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Maria asks…

Who was the best college player in basketball?

I dont care if he sucks in the NBA or elsewhere..Who was the best and who currently is the best? what do u think about Jrue Holiday?

admin answers:

I say that bill walton was the best ever because he helped leed ucla to two straight 30-0 records and two national championships being the MVP twice of the tournament. Nowadays i say that either blake griffin is the best because he scores about 26 points a game plus assists. Eaither him or tyler hansbrough who has been an all american at least in his conferance since he was a freshman and he was the national player of the year last year as a junior. About jrue holiday, i think that he may be a great player as a sophmore and on but i dont think he’s all that now but later on if he doesnt go to the nba as a freshman then he will be pretty good

Mark asks…

What was the Best DGUSA PPV in your own Opinion?

Freedom Fight,Untouchble or Enter the Dragon.

BQ: who is the best Indy wrestler today.

admin answers:

It’s really a close one between Enter The Dragon and Untouchable for me. Freedom Fighters was better than any other PPV in 2010, but I have to say that I’ll give the slight edge to Untouchable.

As expected from any DGUSA PPV, Untouchable was a classic. It was filled with great matches such as Dragon Kid vs Masato Yoshino, Young Bucks vs Saito and and Horiguichi, Bryan Danielson vs Naruki Doi, and the amazing encounter between Davey Richards and Shingo. There wasn’t a single bad match at Untouchable. We saw Bryan Danielson have a great match in one of his final matches against one of the most well rounded wrestlers in the world in Naruki Doi. We saw Davey Richards and Shingo put on an epic match with contrast of styles. I would say that Untouchable barely beats Enter The Dragon based on the performance of matches alone. I felt that Untouchable added a more technical side in wrestlers while Enter The Dragon involved much more fast paced wrestling.

The reason I didn’t place Freedom Fighters near Untouchable or Enter The Dragon is because the matches weren’t quite as consistent throughout the show as the other 2 PPV’s. The matches also had to be cut shorter because of the tournament and it became more difficult for the tired wrestlers to compete. Several matches on the card were amazing though such as Dragon Kid and Shingo vs Masato Yoshino and Naruki Doi, and Davey Richards vs YAMATO.

BQ: Davey Richards without a doubt in my opinion. For anyone who have seen Davey Richards in ROH and Dragon Gate USA, you know that this guy is just a monster inside the ring. Many wrestlers such as Bryan Danielson have called Davey Richards as the best wrestler in the world. Davey Richards probably had the best year in 2009. Every match he had was an absolute classic. Whether it was Tag Team competition as one half of The American Wolves or singles competition against the likes of KENTA, Bryan Danielson, Shingo, and others; it was a classic. Promotions like ROH and other well known wrestling sites have called him the MVP of 2009.

Davey Richards is also probably one of the best technical based wrestlers in the world today. He is a great technical based wrestler with submissions and counters. His mat wrestling technique is phenomenal. He also has trained in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu, which makes him a formidable striker with vicious kicks and punches. He also can be a risk taker with suicide dives. A great storyteller inside the ring. Easily one of the more well rounded wrestlers in the world today. His aggression and intensity reminds me of Chris Benoit many times. Although he’s great on the mic, he lets his aggression inside the ring do all the talking for him.

Many athletes and fans have been calling Davey Richards the next „king of independent promotions“ after Bryan Danielson has left. Davey Richards still has superb matches in EVOLVE, ROH, and Dragon Gate USA. I have high hopes for him in the future because the man is only 26 and still has a bright career ahead of him.

Lisa asks…

What are the best softball cleats on the market today?

Metal or pastic and if u can not to exspensive or something for scheels cause i like by that store but please help this is my first year playing and the nike ones i have give me knee problems

admin answers:

I personally go with the nike mvp elite, but I play all year on a tournament team. (not cheap either) Rubber spikes are better. If you wear metal you’ll have to keep up maintenance on them. I would recommend mizuno or under armour. They run about $40-50 at the store.

Thomas asks…

when will king of the ring 2009 tournament going to start ?

and who do you think might win ?
i say morrison might win

admin answers:

It’s hard to say honestly, i’d have to say MVP, Kofi, matt or one of the legacy guys

Robert asks…

Can you play club volleyball your senior year?

Do club or other traveling teams allow seniors to play the year before going to college? I’m currently in my senior year but I’ve never played club before. I really want to improve my game for college. Are there any teams that would allow me to play? I live in Massachusetts if it helps. Thanks so much!

admin answers:

I don’t have much advice on the club end of things. I am an avid player in the new england area so I do have an alternative for you.

Yankee Volleyball is a local organization that runs tournaments of all levels every weekend. These tournaments are all day events (9am till 4pmish).

Your best bet for getting involved is the following:
go to and explore the ‚tournaments‘, ‚looking to play‘, and ‚administration‘ tabs.
Go to and join the yahoo group called BAVP (Boston Area Volleyball Players).
Once accepted, post some information about yourself and that you want to play.
Send me a message if you want help finding a team.

Yankee has a rating system and every individual player gets a rating. Coming out of high school, you are most likely rated a C- or C. If you were your teams MVP, you might push a C+ or B- if you are being looked at by colleges.

You should try and play in a C level tournament for your first tournament. Adjust your level from there.

Cost: Yankee is much cheaper to play in than a youth club. Yankee has a $45/year membership and tournaments cost about $28 each.
Clubs can cost upwards of $1000 per season

Clubs: A lot of mass clubs practice at MGA in Norwood, MA. Google them and contact the owner by email. He might be able to help.

Pickup, leagues, and tournaments are how people that are out of school keep in touch with the game. There is a big volleyball community outside of highschool, you just have to find it.

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