Your Questions About Tournament Of Roses

Jenny asks…

Is the Tournament of Roses parade a huge deal nationally?

I know the Rose Bowl is a big deal, but do people like in the Northeast and the southern states watch the Parade? Just want to get an idea on how big this parade is on a national television viewing scale.

admin answers:

Old people like it…and they keep trying to rope their kids into watching it…unfortunately, kids could care less!

William asks…

How can you easily preserve a rose? I was given one and I want to keep it..?

I went to medieval times(the show when you eat and they have a fake tournament with knights and horses) and the knights were throwing flowers to girls, and i caught one. He blew me a kiss! I want to keep it 🙂 Thanks!

admin answers:

Hang it upside down and let it dry out. If there is more than one flower, such as baby’s breath tie it all together, then hang it upside down. I have a boquet from a wedding I was in 3 years ago and it is still beautiful. I hope this is helpful:)

Daniel asks…

What mulatto was nominated Rose queen of Pasadena Rose Parade but walked off when she received dead roses?

I hear of a story of a very beautiful woman either mulatto or classified as African American nominated for Rose queen in the 1960’s for the Pasadena Rose Parade but declined when receiving dead roses. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

admin answers:

I’ve never heard that story. The first African American Rose Queen was Kristina Smith in 1985, and she’s just as lovely today as she was back then. = )

You can try calling or emailing the Tournament of Roses, the number or email address should be on their website. Http://

Chris asks…

Can somebody explain how the NCAA Football Tournaments/Playoffs will work next year?

It’s hard for me to find a solid answer on google. Will there be a playoff with like 8 teams, and the usual bowl games (Like a hundred bowl games right now). Will there be no more rose bowl or any other bowl games and just the playoffs?

admin answers:

At the end of the regular season a committee will choose 4 teams to play in the College Football Playoff. 2 bowl games will act as national semi finals. The 2 winners will play in the College Football Championship Game. 6 bowls will take turns hosting semifinal games, Rose Bowl. Fiesta Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl Orange Bowl and Chick-fil-A Bowl. Next season the semifinals will be played in the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl on January 1, 2015. The College Football Championship Game.will be played at AT&T Stadium on January 12, 2015. Http://

Linda asks…

Who is responsible for decorating the OUTSIDE areas (tailgating parking etc) of the Rose Bowl.?

I was just totally impressed with what was set up during the USC-Illinois game. I know the Tournament of Roses and the NCAA arranged it but I want to know who is responsible for design and construction and what happens after it is all over with.

admin answers:

Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs did a show on the cleanup, it was pretty funny. As for the construction and design, I’m sure you can check with the Tournament of Roses

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