Your Questions About Tournament Of Roses

Charles asks…

What’s the record for the total number freshman starters on an NCAA basketball team that made the tournament?

I’m assuming that plenty of teams have had at least 2 freshman starters that have made the tournament. However, any idea what the record is? I’m assuming no team has ever made it with 5 freshman starters…

(Oh, Division I ofcourse)

admin answers:

Michigan wolverines…wit jalen rose, chris webber, juwan howard, and sum other guy…dats 4 freshmman

James asks…

What Parade In The United States Is A Bigger Deal ? ?

My husband and I are in a discussion over which parade is a bigger deal. He thinks that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a bigger deal than the Tournament Of Roses Parade. I believe that the Rose Parade is a waaay bigger deal, simply because of all the work that goes into that parade. But Mike says it’s the Macy’s. Does anyone have an idea ?

admin answers:

It’s hands down the ROSE PARADE is the biggest deal and it is the granddaddy of all parades. My parents took me and my sister to see the rose parade on new years day1987.

Sharon asks…

What channel does the Queen of the Tournament of the Roses air?

My mother wants to watch it today but doesn’t know the channel the TV shows it on, so does anyone know?

admin answers:

This event is aired on TV, reason why you can’t find the channel.

Joseph asks…

What to expect from a former popular martial art?

I train in BJJ and now that there has been a huge interest in BJJ I am curious what exactly happens with a martial art when people start to lose interest in it or when so many people realize they can’t be the best in their division. For example, what happened with Kung Fu classes after a while? prices went down for classes? less people? less tournaments?

admin answers:

Nothing truly happens to the art itself. It goes on like the flowing of water in a creek…constant. It grows with the times and becomes apart of the times. People will lose interest in the art, but the art will never loose its relevancee to life. Kung fu will continue to be the art it is…no matter the lost of students, tournaments, etc. It will continue even if…there is no one to practice it…its a representation of life in movement…continuous movement that exist within the world an throughout the universe…it was just a coincidence that some monk caught a glimpse of inspiration and decided to manifest it through the human vessel. If anything, unpopular martial arts are what drive the continuation of love among those devout followers of martial character and developmentnt. Once the art drifts behind the shelves of the mainstream, it is then picked up by the lonely souls who navigate with just their hands and feet…discovering the true soil that exists within it…planting great roses of purpose and perspective.

Betty asks…

Mike Weir rose 18 places to 30th in the world golf rankings recently. Which tournament did he win to advance?

Mike Weir rose 18 places to 30th in the world golf rankings recently. Which tournament did he win to advance?

admin answers:

Mike won the Fry’s Electronics Open played Oct 18-21 out in Arizona.

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