Your Questions About Free Poker Games

Maria asks…

What are some interesting games to play?

Games to play with friends at school during free periods
games like atlas,etc.
but something new and interesting…
games that do not require any boards or cards
verbal games

admin answers:

Strip poker after schools nah just kidding i don’t know regular poker game with playable chips or make it more interesting stuff you want to offer

Sandra asks…

Could you know any site where I can play free poker?

I have searched tons of sites, but they require first deposits or credit card. I just want to play for free. Could you have any suggestions ?

admin answers:

I have a perfect site for you! They list all the best free poker sites. It’s great. Some sites don’t require a credit card or submit any deposit to start playing game . You should read carefully the terms to know how to get free bonuses for the games. I have never won big money, but I did win 50 bucks.

Hope you enjoy !!!

Mandy asks…

What are some good multiplayer games for the IPhone that can be played via IPhone to IPhone WiFi?

Know of any good card games or strategy games that are multiplayer and can be played on more than one IPhone/Ipod?

admin answers:

These are some of the games I play against my bf, and they are all free.
Poker (texas hold em) by Zynga
Scramble Live

Helen asks…

What is the most profitable card gambling game for the player?

Which card game can make you the most money at a casino (assuming you start with the same amount) if you get good at the game.

admin answers:

I think blackjack has benefits that poker does not. The main benefit is faster growth of money, and an almost nonexistent ceiling on how much money you can expect to make, since table maximums can be VERY HIGH.

In Poker to my knowledge, most pros measure their winnings in Blinds per hour.

In blackjack winnings are directly proportional to the amount of money wagered on each bet. And can easily be doubled by simply playing two hands at once, or even three if your gutsy..

In poker as you bet higher and higher, it will become more difficult to find players willing to play higher stakes, while simultaneously the players will likely be of higher skill causing you to have a lesser, if any edge over them.

Growth of money in blackjack can be exponential, while poker is exponential to an extent, but eventually becomes more linear as you reach higher betting levels.

Tournament play is another region, both games come in tournament form, and both can be constantly won by skilled players.

I would have to suggest that poker tournaments are more popular and easier to find than blackjack tournaments which are more of a novelty.

You get WAYYY more comps in blackjack than poker, like mad comps, i usually can get 20-50 dollars per hour in comps on my card just by betting a couple hundred per hand, if i were betting thousands, ti would just be rediculous what the casino might throw at me for free.

Lastly, poker is growing in popularity very fast, in the past, peopel seeking to be professional poker players were uncommon, and the „chumps“ they feed off of at the tbales were plentiful, Now with more peopel aspiring to be professionals there is likely a higher average skill base, making profit margins lower, and harder to attain. This is juts a theory, im sure its true to some extent but by how large of an extent i cannot say, i know little about poker.

Anywho, poker and blackjack are the two most popular and pratcical games that you can earn money from, there actually are other exploitable games, but they are not worth the effort.

To compare them by dollar

In blackjack you can make about 0.4 – 0.6 times whatever it is that you bet per hand on average, every hour

In poker, to my knowledge it is measured in big blinds per hour which also only to my knowledge is aroudn 1-2 BB per hour.

I vote blackjack since thats my game of choice, since i feel that you can get more money into action per period of time, and per period of time, earn more money. Edges in blackjack can grow enormously when players employ tactics beyond counting cards alone, and can reach figures around 3%+ AVERAGE, some tactics can attain edges at 10-20% when employable, and one tactic can create single betting oportunities with a +53% ev, though only one at a time and generally only couple times during each shoe.

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know any good hacks for the samsung instinct besides for games?

I have done a few hacks for games to my samsung instinct and i have changed the buffer for my sprint tv, but i was wondering if anyone knows any good hacks for apps or keyboards for the samsung instinct?

admin answers:

The following games are on on the Instinct brower.

Tetris – 3708977
Brain Challenge – 3888572
Block Breaker – 3888568
Bejeweled – 3888564
Smarter than a 5th Grader – 3888556
1 vs 100 – 3888551
CSI Miami – 3888645
Cubis 2 – 3888652
Diner Dash – 3888666
EA Sudoko – 3888681
frogger – 3888684
god of war – 3888695
Guitar Hero III – 3888723
Jeopardy – 3888726
Jewel Quest 2 – 3888772
Midnight Bowling – 3888774
MS Pacman – 3888777
Pacman Plus – 3888780
Platinum Solitaire – 3888781
Puzzle Quest – Warlords – 3888818
Scene It – 3888825
Sexy Tower Quest – 3888830
Smash It – 3888837
Super Yum Yum 2 – 3888839
The Dark Knight – 3888842
Wedding Dash – 3888844
wheel of fortune – 3888848
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – 3888850
Pro Challenge Poker – 3888856
Zuma – 3888861

Theses games are found at on the instinct broswer. Go to quick download and enter the codes to get the game listed.

SudokuSpot – 3203
Chess Champion – 35962
Par 72 Golf II – 5724
SL Jacks or Better – 29290

Go on your instinct web and type in the web address then on that page it will have a place to put in the code (numbers) and then hit quick download or download and it will download them for you-hope i helped
also if you go on you can get free ringtones, wallpaper,etc.

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