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Donald asks…

What are the odds again?

male on female, where the female is positive and they have unprotected sex. is it 1 in every 2000 will contract?

admin answers:

1 in every 2010 will contract
Believe me, i used a odds calculator 🙂

Susan asks…

Blackjack Calculator?

I want to know what would happen if i had a 12, whether it be a 10 and a 2 or however it adds up to 12, and i stood on it. How many time would i win out of 1000-10000 times played. With a +3 count on a single deck and dealer shows 6.

admin answers:

All ways hit a 12 , there is only 12 bad cards and 40 good cards
remember blackjack has some of the worst odds in the casino , don,t believe the propaganda

Sandra asks…

Why do people who use calculators suck at maths?

I was just surfing on the web when i came across a line „For the same reason people who use calculators suck at math“ this true??? if yes ..then y does it happen??

and if it might help in any way .. i was reading this!!

admin answers:

Just a miute!!!
Calculator and other technolgy is only a 60 odd yesr old child. Mathematics is there for millions of years before that.
IB encourages students to use technology more than Mathematics. Saving time is fine if its a 7 digit number multiplied by 12 digit number. But when students of grade 10 use a calculator to find sin45, then its not acceptable.
The new generations will find it difficult to even to write English if exams are taken on line „to save time“

William asks…

Place and Show odds ?

do they assign place and show odds on the morning line? if so does anyone know what they are? if not is there any way of knowing them Saturday? any web site post them ? thanks.

admin answers:

No, the morning line odds-maker does not give a line on place or show odds.

At the track, if you bring a calculator, you can do your own calculations based on the pool totals posted, but I’ve never seen any track that provides advanced odds on place or show.

John asks…

lottery odds?

What would be the odds of getting any 4 out of the 5 balls correct (numbered 1 to 54) and getting the mega correct(numbered 1 to 46)? What about just getting any 4 of the 5 and not the mega? This is assuming the draw of the 5 and the mega are independent by the way.

admin answers:

Dave’s sort of got the right idea.

First of all, let’s assume you need 5 of 5. That would be:
if you add the mega number, it’d be:

the logic is, for the first choice, you have 5 chances out of 54 to specify a winning number.
For your 2nd number, one number is taken away, so you have 4 chances out of 53.
For your 3rd choice, you have 3 chances out of 52,
then 2 chances out of 51,
and finally 1 chance out of 50.

For the mega number, you have 1 chance out of 46.

In, probably, high school, you should (have) learn(ed) about combinations and permutations. This is a combination problem.

Now to get to your real question, 4 of 5 would be:
1/(54*53*52*51/(2*3*4*5)) (around 1:63,250)
if you add the mega number, it’d be:

you can do the actual math.
Google calculator works really well.
Skip the 1/ part to make it easy to understand.

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