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Donna asks…

f(x) = -8×3 + 6x Odd even or neither?

I think it’s odd because when I did the inverse f(x) it’s 8x-6x which is the opposite? Idk. I plugged it into my calculator to graph it and I’m still not sure. Thanks!
OH I’m so sorry it’s -8x^3 not 24!

admin answers:

A polynomial function with all odd powers of x is an odd function.
If all the powers of x are even (including a constant times x^0), then it’s even.

Yes, f(-x) = 8x-6x = -f(x). That also tells you it’s odd, by going back to the definition. Good job with that.

Linda asks…

What are the odds of a hand of K4 beating JTs pre-flop in Texas Hold ‚Em?

admin answers:

Putting those into our odds calculator I get:
Kh 4d: 50%
Jc Tc: 49%
There is a 1% chance of a tie. So that’s pretty much a coin flip.

Curiously the result changes a bit if the suit of JT matches one of those of the king:
Kh 4d: 51%
Jh Th: 48%
Still a coin flip and likely some rounding error.

Mandy asks…

what is the odd of having a baby on 12 12 12 ?

like we have a 11 11 11 baby lucky people…

admin answers:

The odds would be pure luck. If your menstrual cycle doesn’t match up with that date anywhere along the line then it won’t happen. You can use the ovulation calculator on to see when you’d ovulate and which date the baby would be due.
Even then, it’s rare for a baby to be born on the due date. It’s more common to go over due, or slightly early.

Michael asks…

if tanx = 0.15, whats x equal to?

tanx = 0,15
how do i proceed to find x?

thnx in advance

admin answers:

I don’t think there is any way to do but with a calculator.

Most calculators work by putting in the following key strokes

You should get 8.53077 if you round and you are in degrees.

The odd calculator does it like
You don’t need the equals.
That would also give you 8.53 about.

David asks…

Are most trading systems BS?

Are the trading systems people sell for you for like $150 bs? For example,
why are there testimonials prasing these systems?

admin answers:

Yep! Trading „systems“ are a form of gambling where the uncertainty is high. You’ll get better odds playing poker with an odds calculator. Trading systems canNOT predict the future movement of a stock or the market.

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