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Sandy asks…

What is the Power Supply wattage on an HP Desktop a6500f

want to add video card

admin answers:

250-watt (max) power supply (Zinfandel), Bestec ATX-250-12V) – 100-120VAC and 200-240VAC input (switch selectable), 50/60Hz

Joseph asks…

Will a HD 5570 2gb PCI-E 2.1 x16 work on my PC?

I have a hp pavilion p6230y
it has a Bestec 300watt psu (19amp)
the motherboard has a PCI-E x16 but i dnt know if its a 2.0 or 1.0
i check the Bios update and it said the last update was on 9/11/09

I know that the hd 5570 is a PCI-E 2.1 x16 and i just wanted to know if it would work on pc and should i get it.

Also if PCI-E 2.1 x16 does work on my motherboard can u give me a list of some other good cards that will work on a 300psu like mine.

thanx a lot.

Also its a SAPPHIRE HD 5570 2gb PCI-E 2.1 x16
Will this have any problem, like psu problem or should i just buy the 1gb?

Plz Answer if u know what ur TALKING ABOUT!

i have read in other webistes that a hd 5570 1gb runs on a stock 300 psu, but i dnt know about the 2gb version, so plz answer if it works or not

admin answers:


Use this site, it is most accurate and will say if you can or not. However, be aware, find CAPACITOR AGING And add at least 10-15% to it.

Steven asks…

How many ratings/rails does my 300W PSU Have?

On the stickers it says:

MODEL: ATX-300- 12V
INPUT: 100-127V~7A, 200-240V~4A 60/50Hz
BST ATX-300- 12z bd

OUTPUT +12V —- / 19A – 12V —- / 0.8 BA
300W MAX. +5V —- / 30a +5vsb —- / 2A PEAK 2.5A
+3.3V —- / 2BA,
+5V & 3.3V 180W MAX. +5V & +12V 288W MAX

I wanna know how many combined V current rating of A.

admin answers:

1 single 12v rail
All other info you already have.

Daniel asks…

I’m looking to buy a solar panel for my desktop computer. What kind of solar panel would I need?

I know that my computer (Gateway GT5676) uses a Bestec ATX-300-12EB3 300w power supply. Would I get a 300w solar panel? Do I need anything else other than the solar panel, an inverter, and a battery? Aso, should I use grid-tied or off grid solar panels? I just want to power my desktop computer in my home without paying an extra $80 every month on my electricity bill. And I use my computer a lot too.

admin answers:

Well, grid-tied requires a substantial investment on its own, to the point where you’d want to have a lot more solar panels. The problem you’d have is that your computer is probably set to take AC power in rather than DC, so you’d have to convert it anyway.

There is no way your computer is upping your bill 80 bucks a month though.

If you want to invest in solar options, there are possibilities, but you’d have to consider how much money you have and what you really want to do.

You might find a better way to save money would be Window films and radiant barriers.

John asks…

PSU crappy-comp overheats?

Ok so after a lot of research i’ve come to the conclusion my comp overheats because my PSU is crappy (bestec 250 max watts) and I upgraded from 512MB RAM to 2GB RAM and went from a near nothing graphics card to a Geforce 7600 GS 512MB.

Now you might think i’m an idiot for not knowing this before but i went from knowing nothing about comps to knowing some stuff now, so give me a break 🙂

Is it worth buying a good PSU for my comp that is nearly 6 years old, or do you think i should buy a new comp? I was planning on buying a new comp but if a PSU will fix my overheating problem is it really worth it?

How long do computers usually last?

I play Wow, CS and looking to try new games as well that demand more and more with every new game. So it is probably time to buy a new comp anyway right?

Well, let me know what you all think about this.

Last question, If I were to buy a new comp should I replace the PSU anyway so I can sell this old comp?

Thanks so much!
I have Speedfan and it says Temp2 is 64C atm(its night time and quite cold in my room but during the day it gets extemely hot because los angeles has been so hot!), I have no games or anything running and there is a Flame next to it. Earlier today it was at 80C just with internet open. My comp overheats after about 10-20 minutes of WoW now.

When playing Wow a few days ago the top of my comp(where the PSU is) felt really hot, the processor was also really hot.

I cleaned most of the dust out recently and it didn’t fix the problem, I will check out the fan and heatsink and look at the thermal paste.

Never done anything with fans so kind of confused how to do it, Do I just unscrew it and take it off and look for Thermal paste?

Thanks for the help 🙂

admin answers:

Is it the entire case that is getting hot, as in the ambient case temperature? Or is it only the CPU and GPU? It’s normal for a Pentium 4 to run a little hot, like 30-45C. And while I can’t remember what my 7600GT ran at, I know that my 8600GT idled at around 40-50C. My 8800GTS 512MB idles at anywhere from 50-70C depending on what I set its fan at, and this is considered normal. I beefed up the fan speed to 45% at idle and mounted a side 80mm fan on the case to blow on it though, so it typically idles at 50C which is good.

But, before spending money on a new PSU, I would remove your CPU fan and heatsink and ensure that your thermal paste hasn’t all dried up. If it has, then it won’t transfer heat efficiently to your heatsink and will cause your computer to crash. Also, any dust and other stuff that accumulates inside of cases can get stuck in the fins of the heatsink and block air flow. Blow that out.

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