters) of rock high above the northeastern shore of Lituya Bay. This mass of rock plunged from an altitude of approximately 3000 feet (914 meters) down into the waters of Gilbert Inlet (see map below). The impact generated a local tsunami that crashed against the southwest shoreline of Gilbert Inlet. The wave hit with such power that it swept completely over the spur of land that separates Gilbert Inlet from the main body of Lituya Bay. The wave then contiuned down the entire length of Lituya Bay, over La Chaussee Spit and into the Gulf of Alaska. The force of the wave removed all trees and vegetation from elevations as high as 1720 feet (524 meters) above sea level. Millions of trees were uprooted and swept away by the wave. This is the highest wave that has ever been known. Given the right (wrong) conditions a larger wave would be possible.

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