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Donald asks…

How does one get an all access pass to vans warped tour ?

it seems i’ve looked everywhere, cannot find any information at all. is there any one who has gotten a pass, and if so how did you get it ? and how do i get one ?

admin answers:

I don’t know about Vans Warped, but I got passes for shows by volunteering with the record labels as part of the street team.

Or look for contests that give passes away.

Thomas asks…

How to survive Warped Tour in extreme heat?

Ok! So I’m going to Warped Tour on Wednesday( First Niagara Pavilion) and It’s gonna be really hot. 94 degrees, sunny, and humid. How can i survive? I’m wearing shorts and a tank, and taking/drinking a lot of water. Does anybody have any extra tips to stay cool? Thanks!

admin answers:

Freeze your water bottles (make sure they are unopened). Sometimes they will only let you take one, so I would bring a HUGE frozen unopened water bottle. It will stay frozen for awhile and you’ll have cold water throughout the day. You can fill it up in the bathrooms. Be sure to bring SUNSCREEN and snacks so you don’t pass out 🙂

Lisa asks…

What are good questions to ask at my labor & delivery tour?

i am 24 weeks and im sooooo excited to hit week 30. i just think it sounds like your almost there =) well i knoww labor and delivery tour is between wk 26-30. i want to do one around wk 30 or 32 tho so that i dont get excited and impatient so early. anyways what are some good questions to ask?? alsooo….do i do the pre-registration at this point?

admin answers:

I took my hospital tour at about 28 weeks and I wasn’t informed of doing any pre-registration. It’s so much fun! I actually got very nervous when they took you in the nursery and the actual delievery room, but it does get you very excited. I would certainly be sure to ask about visitors and visiting hours and the role of the support person. My fiance is going to be in the room with me so I wanted to make sure that after the baby is born, if he was allowed to follow the baby up to the nursery or if he was only allowed to stay with me. So many questions will pop in your head while your on the tour but I’d try to go with a little list just to be on the safe side. I just hit 33 weeks and could not be more excited! I actually work for the hospital where I’m going to be delievering so everytime I pass by the building where the emergency room and maternity floor is I start getting minor panic attacks, lol.

Ken asks…

How do I pass time on a 21 hour bus ride?

My bestfriend and I would like to go to florida for spring break (broke college students) and I thought riding Grey Hound would be cheaper (which it was) but the bus ride would take 21 hours at the least. How can we pass time?

admin answers:

Talk to your friend, listen to music, count cars by color, bring something to read, play a game, ask the tour guide irrelevant questions, take photos, sleep, poke the people who fell asleep with a long stick, talk with other passengers, make plans for the places you will visit, introspect, try to see how long you can stare at other passengers before they are notisably uncomfortable, call people or txt them, (if you can) log in to messenger or facebook, search for things on (and if you get a mission, go with it), record yourself talking and compare it to the way you hear your voice, prank calls, make up a „historical fact“ or strange memory about the place you’re at and share it with someone else in a serious tone (if the person catches you blame it on the information on wikipedia), or try answering questions on yahoo answers

Daniel asks…

How do you get meet and greet passes for Jusitn Bieber concerts?

Justin Bieber just announced that his tour will go on sale this May. I went to his last concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan during his last tour and it was amazing. This time I really want to meet him. I am the biggest Bieber fan ever.

admin answers:

You have to sell your soul to the devil. Cut your left hand open and draw a pentagram on a flat surface in a dark place, preferably an attic or a basement with the blood. Then, fill the center of the ‚gram with a the sacred herbs and spices, and light them on fire as you recite the ancient charge „Be Bop a Lula“ in a Gregorian choir-esque chant. The Adversary should appear to collect your soul upon stating your terms.

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