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David asks…

What are my chances into getting into ucla and usc? please help!?

What are my chances into getting into ucla and usc? please help!?
i have a 3.67 g.p.a (unweighted) and i have taken four AP courses and four honors classes..i was on independent study for a majority of my 10th grade year which is why i could not take more honors and AP classes..i also want to add that i have completed calculus..and three years (instead of two) of foreign language..what are my chances into getting into those kind of schools..will they count the fact that i was on independent study agianst me????

admin answers:

Here are the odds calculators, you can figure it out for yourself:

Laura asks…

The product of four positive consecutive odd integers …?

The product of four positive consecutive odd integers is 14,737,905. What is the sum of the four integers?

admin answers:

I love the two answers above me!

Simple way to solve
1) assume rather than consecutive odd integers that all are identical and therefore find the 4th root of 14,737,905. Place =(14737905)^(1/4) into your calculator / excel spreadsheet
= 61.95….
This now has you somewhere close to the answer.

2). 61 is likely to be one of the two middle numbers. Therefore first try 59 * 61 * 63 * 65

3). Low and behold, this equals 14737905

Therefore the 4 positive consecutive digits are 59, 61, 63 and 65

The sum = 248

Charles asks…

Is the graph odd, even, or neither and why?

I checked on the calculator to double check my work with these functions, but they were both different.

Are these equations odd, even, or neither, and why?
1. j(x) = 2 cos x

2. f(x) = cos x – 3

admin answers:

Odd function: f(−x) = −f(x)
Even function: f(−x) = f(x)


J(−x) = 2 cos(−x) = 2 cos(x) = j(x) —–> even


F(−x) = cos(−x) − 3 = cos(x) − 3 = f(x) —–> even

NOTE: You can check that a function is even by graphing. A function is even if and only if it is symmetrical about the y-axis. Here is a graph of both functions:
We can see that both functions are symmetrical about the y-axis, therefore they are both even.

Sandy asks…

Is the function -x^3 + 6x even odd or neither?

f(x) = -x^3 + 6x

Can someone explain ? Pretty confused..

admin answers:

This function is an odd function. You always examine the term in the function with the highest power. If that power is odd, the function is odd. If it’s even, the function is even. Examples of odd functions are:

(3x +2), (2x^5-x^2), (1x^7+x^5), (8x^9-8x^0), 4x^11, or (-5x+2), (-8x^5 -9), (-9x^9 +x^4 – 7x^6), (-1x^11 -90), etc.

Always look at the term with the highest power of x or whatever variable you’re concerned with. Then check to see if the power that x is raised to is odd or even.

To explore more about what makes it important, read below.

The reason we’re concerned with whether a function is odd or even lies with its end behavior. Odd functions have special end behaviors. As x approaches positive infinity, an odd function could approach positive infinity. However, as x approaches negative infinity, that function would approach negative infinity. Think of it this way: as x becomes a large positive number (say 1000), f(x) becomes an extremely large number (1000^3). As x becomes a large negative number (say -1000), f(x) becomes an extremely large negative number (-1000^3).

Now, if that odd function has a negative coefficient in front of its highest term (like the one we see in this problem), the end behavior is reverse. As x approaches infinity, f(x) approaches negative infinity. And as x approaches negative infinity, f(x) approaches positive infinity.

Even functions are a bit different. For example, for a function like x^2, whether x approaches positive or negative infinity, the function will always approach positive infinity. (1000^2= (-1000)^2). Similarly, for -x^2, whether x approaches positive or negative infinity, the function will always approach negative infinity.

If this is a bit confusing, don’t sweat it. Just grab a graphing calculator and graph an odd or even function, zoom out, and see what I mean. You can visually tell what the end behavior is for such functions (how the function curves near very large positive and negative values of x).

Check it out for yourself, and hope this was helpful!

Lisa asks…

Texas holdem percentages??

I want like an indepth link to what is the chance a select hand will win against another hand.

For example preflop Ak vs QQ is 45%-55 underdog.
Of course i want way more indepth than that. Like on the flop lets say you have Ac5c and the flop is 9c10cAh and you think your opponent has AK. Whats the chance that you will win if you go allin and he calls you?

Things like that. Thx guys!

admin answers:

Check out the Texas Holdem Odds Calculator at You can input any starting hands you want, any flop, etc. They also have an Omaha calculator.

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