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Mark asks…

What should i get my friend for bffl day?

Me and my bestest friend have this thing called bffl day, every month we get eachother something. She got me a cute little guitar necklace (i play guitar) but i dont know what to get her. She likes cupcakes,violins and is really into braclets and necklaces with the boho chic/ native american vibe.

admin answers:

I think it would be creative if you used her zodiac sign to get her a nice gift. Look up her birthday and see what her sign is (if you don’t already know what it is) and see if you can work around that.

If you like the idea, you could get her a bracelet or necklace with the sign already engraved on a little rock or pendant. There are tons that you can find on Ebay, or in-store. There are also certain colours and stones associated with each month of the year, so you could take that into consideration if you’re looking to give her something other than jewellery.

Charles asks…

Vocal Range the bestest….?

Who has the bestest vocal range:

Cordell Francis
Kirk Franklin
Brian McKnight
Fred Hammond

What Others Do You Think That Might HavevGood Vocal Range like tenors, bass, sopranos etc…

admin answers:

„Bestest“ is not a word Wise up and do you own homework. Start with English grammar. I get really sick of these lazy „do my work for me“ questions on Yahoo.

Robert asks…

why is bestest not a word?

i think it should become a word because I use it alot and people say i need to stop using the word bestest because they says it makes me look like a first grader.

admin answers:

Depends what you mean by „not a word“.

As other answerers have said, it’s redundant: a superlative ending put on an adjective already in superlative form.

However, idiom – practical usage – isn’t controlled by logic. While it’s not a formally accepted word, „bestest“ has been in the language for at least two centuries, and it’s in the OED.

bestest, adjective. And adverb

dialect and jocular.
Used emphatically as superlative of „good“ and of „well“: very best.

1868 S. LYSONS Vulgar Tongue 49 Our word ‘best’ is a syncope of ‘beltistos’; and our Gloucestershire people stick to the ‘bestest’, which is nearer to the Greek than the modern pronunciation. 1905 E. PHILLPOTTS Secret Woman I. Iv. 36 It all comes back to Him, though you may try your bestest to make a case.

– Oxford English Dictionary

Check out Google N-gram Viewer for a graph of its occurence in the English corpus:

William asks…

Who is the BeStEsT Jonas Brother?

admin answers:

BeStEsT? Wow, this is giving people proof that most JB fans type so stupid.
Also proof that most JB fans are stupid kids…

And I could’ve sworn I’ve seen this question get asked over dozens of times. Typical obsessed fan…

Betty asks…

give your bestest cleverest funniest riddles?????

ok im afer riddles that really make you think really good ones not real easy ones i want challenging ones thankyou so much 🙂

admin answers:

What, bestest doesn’t exist dude!!!!!!

Anyways, i like Yo mama jokes.

Yo mama so fat that..
1. When she goes out with a yellow coat, everyone shouts Taxi
2. When she splashed in he water, it provoked TSUNAMI..

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