Your Questions About Free Poker Websites

Michael asks…

Does any one know of any good online poker websites?

Free or pay I would appreciate the feedback.

admin answers:

PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker for free play or money have the most players online and you will always find a game to play 24/7.


Pitbull Poker gives you $10 free when you sign up
Go to and use OTKPOKER as the bonus code, contact live chat and in 20 minutes it will be in your account.

Doyles Room for money as I have found them to have loose players at lower stakes. Read more at and I have a special deal going in regards to rakeback and bonus with them

Laura asks…

Free Poker and Bingo Sites?

i want some websites that have free poker/bingo and pay out real money e.g. ,also some websites that pay out real money through paypal aswell

admin answers:

Pitbull poker will give you $10 free with no deposit and no download. Click the link below and use OTKPOKER as the bonus code. Contact live chat 24/7 and ask for the $10 and within 20 minutes it will be in your account – Accepts USA Players and they also have a casino

VC Poker offers $35 free but you will only receive $10 upfront and once you earn enough points they release another $10 and takes up to 72 hours to be credited again click on the link below and use OTKPOKER as the bonus code – USA Players not allowed

Mark asks…

is their a money poker website that gives you free money to start out ?

I have no money but want to try to start somthing out of nothing. so is their a money poker website that gives you free money to start out?

admin answers:

I would recommend BingoHouse, they offer great first deposit bonuses and instant daily bonuses as well.

Mandy asks…

Totally free websites where you can play games and do sweepstakes to win real money and prizes at no cost?

im looking for totally free websites that allows you to win real money and prizes at no cost just by playing games and doing sweepstakes.

admin answers:

Many online poker sites have freerolls — PokerStars, Full Tilt and plenty of others. The smaller sites may only have one a week; the big ones have freerolls at least daily. All you have to do is come in in the top .01% or so to win a few real bucks. (Dang, it’s hard to do!) Oh, but then you may have to win a lot more in order to withdraw your winnings or have to deposit in order to withdraw winnings.

There are other sites that advertise free sweeps and games, but most have some little glitch — like you have to deposit money to be eligible to play. Or maybe give up your first-born child. Read all the rules and FAQs. Try not to get caught up in any scams. Do not give personal information to any site that is not thoroughly trustworthy — and do extensive research on that.

Nothing is completely free. And some things that are free come with strings. Plus, they tend to be more work than…work.

That said, have fun playing games.

Steven asks…

How can I learn to play poker?

What is the best way for me to learn poker? Websites? Programs? I would appreciate the help. My twenty first bday is 10 months away but I want to get the practice in already so I know what Im doing in Vegas

admin answers:

Start the old fashioned way. Buy a book, read it, study, and then practice.

There are a ton of web sites where you can practice for free (play money) or even real money once you get the hang of it. If you work hard at it you will be able to hold your own at a low stakes table in ten months.

Study, practice, and study some more.

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