Your Questions About Pokerus And Macho Brace

Chris asks…

Will my Pokemon being infected with Pokerus in heartgold have any negative affect in any way?

I read about it and it doesn’t seem to have any negative affect, but I’m just double checking, also, how does a Pokemon get it?

admin answers:

I have a Torkoal in Emerald who was a level 16 with a speed of 17. I then infected him with the Pokerus that I managed to get and now he’s a level 53 with a speed stat of 95. Here is another Pokemon I have infected so far in Emerald:

Before Pokerus: Lv 36
HP: 120
Attack: 95
Defense: 110
Spec Attack: 117
Spec Defense: 93
Speed: 88

With Pokerus: Lv 69
HP: 247
Attack: 173
Defense: 234
Spec Attack: 267
Spec Defense: 186
Speed: 179

Also if you have the Macho Brace that would help dramatically since id doubles the EV’s gained after defeating a Pokemon.

Laura asks…

How to EV Train Pkmn in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Well I want to EV Train my Zapdos and Suicune.
My Suicune is level 54 and my Zapdos is level
61. Can anyone tell me how to EV train them?

admin answers:

Chances are you have already maxed out your EVs on your suicune and zapdos. To EV train a pokemon, all you have to do is defeat pokemon; so if you’re not doing this in a controlled manner, your pokemon will fill up its EVs based on whatever you have defeated.

To EV train your pokemon, you need to know how many effort points each pokemon that you defeat contributes. You also need to know how many EVs the pokemon you’re training currently has, and how many you want it to have.

A pokemon can have a maximum of 510 EVs. There can only be a maximum of 255 EVs per stat.

For example, say you have an Eevee you want to train in speed and attack. Say that you want 255 attack EVs and 255 speed EVs, maxing out your 510 EVs. First, make sure that Eevee has not EVER defeated any other pokemon. Then, start fighting pokemon that give out speed and attack EVs. Zubat gives 1 speed EV, Golbat gives 2, Crobat gives 3. So to max out your speed, you’d need to defeat 255 Zubats.

You can increase your ability to get EVs from pokemon defeats through the use of special items or the Pokerus virus. Pokerus is a disease that doubles the total EVs you gain after a battle. The Macho Brace also doubles the amount you get. Power items (like the power band) increase the EVs you receive at the end of a battle by 4.

So if you had a macho brace, you’d gain 2 speed EVs from a zubat. If you had macho brace and pokerus, 1 speed ev from the zubat, 1 speed ev from doubling that, then 2 speed ev doubling that for a total of 4 (meaning you only need to defeat 64 zubats instead of 255). More specifics can be read on the smogon source.

In my links below, I’ve included sources that go more indepth or provide more information, including where to find places to EV train all the stats.

Steven asks…

How can I make the perfect Pokemon team?

I have Pokemon Soul Silver, and I played a couple of my friends who are like Pokemon experts. I lost. I know Pokemon very well like what their types are and what they are weak to. I need help figuring out the perfect team that is prefect for any battle who are all different types. I also need help on EV training. I understand how it works mostly but I’m still sorta confused. Thanks 😀

admin answers:

Ok you need to make a team with lots of different types of Pokemon, and when I mean types I don’t mean actual „types“ like fire or water, I mean Physical Sweepers, Special Sweepers etc. You have to consider what nature the pokemon will have, certain natures benefit certain stats and hinder certain stats, for example Adamant nature benefits the Attack stat and hinders the Special Attack stat, there are also neutral natures like Quirky that dont benefit or hinder any stat. You can check the natures in EV training guides. You also have to know the difference between Physical and Special moves, Physical moves are measured with the Attack stat while Special moves are measured with the SpA (Special Attack) stat, a physical move will have a mark of a star in a red box while a special move will have a mark of an eye (or something like that) inside a blue box. You also have to consider what EVs you’ll give your Pokemon.
EV Guide: You should also check the site I posted on the end of the question for an EV training guide. Ok a Pokemon gains EVs by battling certain Pokemon. For example battling a Seaking gives two attack EVs. Each 4 EVs a Pokemon gains equals to +1 stat boost of the corresponding stat. Now there are certain things that boost EV training, check for those at the guide. The Power Item give extra 4 EVs for the certain Stat every time you gain EXP, there are also Vitamins, each one gives 10 EVs for the certain stat if used once, 10 can be used max for a stat so the Pokemon can only gain 100 EVs from the vitamins, also they can only be used in the beginning not afterwards, so if you’re planning on using vitamins use them before you start EV training not after. The Macho Brace doubles the EVs your Pokemon gains with the cost of the speed evs being halfed. Pokerus does the same thing only speed is not halfed, instead speed is also doubled. Check the guide for more info. You should also check the IVs of the Pokemon, more details at the EV training guide. You can breed for IVs but that’s too long to explain here. You should also check Smogon to see how you should train your Pokemon, for example if you want to train a Dragonite go to smogon team builder, choose Dragonite and choose moveset analysis, then there will be different kinds of Dragonites you can make, it will show the movesets, item, nature and EVs you should give them. Here’s a hypothetic team:
Moves: Stealth Rock
Rock Slide
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 Speed/252 Attack/4 HP
Item: Focus Sash

