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Maria asks…

How can I find out about upcoming Tae Kwon Do tournaments?

I’m trying to find out about upcoming World Tae Kwon Do Federation Tae Kwon Do tournaments in the Southeast. What is a good way to find out about tournaments? I have already asked my instructor, and while he knows of many in Florida, he doesn’t know of any in the other southern states. Most of the tournaments I do find are Karate tournaments, does anyone know a good site specifically for small, local TKD tournaments?

Thank you!

admin answers:

To find ranking events, then you’d have to start by drilling down from, and follow the region and states from there. I have not found this link very useful for this purpose, and only occasionally do they update it.

Next best would be to contact a WTF school local to the area you are interested in, this is the bottom-up approach.

Tournaments are classified as open, closed, or semi-open. Open tournaments are usually heavily advertised; you should get a hold of the sponsors and get on their mailing lists. Open tournaments are expensive, and therefore are not as common. Open tournaments are also open martial arts – any martial art can participate.

Closed tournament are usually by-invitation only, which means your school must receive an invitation flier. You’ll never get into these – not because you won’t be allowed, but because they are insanely difficult to find. They aren’t well advertised to begin with, and if you do manage to get lucky and find one, then next step is to see if you can enter it. This is a 50/50 crap shoot, you need only ask. If they do let you in, then, keep their contact info for next year.

Semi-closed tournaments are becoming more popular; they are open in that any school of that style can enter, but they are locally sponsored (which means, low advertisement budget). Word of mouth will get you a contact name. Typically only one style of martial art will be accepted, onlike open tournaments.

Use the internet – look for as many schools as you can, and see if they have an „events“ or „calendar“ link on their website. If they do, use that as a resource. If the event has occurred in the past, don’t worry – see if you can get a hold of contact information for next year – even calling or emailing the school who owns the link may be kind enough to provide you with the information.

Once you find a tournament, especially if closed, you’ll want to enter it. Usually, you won’t be able to unless you are part of a school. Ask the sponsors what schools have registered so far, and which schools have been sent an invitation – that will be your best resource.

What you might do next is to call a participating school and tell them you’re from out of town and want to compete, but you need a sponsoring school; ask if they would be willing to let you join under their name. Expect negative feedback – even an inmpolite hangup. But some schools would be more than thrilled at having you join with them at the tournament. The more people that they bring to the event, the cheaper the per-student registration rates would be for them (and you), and increases the chance that their school will win a trophy.

The negative feedback typically comes from schools that have had bad experiences taking on unknown students. These are the hotheads who couldn’t make it in their own schools because they didn’t play by the rules, and racked up serious infractions. These infractions are typically egregious, such as arguing with a ref or judge, excessive force, illegal contact, etc – the kinds that land the school in such trouble that they won’t be invited next year.

Thomas asks…

where can i find local tennis tournaments?

I live in Florida. I just started playing Tennis last week. I’m looking for how to find some local really basic tournaments. I have looked on the US tennis site, but that seems a bit too „official.“ I just want to play some local matches to see how I am progressing.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m in a small town, and not ready to venture out to the larger city tournaments.

admin answers:

First off welcome to the tennis community….

If you have only been playing a few weeks I don’t think looking for a “real” tournament is the way to go. I would suggest you search for a local tennis club or public courts club in your area and play in a few of their “fun” tournaments. I belong to a couple of local public courts clubs myself and can play most any weekend in one of their events. Here is a couple of links to the clubs I belong to just as an example of what must be available in your area.

Do some homework and check out the local clubs. You will develop your game as well as getting connected in the tennis world. Later you can join the USTA and enter some local tournaments. Trouble is, with USTA tournaments, you will plunk down $20.00+ to play, and most likely meet up with a seeded player in the first round and that will be the end of your tournament. Local club tournaments are mostly round robin events, so you will get to play several rounds of competitive tennis and probably get a nice lunch to boot.

Hope this helps
USTA member with some experience….

Michael asks…

What is the type of pants that the PGA golfers wear during tournaments?

I was watching the Open Championship and noticed the athletic fit of the player’s pants. I have never been able to find a good set of golf pants that look athletic (not saggy). Does anyone have a link or a example of what the pros wear?

admin answers:

They are golf pants, usually made by the brand that sponsors them. For example, Tiger Woods wears Nike golf pants. They make a couple different kinds, which can be found on the Nike website.

I’m sure the fit will be different on everybody, depending on your build and height/weight, but those are the ones Tiger wears.

Chris asks…

Can you help me find a link to locations and sites of all rounds of NCAA Mens tourney?

It would be best in bracket form, but any good link to the info would help thanks.

admin answers:

Try google, and enter „ncaa tournament bracket 2011.“

George asks…

Why is it so difficult to find the LoL Tournament Livestream?

Having one hell of a time trying to find a livestream of the UCG 2011 matches…

Need a Link to one, also where to find a livestream for the next big LoL tounament would be nice also.

admin answers:

This question made me LoL.

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