Your Questions About Tournament Of Champions

Daniel asks…

Should the Champions League cricket organisers invite Pakistani teams to participate?

English teams might not participate in the tournament this year. Don’t you think the organisers should invite Pakistan to join in?

admin answers:

Impossible! Maybe They,ll invite a team from Bangladesh or Zimbabwe

William asks…

What went wrong for the defending Champions Pakistan yesterday?

What are your thoughts on Pieterson fielding and batting efforts?.Is England looking another favourite side in the tournament?.
What went wrong for Pakistan?Can they comeback against NZ and SA as they always did many times when under pressure in this format of the game?

admin answers:

Apart from the fielding,
Afridi also appears to have some wrong preferences.
While Md Sami and Hafiz appear to enjoy his confidence,Asif,F.Alam etc appear to lack his support.
Perhaps only a match against India will bring unity among them.

Robert asks…

What are your unbiased predictions on the following footballing tournaments?

Who will win
the Champions League
the UEFA cup
The FA cup
The Carling Cup

And what are your predictions for the Premier League table come the end of the season, who will be in the top 4, be relegated and which teams with be promoted into the league.

And finally who do you support?

admin answers:

CL: Real Madrid
UEFA Cup: Aston Villa
FA Cup: Manchester United
Carling Cup: Arsenal

1 – Chelsea
2 – Manchester United
3 – Liverpool
4 – Arsenal

18 – Hull
19 – Bolton
20 – Stoke

1 – Birmingham
2 – Wolves
P.O. Winner: QPR

Myself: Fulham.

Maria asks…

Who was the rikishi who had the most championships in the Grand Sumo Tournament in the year 1966?

Please tell me a bit about him. Was he better than the current champions in sumo today? How about his win or loss records? Thanks.

admin answers:

In the library of my brother, there is a tremendous source of info about sumo and also various tapes but I have not actually read or seen those tapes yet. However, I know that the rikishi who had the most championships in the year 1966 was the great Taiho. For that year 1966, he had 5 Grand Sumo tournament wins in March, May, July, September and November. He was and still considered the best sumo wrestler than Japan had produced, including the rikishi from other countries, and his record of 35 Grand Sumo Championships is still unbeaten.

Taiho is the best sumo wrestler (he is still alive) if we base his performances on his winning records.


Nancy asks…

Who thinks this would be a great ABDC idea?

after a few more seasons they should have all the champs come back and have ABDC: tournament of champions. that would be crazy.

admin answers:


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