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Robert asks…

What is an exceptional tournament based anime?

Although any would be interesting, I am specifically searching for a tournament anime that is without a main character (Or focuses less on the main character). During Naruto, Shaman King etc there have been battles where I cannot decide the winner because it is uneffected by the plot. (The battle is not plot driven) I have found those battles or episodes extremely interesting.

admin answers:

Hikaru no Go! Check it out. 🙂

If you need ideas, try

Laura asks…

How do texas hold em tournaments decide who gets what if there is a tie?

Suppose there is a big professional poker tournament with hundreds of people and everyone who finishes in the top 10 places people get differing amounts of money. Lets say 10th place gets $10,000 and 9th place gets $20,000 just to simplify. The top 8 get more than those, but that’s not important.

The tournament is down to the final 10 people.

Player A has been dealt pocket kings.
Player B has been dealt pocket kings.
Player C has been dealt pocket aces.

Player A has slightly more chips than player B, and player B is the short stack. Player C has a big stack of chips and is in the lead by far.

Player A goes all in before the flop, and is quickly called by player B who thinks he is about to double up. Player C has aces and he makes a quick call as well. Everyone else folds. The flop turn and river are dealt. The aces hold up and are not cracked by either set of kings.

Would the prize money of both 9th and 10th place be split evenly among players A & B giving each $15,000… or would player A get $20,000 b/c he had more chips than player B at the start of the hand?

admin answers:

Texas hold em tournaments decide who gets what if there is a tie the aces hold up and are note cracked by either set or kings.

Richard asks…

How do I earn gold in Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP by cheating?

I don’t want to finish the void dojo tournament for 3m gold. Is there a way I can do that by just clicking something?

admin answers:

Use that saved game files

Armor King at 2nd dan, first tekken dojo completed, 739,401G, Tekken Bowl/Command Attack unlocked, various videos unlocked.


Paul asks…

Yugioh: can someone please give me a tournament ready Yubel deck?

I know that Yubel decks are quite difficult to make but im tryping to make one.Im joining a tournament at my local card shop so thats why i want a Yubel deck.I plan to at least get to the semifinals or something.Any help i will appreciate it.

admin answers:

Alright you need:
3x Yubel
1x-2x Yubel Terror Incarnate
1x-2x Ultimate Nightmare
2x Calculator
1x Gorz
1x Sangan
2x Armegedon Knight
2x Dark Grepher
1x-2x Doom Shaman
3x mystical Tomato
(optional monsters)
1x Neo-spacian grand mole (to buy time)
2x Thunder King Rai-Oh
1x Lava Golem

(both are optional) 1x Seal of Orichalcos and/or 3x Savage Coliseum
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Heavy Storm
1x Monster Reborn
1x Pot of Averace
1x Card Destruction
(optional if u put in Doom shaman) 2x Swing of memories
1x Dark Hole
3x Limit Reverse
1x Torrential Tribute
1x or 2x Call of the Haunted
1x Compulse evacutation device
1x Mirror Force
2x bottomless trap hole
1x Magic Cylinder
2x Dark Bribe
1x damage gate
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Solemn warning (optional)

Ok you might wonder about eveything let me explain

Point of this deck… Get Yubel to the Grave! You are basically sending it to the grave all the time,

Knight lets ou send one dark monster to the grave when it is summoned sucessfully,

Dark Grepher lets u special it by sending a 5 or higher dark to the grave and then u can send on dark to the grave from ur hand and place another dark in the grave.

Thunder king is great for this deck because most of time you are special summoning or sending to the grave not adding cards to ur hand, hes a 1900 beater and can stop many meta decks tha like to search the deck like six sams which u will run into.
Neo Spacian grand mole is a grat stall card and can block ur opponent for awhile if u get a bad hand.

Lava golem is for shits and giggles, 1000 to ur opponent, 3000 if u attack with ultimate nightmare, and it wastes two of ur opponents monsters.

Doom shaman is optional I run him but he is great for bringing out Yubel, he is a gemini but his effect lets u bring out a fiend from ur hand or graveyard so bring yubel then tribute doom shaman, his effect goes off and any monster who was brought back by doom shaman gets destroyed. He is a level six

Calculator is a grat beat stick if u have two forms of yubel on the field with him its great! He gets atk for every star each monster has on ur field x300. Yubels lvls are 10,11, and 12 so its a good card to have.

A common strategy i use though is Mystic Tmoato atk a monster who atk is higher or equal and it gets destroyed summon yubel.


Allure of Darkness is another optional card

Card destruction is optional as well, its a plus most of the time when u send cards to the grave then u can just special summon stuff from the grave. Yubel decks are not very effected by discarding cards.

Seal and Savage are optional but are good cards to get
Seal destroys all special summoned monsters so if u have the first form out u can destroy get the second one out and wipe the field. Plus it adds 500 to ur monster atk which u can poke ur opponent with because yubel terro incarnate clears the field so often.

Savage makes all face up monsters in atk postion atk and it gives them 300 lp the ones that did not atk like ones that get summoned main phase 2 get destroyed, yubel again gets destroyed if u time it right, plus then the opponents monsters atk ur yubels and its like a magic cylinder then.

Swing of memories is only good if u have Doom shaman, remember that all gemini monster are normal in the grave so u can special then activate and then his gemini summon, eff bring back Yubel and it will get destroyed at the end turn. This is an optional strategy.


Damage gate says that when u take battle damage u can special summon a monster with equal or lower atk from the grave, if u have Yubel u can bring it out. (optional)

Limit reverse are essential to the Yubel strategy, u can bring back a monster in atk postion with 1000 or less atk, if u switch it to defense it is destroyed and u can bring out terror incarnate.

The rest of the traps are just staples of what u need to stop ur opponent.

OK i did not count up how many card i listed it might be over 40 if it is just re arrange and see what works, Good luck and I hope u do well.

Mandy asks…

What is the best set of Magic The Gathering cards to purchase for Goblin Cards?

What is the best set and what is a good site to obtain goblin cards?
I don’t care if they cards are tournament legal it is for play with friends.

admin answers:

For newer cards, I suggest Lorwyn.

For older cards, I suggest Onslaught Block. It has arguably the 2 best goblin cards (Goblin Piledriver and Goblin Sharpshooter). In Legions, there is Clickslither. Though it’s not a goblin, it can gobble your goblins to get big quick (and gain trample) to seal the deal. In Scourge, there is Goblin Warchief, a better version of Goblin King.

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