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Donna asks…

How long do labrador retrievers/pitbull mix’s live?

I was just wondering the life span of a lab/pit mix. We’ve had our dog Shadow for 16 years now, since I was 11 years old girl, so she is pretty much my childhood dog. In all honesty I would have thought she would have passed away by now but she seems to still be kickin it, lol! She’s gone completely deaf now but she still sees pretty well. She still has the mind of a puppy, that’s for sure! She still rolls around on her back in the grass and kicks her legs in the air, lol! I know she has arthritis but when she walks, she still gets around to wherever she needs; slowly… but she gets there.

So I’m just wondering how long the normal life span would be… everyday I’m afraid its going to be my last with her.

admin answers:

There is debate about whether a purebred or mix bred dog lives longer, but it’s all down to the health of the dog’s parents, and the health of the individual dog. Pits can live from 10-12 years and Labs around 12 years. Many dogs live longer than this if they are well taken care of. Your dog sounds like she is doing very well for 16 years and hopefully you have more time to make memories together. Make sure she gets a vet check if any problems arise and keep her comfortable and happy.

Linda asks…

In harris county, is it a law to register your pittbull?

I own 2 pups that were given to me. They were passed on to several owners unitl we homed them. I am skeptical now. Must they be registered? Is there a fine?

admin answers:

If ur in england you can’t have pitbulls there to dangerous

Ruth asks…

my red nose pit swallowed two chicken bones what do i do for her to be okay?

my pitbull puppy swallowed two chicken bones and hasent pooped since, what do i do?she acts normal most the time but at others looks sad. she breathes heavily when laying down. she has peed a few times but hasnt pooped yet.

admin answers:

Sounds like she may have a stomach ache, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t be fine. If she got into the trash, she may have eaten a variety of things that won’t necessarily sit well. Offer SMALL amounts of her regular food for 24-48 hours. Get to the veterinarian pronto (the emergency clinic, if necessary) if she begins to vomit, won’t eat at all, strains to pass stool, or passes blood. I had a dog for many years that would steal chicken bones if I forgot and put them in the wastebasket; he died at an old age, of something else, and always seemed to enjoy his pirated feast. Good luck.

David asks…

What can I give the dog so it dies peacefully?

We are visiting friends in Mexico and their dog got run over. I’m not exactly fond of it since it bit my wife (literally because she walked by), but even I feel bad for the damn thing. I tried to convince my friend to take it to the vet, but the dude won’t budge. At this point there’s really no way he’ll take it to the vet, f*cker even laughed at it, so know my wife and I are just trying to help it die more peacefully.

Is there anything we can give it to numb the pain or help it die faster without pain? It’s Mexico so we can basically get anything from the drugstore without prescription. We already moved it unto some clean sheets and my wife is ironically comforting it. It has no visible wounds, but blood is dripping from its mouth and it can’t move much. It also cries a lot and it’s a pitbull. We would take it to the vet, but today is our last day here and we literally have 50 pesos left on us (no way for me to change $’s to different currency this late) . Plus it’s not even our dog and our plane leaves in 7 hours.

Anything we can do for it or should we just let it be? It’s dying really slowly.

admin answers:

Honestly, the gun answer is the best. If you can get a hold of a gun or rifle, a single shot to the head will kill it about as quickly as possible. You must shoot it between the eyes or just above that point. Anywhere else and there’s a chance the dog could survive it. (pit bulls have survived gunshot wounds to the head and face because of the thick muscles that power its jaw. But there is no thick muscle between the eyes and the area above that.)

Alternately, a gunshot to the point where the top of the neck meets the back of the skull. Aiming towards the center of the brain. Sever the spine.

I know its a pretty gruesome way to end it, but the only other thing I’m coming up with involves a Co2 fire extinguisher….basically deprive the dog of oxygen until it passes out and dies. But it must be a gas extinguisher, not foam or chemical.

And cut ties with this „friend“. Anyone who treats an animal like that doesn’t deserve friendship.

Robert asks…

Breed of dog that was the most dangerous?

Why is it that when they’re talking about aggressive dogs, people will always think of pitbulls, doberman and bulldogs?
Is it true that they were the most dangerous ones?
I don’t know but for me, since I had an AB, I can’t even say that they’re on the top 10 list. They’re so lovable and teachable. Other opinions?

admin answers:

It is very hard to say, for several reasons:

1. There is no baseline data available in the population being studied. For example, the fact that most crimes in Minnesota are performed by people of Scandinavian descent makes them sound scary, until you realize that the vast majority of Minnesotans are of Scandinavian descent! No one knows what percent of dogs in the U.S. Belong to a certain breed or class of breeds, so if 10% of dog bites are by the same breed, we can’t say whether that is because they make up 10% of the population or if they bite at a rate higher/lower than other breeds.

2. There is no way to prove the breed or mix of an unregistered dog, and most dogs in the U.S. Are unregistered. Even experts will disagree, so most statistics list the biggest biters as „mixed breed/unknown“. Often news and even official reports are based on the eyewitness testimony of those that are NOT experts and have an emotional connection to the case – if I believe that Chihuahuas are vicious while Maltese are safe and am attacked by a small dog, I will tell the cops I was attacked by a Chihuahua even though it could have been a dozen other breeds or mixes.

3. Regardless of which dogs bite the most, breed has NEVER been proven to be the causal factor. In every location where Breed Specific Legislation has been passed (including Great Britain) there has been no drop in dog bites or dog bite fatalities. On the other hand, harsher penalties for the owners of repeat biters, leash laws, and stepped up enforcement of animal cruelty laws have all shown to drastically reduce the number of both bites and fatalities.

Conclusion: the factors that cause a dog bite are many and complicated, but there is insufficient and inconclusive data to determine if some breeds are more prone to bite or for those bites to end in human fatalities than any other breeds. It has been demonstrated that laws and enforcement targeted at all dogs equally and fairly reduces dog bites and while laws and enforcement targeted at specific breeds or loosely defined physical appearances is ineffective to reduce the number or severity of dog bites.

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