Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Maria asks…

unlocked phone????

Does anyone know where i can get a lime green lg chocolate phone (unlocked) please help…. i m leaving for a trip in 3 weeks and i need to know where to get one.
any place but ebay???
on they have black pink and white unlocked ones just not the green one….. i think they can be unlocked

admin answers:

Can’t be unlocked. The Chocolate phones are CDMA/TDMA phones which can’t be unlocked.

Only GSM phones like those used by Cingular or T-Mobile can be unlocked.

Betty asks…

Ok question about unlocked cell phones?

I’m looking at motorola pebl U6 cell phones.. i would like to buy one.. my question is would a prepaid sims card work in that phone.. I don’t know anything about phones being unlocked so could anyone tell me what that means also. sorry for a dumb question.. but thanks for the help!

admin answers:

An unlocked phone means you could put any sim on the phone and the phone will work. You could use prepaid sims with unlock phones

Chris asks…

unlocked cell phones??????

hi, i would like to know if its possible to use a prepaid sim card from a prepaid phone in another unlocked phone. and is it legal to have an unlocked phone?? all awnsers would be apperciated thanks.

admin answers:

Yes, you can use a prepaid SIM from a prepaid phone in an unlocked phone, it should work. Also-The phone itself isn’t designated as pre-paid, the SIM is.
Yes, it is absolutely legal to have an unlocked phone (as long as it’s not stolen). When a phone is „unlocked“ it means that it is no longer „locked“ to other providers SIM cards. Please be aware that in many cases, unless a phone is unlocked using the Manufacturer or Provider instructions, quite often you will lose some of the original capability of the device. For instance, if you have it unlocked at one of the the mall Kiosk’s that offer this service for a small fee ($25-$30), it is possible that the data/Internet or text messaging may not work, and that Manufacturers Warranty is now blown. They will usually not assist with any troubleshooting or resolution of problems caused by this type of unlock, including most „eBay type“ offers of unlocking.
Many Providers will unlock their own phones under certain conditions, and unlocked phones can be purchased directly from some manufacturers. These phones should not have any lose of function and the Warranty stays intact.

John asks…

are prepaid phones unlocked?

I own a LG Neon, prepaid. It has gotten really expensive and I would like to switch to a new provider like cricket or metro pcs. if My phone is locked, is there a FREE way to unlock it? I can‚t stress enough how important FREE is. thanks in advance

admin answers:

As far as I know free codes does not unlock your phone, so even if you would find a unlock code or whatever you’d have to spend some money.
This site has a nearly perfect with google checkout and they were recommended highly in the cell phone forums.
I used them to unlock my cell phone. Contacted them and within 30 mins i had my unlock code and my phone was unlocked.
Hope this helps.

Sharon asks…

Unlocking mobile phone?

I’m looking to buy a new mobile. I’ve seen one I like, but it’s an Orange Pay.As U Go, and i’m on o2, can I get the phone unlocked so I can use my sim in it and how much does it cost and can it be done then and there?

admin answers:

Yes, use can get the phone unlocked onto any network if you want, and it is not illegal to do this. Your ORIGINAL network provider will do this for you, so if you buy the phone on Orange then you have to ring up orange and they will charge you £20 to unlock it. OR if you have a local sunday market or any market then there is always a mobile phone stall there that unlocks phones!! They will only charge you between £5-£10.
However, if it is a Nokia then i can unlock those for you for free, all you need for them is a code. But if it is any of the N series phones such as N70 etc then you will need a cable therefor you will have to go to the market and get it done! But feel free to email me if you would like your NOKIA unlocked (sorry, but Nokias are the main types which can be unlocked with a code, the rest such as Sony Ericsson, Samsungs USUALLY need a cable) so if its a Nokia just email me and il unlock it for free!!
PS-Theres no catch, i just dont believe in paying money just for some one to enter a stupid code into your phone!

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