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Maria asks…

How do they split the money in a poker tournament?

I’m about to join a small tournament, no more than 100 people, but they say only about 40 people on average actually join. $40 buy in. I was just wondering how they would split it…I heard someone say that 1st place gets 50% and then it goes down from there, but then someone told me 1st gets 20%…Is this something that’s different from place to place?

admin answers:

Yes, different from place to place, tournament to tournament.

Jenny asks…

What are the top three things a basketball tournament director is in charge of?

If you were to pick three things that describe what a basketball tournament owner/director does, what would it be? I need it for resume help and I’m having a hard time picking which three things I want to use!!

admin answers:

Picks the teams in the tournament,sets the brackets,get it publicity

Daniel asks…

What should I do play in a tennis tournament or tennis team pictures?

Both of them are scheduled for saturday and I am a freshman so it is my first year on the team and this is my 1st tournament in like 3 months so I am not sure what to do.

What would you do?

admin answers:

Do the tournament its what counts in the long run.
Maybe you can get picture retakes….?

John asks…

What percentage of games do you have to play in the regular season to play in a tournament?

We play softball Canada. I’ve heard from a parent that in order for a player to play in the tournament they had to of played a certain amount of games in the regular season. What percentage is that? Do you know where I can find this information? Have yet to find it anywhere..

admin answers:

I am in NYC and we just learned that you need to play 2/3 of your teams games to be eligible for playoffs or tournament. I would say check directly with your league for the ruling on this as different leagues have different rules.

Good luck,

Paul asks…

What is the point of a conference tournament in college basketball?

Last night, Minnesota beat Indiana and I immediately thought that with the loss, Michigan still has a shot to win the regular season B1G championship. At least mathematically, I know it’s a long shot. But then I remembered there was the conference tournament after that. So then I figured the higher the seed you were, the better. But now I just looked it up and it’s all being played on a neutral site.

So what’s the point of finishing 1st in the B1G regular season standings if all of the conference tournament games are going to be played in Indianapolis anyway? I get that the top seed has the better matchups, but on a neutral court with a conference as deep as the B1G, does it really matter that much? I think if there has to be a conference tournament at all, it should be played on the higher seed’s home court. That way, the regular season standings actually mean something.

Can someone give me some insight on the purpose of the conference tournaments?

admin answers:

Because in some conferences the only way to the ncaa tourney is if you win your conference tournament. They also are a revenue maker for the conferences.

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