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William asks…

What power supply should I get for a micro ATX motherboard?

I will be upgrading my video card soon from my ATI Radeon HD 4350 to a GeForce GTS 450 or GTX 460. The power supply on my HP a6700y is a Bestec 300 watt so I am going to need to upgrade. I have read that a standard ATX PSU will work if it can physically fit in the case. My power supply is 5 7/8″ wide, 3 3/8″ tall and 5 1/2″ deep (from the back of the PSU). I was wondering what would be a good power supply for a reasonable price. I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money but I want a quality product. I found a couple on on BestBuy’s website and was wondering if either of them would be a good PSU or if I should get something better. They seem to be the right dimesions but I think the measure from the top of the unit.

Cooler Master – eXtreme Power Plus 500-Watt ATX CPU Power Supply

Cooler Master – GX 750-Watt ATX/EPS CPU Power Supply
Thanks, Dave. That looks like a pretty good deal. I was also thinking of going with one of the case and psu combos then get my gpu later after i save up more money. I know Best Buy is usually overpriced so I am most likely not going through them.

admin answers:

No, you don’t want either one of those power supplies. One of them might work, but both of them are low quality and way over-priced.

The general recommendation is that for your video card you need minimum 550W.

The cheapest power supply (that isn’t garbage) that you will find for your video card is probably this:

Michael asks…

How do you decide on which PSU to buy? How do you know if the PSU is compatible with your MOBO?

I’ve had a lot of discussions today about PSU’s for my new 9500 GT card. My current PSU is a 300 W Bestec , and I don’t know if it’ll operate with the card which has a min requirement of 350W. Therefore it’s time to go PSU shopping.

The problem is there are so many offers , how do I know which PSU to get? There’s a good one on newegg for 35 dollars , it was 100 dollars.
There’s another good one here , was 50 but is now 30.
So which PSU’s should I get to go with my 9500 GT?

PS : I said this before in my other question about the 9500 GT and the 300 W supply , but I’m trying to find a power supply that isn’t too expensive. Please don’t suggest any 100 dollar monsters , I can’t afford them at this time. Thanks.
Yeah , I heard Silverstone is good. 2nd link posted in question is a Silverstone 400 W power supply on sale for 30 dollars. I am seriously considering that power supply.
To 2nd answerer : That PSU is the same price as the Silverstone , when you put in the rebates. So we have 1 good 35 PSU , and 2 good 30 dollar PSU’s! Which one to get? Ahhhhhhhh!

admin answers:

What you should look for in a PSU is not just watts, but how these watts are distributed among the voltage rails (in amps).

For example the second link (Silverstone) shows this:

What you need to focus on is the amount of amps on the 12v rails…in this case :
+12V1@18A, +12V2@18A = 36A total

On the OCZ (first link):
+12V1@18A,+12V2@18A,+12V3@18A,+12V4@18A = 72A

The video card, CPU & mainboard use the 12v rails, & having four of them with more current assures a more stable system … As well as the option to upgrade the video card to a high performance model in the future….can even handle two cards in SLI.

I would definitely choose the OCZ StealthXStream OCZ600SXS 600W…especially at $45 (not $35 …follow link).

Philip T

James asks…

How much overclock can be done?

I have a 300 watt power supply( bestec ATX0300D5WC, i know its not the best) and a a amd quad core @2.8 ghz stock, how much can i overclock without it frying everything…
Thy sucky specs: GT 220, 6 gb ram, 1tb internal 1.5 external and i already said what my psu is -___-
nice trolling you got going on there jhon i’ll be sure to remember that one

admin answers:

That power supply is bad if i where you i would shut my pc down right now and wait until i could order something bigger 650 w at the least that power supply is too weak for the spec you have now so don`t think about overclocking if that psu dies it could kill your cpu,ram,motherboard and everything else and overclocking is not as simple as people would have you believe i am a veteran oc`er but if you don`t have hours to tweak the bios and know what the setting in your bios do and can`t afford a new system then don`t overclock a good working pc is better than no pc

Paul asks…

I had a problem installing a new power supply in my computer?

My OS is windows vista home premium on an AMD athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 3800+ with 1gb of ram and a nvidia geforce 6150se nforce 430 graphics card. The model ID is SR5130NX and it’s made by compaq. The motherboard is M2N68-LA. The old power supply it came with is made by Bestec, model atx-250-12z rev: D3R
Basically it’s the sr5130nx model with all of the standard parts.
I wanted to upgrade some of the equipment in it so I decided to change the power supply to one with more wattage to handle the new equipment, but after switching out the old power supply for the new one the computer would turn on and the power supply was running, as was its cooling fan and the cooling fan on my cpu. I was able to open and close the cd-rom drive as well, but the problem is that the keyboard and monitor and my external hard drive showed no signs of communication with the computer whatsoever. The monitor stayed as if it were not connected to the comptuer at all, the external hard drive did not light up, and the keyboard made no response and I couldn’t turn on the num lock light or the caps lock light. After putting the old power supply back into the computer it worked fine again.
Where did I go wrong? is the power supply broken? could it be that the newer power supply is simply noncompatible with my older computer in some way? did I simply connect the cables wrong somehow?
Here is a link to the new power supply I wanted to use
Here is a link to the old power supply for my computer–ATX-250-12Z-Rev-S–250-watt-20-4-Pin-SATA-Connector-Replacement-for-DELL-Power-Supply–pr-3372.html
Keep in mind that I hadn’t installed any other new hardware besides the power supply.

admin answers:

O.k… Stop what you’re doing… Turn everything off… And unplug the power cord… And just listen. Did you plug in the 24 pin connector. Did you remember the 4 pin connector too? If you didn’t pug them both in… Yes… It will come on… And you will be able to open the cd trays… But… It’s not going to boot up… Make sure they are both plugged in… And hope you didn’t fry the mother board for not plugging in the 4 pin connector… But plug both of them in… And it should come up for you. I looked at the photos… There’s no reason i can think of except you didn’t plug in the 4 pin connector… So make sure you do that before you turn it on… Or you can mess up the motherboard that way… O.k.

Daniel asks…

which graphics card is best for dell inpiron 530?

I have a dell inspiron 530 with these specs

intel core 2 duo E7200 processor 2.53GHz
Bestec 300watt power supply
+12V – – – 18A

i need to upgrade from my integrated graphics to a decent graphics card that can run decent games, im no hardcore gamer. So far i found ati radeon 3450, ati radeon 2600 and nvidia geforce 9400 gt. Which one is best? also what else can i get with the power supply. I don’t want to upgrade my power supply. I was also going to upgrade from 2GB RAM to 4GB, so which graphics card will work on those specs and would it run Fine without any problems.

admin answers:

I also own a Dell Inspiron 530 and I use the ASUS EAH4550 Radeon HD 4550 video card. My 300watt PSU supports it an it works great. It has a 600MHz core clock with 512MB of GDDR3 video memory. It also supports ATI Crossfire X if you need to run more than two cards (which unfortunately is something you can’t do on the Inspiron 530). The Radeon HD 4550 does not need an external power source, it gets its power from the motherboard. The PSU on the Dell Inspiron 530 does not have any extra 6 pin video card power connectors and that makes the Radeon HD 4550 a great video card for your computer. With this card you could run most games on high settings. It has a VGA, DVI, and a HDMI output connection. It connects to the computer using PCI-Express 2.0 connection.

The best part is you can get it without breaking the bank. It only costs $50.


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