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Robert asks…

If a bill was passed that abolished the electoral college, what executive agency would implement it?

Also before it was passed, what committee and subcommittee would review the bill in the house and senate?

admin answers:

Well, no bill could abolish the electoral college; it would require a constitutional amendment that would have to go to a popular vote and receive a 2/3 majority of the population to pass. Ultimately, any change in law falls to the executive branch to execute it with oversight of the legislative and judicial branches.

Lizzie asks…

Whats the difference between a back stage pass and a meet and greet?

I have a backstage pass for an upcoming metallica concert, what’s the difference between a meet and greet and a backstage pass?

admin answers:

Depending upon if its an all access pass or a basic backstage pass heres the difference. The backstage pass will allow you backstage privilidges, of course there will be some areas off limits like the bands dressing room.

All Access – Normally those are for the crew, band and members of the bands entourage as well as venue personal

Backstage Pass- Gets you backstage but with limited access. Alot of times those are treated like a meet and great meaning you are trestricted to one area of the venue, the band comes out to meet you,sign a few autographs then leave

Meet and great- Band is in a specific area and you are introduced to the band for a few minutes

Usually the pass will state what kind of access you have or their will be either different colored passes

Joseph asks…

How do I pass better in madden 12 for xbox?

Passing in madden 12 is impossible on all pro. How do I do it better?

admin answers:

It is very hard. I also had some difficulties. One thing is to not pick your receiver before the play. Keep your eyes open. Try to use the „bullet pass“ 90% of the time. Only lob the ball when you go deep. This makes the ball harder to intercept. Also watch for linebackers in middle zones. These guys will easily intercept the ball. Also, try to balance run and pass, and most of all try short throws instead of long ones

Sandra asks…

Whats the difference between Pass Balance and west coast play books in madden 2011?

I understand they are both passing oriented playbooks, but what is the strategical and/or philosophical difference between them?

Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

The majority of West Coast Offense routes occur within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage. 3-step and 5-step drops by the quarterback take the place of the run and force the opposing defense to commit their focus solely on those intermediate routes.
Pass Balance does all types of passing.

Thomas asks…

What is a passing grade for a chemistry lab report?

I got a 65 on a lab, but the passing grade at my school is 75. Does a 65 count as just passing for the chemistry regents?

admin answers:

Your school should have a grading policy available that clarifies this.

When you say, „the passing grade at my school is 75“ does that mean for report card grades or ?

In any event, the importance of lab reports for the Regents is that you must have a minimum of 20 hours of lab time evidenced by satisfactory reports in order to take the Regents examination.

From the official site (see source):

„a student may earn credit by examination only if the State-mandated laboratory requirement, including 1200 minutes of hands-on laboratory with satisfactory laboratory reports, has been completed. „

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