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Carol asks…

How to stop a chickens crying?

My bestest friend got a pet chicken today, and when ever she puts it in the cage it cries, what does she need to do to make the chicken stop crying?

admin answers:

Chickens don’t live in cages, they aren’t hamsters!
It needs a coop and pen to run around in, they are also flock animals so need at least one more chicken with it!!

John asks…

In Maine, is it illegal to have domestic animals like cats and dogs without having them neutered?

My BESTEST BUDDIE (friend) and I have a bet going. One of us says that your pet needs to be neutered or else it’s illegal, and one says it’s not illegal if you have a pet that’s not neutered. Who wins?

I give out best answers.

admin answers:

The person who says its illegal for it is against the law but on the other hand if you dont neuter your pet then its not against the law of nature.

Ruth asks…

What should we do I plan for a suprise party?

Me and my friends are planning a suprise b-day party for one of my bestest friends. We are 7th grade girls. We are going to get a cake…But we have no idea what to do for activities?
Any ideas??? Thanks!

admin answers:

Music, movies make it kinda like a dance or just chill

Donald asks…

What are some good movies of any type for both boys and girls?

I am having a party with some of my bestest girlfriends, two good guy friends, and two dude cousins. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

Assuming any age movie and also any rating….. Then I’d recommend……..

The Goonies
Blade Runner
Cannibal the Musical
National Lampoons Dorm Daze 1&2
National Lampoons Van Wilder 1&2
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

That pretty much sums it up

Joseph asks…

What is is bestest sonic games?

I want all of bestest sonic games !

admin answers:

For gamecube all of them
for ps2 all of them
for ps3 and xbox 360 sonic unleashed

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