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Lizzie asks…

Do you need a free site to answer your fantasy football questions?

come to the, we are a combined sportsbook forum, poker site, and sports contest forum. We will gladly answer your fantasy footballquestions and we will also have free contests to win free money.

admin answers:

I use
I have submitted numerous pressing questions and have got prompt response emails that have helped me win my league. Here is their plug:
„Welcome to Fantasy Football Brothers. Our goal is to answer all of your fantasy related questions quickly. Whether it is a lineup, waiver, trade, injury, or drafting question we will answer all questions or comments. We cover everything because we know you don’t have the time to. If you want to win your league set up shop with us. Don’t forget we are FREE!“
Hope you have the same luck with them that I did.

Sharon asks…

Seat in World Series of Poker Main Event?

Are there any free poker sites with free tournaments where the prize is a seat in the World Series of Poker Main Event???

Thanks for the help.

admin answers:

Full Tilt Poker is currently running main event freeroll qualifiers. To find out more go to –

Pokerstars run freeroll tournaments for WSOP, WPT, European Poker Tour and Asia Pacific. To find out more go to –

With all main event qualifiers it will be a series of freerolls to determine the winner and these two sites have large fields.

You may be better off going to somewhere like Carbon Poker. It has qualifiers for as little as $2 and have much smaller fields. To find out more about the satellites go to –

Nancy asks…

Can I sue a poker site for taking away my voice?

Can I sue a poker site for banning my chat when I have not made any threats or hate remarks. All I did was curse out some players and they banned my voice/my freedom of thought.

admin answers:

They took away your „freedom of thought“? You actually just said that?

Such drama.

Anyway, they’ve done nothing unlawful. You do realize that they’re a private website, and their servers are private property, right? They can condition your use of THEIR property however they want.

If they don’t want you using profanity on their website, they’re free to ban you. The First Amendment (along with the constitution and bill of rights generally) only applies to government action.

Don’t like it? Find another poker site. It’s not like there’s shortage.

Susan asks…

Is there any free sites for meeting people and playing online games?

I am looking for a free site that I can meet new people (adults) and talk, play games, even date and stuff?
know anything?

admin answers:


18+ site
can meet some awesome people
play games from poker to mafia

free too!!!!

Mandy asks…

Are there cards sites where I can play without having to install anything?

I know there are tournaments on poker sites that if you enter a free tournament with play money, you can win a few cents if you come in the top 200, but are there any more websites like that???? Ones where you can win more…

admin answers:

You should check out then. They’re paying out all the time for free.

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