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Mary asks…

What To Do In PKMN Black After Hall Of Fame?

Im kind of at a lose :/ i beat the elite four twice, my pokemon are levels 80-100, i have a almost full pokedex, and have been to all the cities/towns. I dont want to stop playing so what else can i do?

admin answers:


I’m in the same boat as you…and for ALL my other Pokemon games (from Leaf Green all the way to Black since i have them in ze flesh LOL)

What I’m currently doing, and you can do this too to keep on playing the game is:
>>Making a team full of starters (Gen I-Gen V — 5 Pokemon in a team of Fire/Water/Grass)
>>Making an Eevee-lution team
>>Making a SHINEY team (yes shiny Pokemon I have collected and traded/migrated from Gen I-Gen V)
>>Make a team off the SAME TYPE Pokemon (there are 17 types of Pokemon, dark/ghost/fire etc)

>>Trying to capture more shiny Pokemon in Black
>>Training new and odd Pokemon (i.e. Blissy, Slowking, Shadinja etc)
>>Obtain ALL of the Pokemon in the Pokedex the LEGIT WAY (no hacking/editing in Black)
>>Enter the E4 with different Pokemon
>>Make ALL of your Pokemon (640-ish) to level 100
>>Obtain the Pokerus and infect ALL your Pokemon
>>Try to get the highest amount of money you can obtain (i think it’s 999 999 yen lol)
>>Try to get 99 of each Pokeballs in your bag

>>You can try competitive battling / training

Well…thats all I could think off…lol
So far, I have collected (caught/migrated) about 450 out of the possible 654ish i think) Pokemon XDDD lolol

Jenny asks…

How do get rid of pokerus in pokemon black/white 2, will a traded pokemon be able to get cured.?

admin answers:

Pokerus is rare. It is a good thing. Though it has nothing to do with exp. Gain like the previous poster said. Pokerus doubles the amount of Ev’s you gain. I have included a guide to Ev’s in my source if you wish to know more about them. Anyways pokerus will go away in a few days if you keep the pokemon in your party but it will also spread to other pokemon in your party after you battle. If you keep the infected pokemon in the pc the pokerus will not spread and it won’t go away either.

Charles asks…

Does anyone have a Pachirisu to trade me in Pokemon White or Black?

I’ll trade any non legendary/non hack pokemon for it? The pokemon will also have pokerus?

admin answers:

I can trade you it. My Friend Code is on my profile. Message me your code and I’ll get back to you asap.

William asks…

Where can you SEE a squirtle in pokemon Black?

This is worded this way for a reason I don’t want to catch it, I want to battle one so I can see it then trade for one over wifi. And don’t tell me I can’t because I saw a Charizard and traded for one then made an egg and got my Charmander! So where can I battle a Squirtle or a Bulbasaur (or any of their evolutions)?

admin answers:

On extremely rare occasions, you can encounter rare pokemon like you mentioned above. However, it is exactly like trying to find a shiny pokemon or a pokemon that has Pokerus. I do remember that I encountered a shiny Snivy that has Pokerus in Pokemon White (first version), on the grass near the city where you first meet N. But who knows, you might be lucky!

David asks…

Would anyone like to trade me a pokemon that currently has Pokerus?

Ive been hunting for a pokemon that had pokerus for a very long time, i never thought of simply having someone trade me one. Its my pokemon black version and my friendcode is 3997 5803 9571. Im offering up a Phione that is lv. 1

admin answers:

Sorry. Pokerus can’t be transferred over a trade.

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