Tyranitar-Dragon Dance
Moves: Dragon Dance
Stone Edge
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
EVs: 252 Attack/252 Speed/4 HP
Item: Life Orb

Moves: Spore
Focus Punch
Seed Bomb
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Attack/244 Speed/12 HP
Ability: Poison Heal
Item: Toxic Orb

Gengar-SubGar (that’s what I like to call it)
Moves: Substitute
Shadow Ball
Focus Blast
Hidden Power Fire
Nature: Jolly/Modest
EVs: 252 SpA/252 Speed/4 HP
Item: Leftovers

Forretress-Physical Wall
Moves: Spikes/Toxic Spikes
Rapid Spin
Gyro Ball
Nature: Relaxed
EVs: 252 HP/112 Attack/144 Defense
Item: Leftovers

Moves: Softboiled/Flamethrower
Seismic Toss
Thunder Wave
Nature: Bold
EVs: 252 HP/252 Defense/4 Speed
Item: Leftovers
Now I’m not saying to build this exact team, it’s just a random team to show as an example. I understand that you might have trouble finding the moves, the pokemon, the items etc so check this sites:
Smogon Team Builder:
Where to find the items (TMs don’t count):
Where to find the TMs:
also check
EV Training Guide:
IV Calculator (best use it before you start EV training to see if the pokemon is worth it):

Charles asks…

How to make my mewtwo amazing in pokemon?

my pokemon has a quiet nature and i want it to have a really high special attack. I gave it 10 calciums. If i fight 155 gastlys with him will my mewtwo have the highest special attack that it can get?

admin answers:

If you are looking for a Mewtwo with the highest Special Attack stat, then I have this to say:

1. Quiet Nature is a good nature for maxing out Special Attack, but would you rather sacrifice something else than sacrificing Speed? Or are you okay with sacrificing speed?

2. Does you Mewtwo have the attack Hidden Power? If it does, then its IV should be whatever you want its Hidden Power type to be.
But if you don’t plan to teach your Mewtwo Hidden Power, then maxing out its IVs to 31 for all stats.
But if you can’t do that, you should at least get 31 IVs in Special Attack to max it out.
The problem is, you have already caught your Mewtwo, and there’s no way you can change it after catching except for using the AR and Pokesav.

3. You need 252 EVs in Special Attack. Any more EV than that in Special attack won’t raise you stat, so don’t bother. Use the remaining 258 EV to raise other stats like 252 Speed and 4 HP.
That’s because each 4 EV point raises a stat by one point. So all 510 is not used, but only 508, since you can’t put more than 255 in any stat.
So 252 Special Attack is what you need to do first, and the rest are optional.

4. If you have already given it 10 Calcium, and it has consumed all the 10, then you Special Attack EV is already over 100.

5. And as for training for EV points, Gastly is good to fight.
I suggest fighting Golducks and Psyducks in HeartGold/Soul Silver, or Gastly and Haunter in Platinum.
But since there are no easy access to Haunter in HG/SS, going to the lake in Ilex Forest and looking for Golducks to fight with is much better.

6. Making Mewtwo hold the Power Lens while fighting will give it an additional 4 EV in Special Attack for faster EV maxing out.
If you don’t have the item, then try Macho Brace which doubles the EV earned in a battle.
If you can also infect your Mewtwo with Pokerus, your EV gain will be much faster, but that’s tough.

7. If you have done everything right, Mewtwo should have a 447 Special Attack stat when at level 100, and 447 is the maximum you can take your Mewtwo’s Special Attack to.
At level 50, it should have 226 Special Attack stat.
If you don’t count IVs, since there is nothing you can do about them now, then you should have AT LEAST 209 Special Attack Stat at level 50 after maxing out your stat, and at least 413 at level 100.

8. If you don’t have the maximum stat even after EV training by defeating 252 Gastly or Psyduck, or 126 Haunter or Golduck, then it means you have already reached 510 EV limit, and you need to use the Berries Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Grepa, and Tamato to reduce the EV for the stats HP, Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed respectively. Using these berries reduces EV in that respective stat by 100 points if you have more than 100 EV for that stat, and it reduces the EV by 10 points if you have less than 100 EV in that stat.
After reducing once, train for EV again. If you still don’t reach maximum, then repeat the steps.

This is tough, and requires all the effort you can give, lol. Good luck.

Donald asks…

What is the max stat increased for Shaymin you can get through EV training on Pokemon Pearl?

I am trying to EV train my Shaymin but i dont kno what the max number of EV points per stat Shaymin can get and how many pokemon do i have to defeat to get those EV points?

admin answers:

Top stat for shaymin is the same as mew and celebi (excluding HP), and that is 328. If you max EVs and have a beneficial nature, that is the best you can get. You get 510 EVs total, but out of that, you should only use 252, as EVs only contribute 1 stat per 4 EV. Look this stuff up. It is out there. If you have pokerus and macho brace, it goes faster, but i doubt you get pokerus, and, although it is easy to get, you should not use it unless you have pokerus. Use Power Items instead. There you go. You cannot breed Shaymin, so if you are going to use him effectively, make sure his main IVs are above 22 or 24. IVs are hidden values decided upon capture. You must soft reset a lot for legendaries, so i hope you didn’t save yet. Unless you are lucky and got good ones.

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