Your Questions About Tournament Brackets

Helen asks…

What will be the next major issue Obama addresses?

I’m going with the NCAA tournament bracket.

admin answers:

Trying to find a new job.

Mary asks…

How to create a tournament bracket for dbl elimination 5 team tourney?

I have 5 teams, double elimination. I have heard that you don’t want to put a bye on the top and bottom brackets, but can’t figure out why that would be correct. Any ideas?

admin answers:

You can download a free tournament scheduler at

You can do round robin or double elimination.

I use it for my baseball league.

Lisa asks…

How can I create a tournament bracket for 47 people?

We’re having a tournament and I want to set up a bracket for 47 people. There are no rankings so I want it to be fair, with nobody getting a free pass to the 2nd round. Where can I find one online or any other way I can make one?

admin answers:

You can’t. It isn’t possible. You either have to cut 15 people (to 32, which is 4 brackets of 8 usually) or up it to 64 (8 brackets of 8 or 4 brackets of 16). Odd numbers can’t be evenly divided by 2 so one team would have to have a pass to the second round for sure.

Easiest way to figure it out how to make even brackets is to take two and start raising it to the next power (2^2=4, 2^3=2x2x2=8, etc.). Otherwise, you have to award passes into the second round, via random draw in your case.

Robert asks…

Who are your top 10 most annoying celebrities?

I’m going to put together a tournament style bracket for most annoying celebrity. Give me a list of who you think are the most annoying celebrities. It can be more than 10 if you want.

They can include, Actors, Actresses, Sports Figures, Announcers, Hosts, etc… Anybody who is known for being viewed on Television. Have fun!

admin answers:

Paris Hilton
Kim Kardashion
Lady Gaga
Tom Cruise
Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez
Miley Cyrus
Britney Spears
Jonas brothers

Ruth asks…

Where can I find a blank CBS Sports 2010 NCAA Tournament bracket?

My friend had recently ripped the one that I have already made and I have one of these for every year and I save them. But now that it is gone and March Madness is over, I can’t get another blank one. It HAS to be a CBS Sports style bracket. If you send me a link it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

admin answers:

Nowhere to be found Justin,sorry,.

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