Your Questions About Pokerus Spread

Daniel asks…

Does anyone know anything about these following pokemon glitches?

1. Missingno. and M
2. Bad Pokemon Egg
3. Pokemon Cloning
4. Pokerus

please tell me everything you know about these things. I don’t know much about any of these things.

admin answers:

Missingno. And M are glitches that develped in the earlier games. Something to do with the letters generated in your character’s name.

Bad Egg is fatal to your game, doesn’t hatch I don’t think, but causes your game to crash.

Pokemon Cloning is a glitch in the earlier games that enabled you to clone any pokemon. It was done by withdrawing the pokemon in a PC box, talking to a certain staff member at a battle place, and turning off the game while it was saving.

4. Pokerus is NOT a glitch. It’s like shiny pokemon, the chances of getting aren’t high. Pokerus makes your pokemon grow faster and doubles the EV points it gains from battling a wild pokemon. You can contract it from a wild pokemon without knowing it, when you heal your pokemon at the pokecentre, the nurse will tell you you have Pokerus. You can then spread it to the other members in your party. In a few days, the ability to spread pokerus will fade. But you the effects of it still linger. If you put your pokemon in the PC box when it has pokerus, it will not fade.

Lisa asks…

What does the yellow face on the pokemon summary in pokemon diamond mean?

My Grumpig has a yellow face thing by it’s picture,above the marks and to the right. What does this mean?

admin answers:

It means that it has had pokerus and been cured from it .If it was in your party it would of spread throughout them. Thats how i got my salamence to lvl100. The best way to keep the effects are to put them in the pc. But even if the yellow face is there your pokemon still suffers from the effects.P.S effects are not bad it helps your pokemon grow.

Sharon asks…

In Pokemon, how exactly does the Pokerus spread? Can you spread it by putting the pokemon in a pc box?

admin answers:

If you put a Pokemon with Pokerus in the box, the Pokerus never goes away while it’s in there. Otherwise, if the Pokemon is in the party, it will wear off after one day (even if you withdraw it at 11:59 PM, it will still lose the Pokerus at the stroke of midnight; it sucks I know) Pokerus spreads when a Pokemon is the party, and after a few battles, the Pokemon in the party will become infected. The Pokerus does not spread when it’s in the PC though

Jenny asks…

How can you tell if your Pokemon’s stats are good?

I’ve heard that their stats have to be like 3 times their level. But I want to know the real way to decide how good their stats are.

admin answers:

Each Pokemon have different stats, more overall then others with stats, some with their stats concentrated to play a certain role in a team, also their stats are affected by their natures, and some gain effort values, some also gain a boosted with pokerus.

For example a Timid natured pokemon will have Higher speed then if it had a neutral nature like Bashful. Of course Timid Nature also causes the pokemon to have lower Attack.

Pokemon also gain effort values.
Pretend you have two level 50 pokemon. One you caught at level 10 and the other level 50. The level 10 one you trained to level 50. The one caught at level 10 then raised to 50 gains effort values further increasing stats. Ie; palkia has a 3 special attack effort value.

Finally some pokemon just gain more stats. We’ll you the leveling up thing again. Leveling up for example a Mewtwo trained from 10-100 to a Pachirisu trained from 10-100. Mewtwo would have way better stats since it has higher stat gains per level. Evolving pokemon also increases many stats they gain from levels.

Pokerus, what is it?
Pokerus is a RARE virus pokemon may get. Pokerus dramatically increases their stats per level. It also spreads to other pokemon in your party when they level up. If a pokemon has pokerus their status will say PkRS like where it would say poisoned is as you can also identify it by going to a pokemon center and the nurse will inform you about it. Pokemon that level with pokerus gain 2x the amount of effort values making them grow execptionally well! Pokerus lasts on a pokemon for a good deal time.


This website will give you a lot of info on a pokemon including their stats.

Mary asks…

Why am I not seeing my Pokemon’s EVs for attack going up?

I started EV training (in Pokemon Emerald) my Grovyle at level 21, it is now level 22.

At 21, I must have defeated several Poochyena, and yet Grovyle’s EVs are not going up, the stayed the same. The only time they changed was when he leveled up to 22, but it was nothing significant.

It has Pokerus and is carrying a Macho brace.

admin answers:

Your stat gains from EVs and IVs are spread out throughout your 100 levels. If you get your 255 EVs all in one level and level up, you will only get a fraction of your points.
And by EVs I think you mean stat points correct? Because it is impossible to see EVs in the game except through calculations. Poochyena also only gives 1 Atk EV meaning that you only get 4 EVs per Poochyena.
You will see all your EVs go into stat points when your Grovyle (then Sceptile) reach lvl 100.

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