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Richard asks…

is there any latest free poker money no deposit bonuses?

ok, is there any free poker money no deposit bonuses similar to the vcpoker one?

i have lost loads of money the last few months playin poker, mostly on the river card, its so frustrating, so i would like some free money if i can get some! lol?

admin answers:

Just so you and everyone else knows, Pitbull Poker has closed down, the site is still up but there have been no games in the lobby for a week now, you can check out more about it at the following links. Http:// and

The best site for no deposit bonuses is
They will give you from $50-$150 at Titan, Party Poker, Absolute, Ultimate Bet, Cake or Full Tilt.

Joseph asks…

What is the best free online poker site?

I’m looking for a free online poker website to play on, but I’m not sure which one is the best.

PLEASE list the pros and cons of each website you have experience with.

Thanks for your help!

admin answers:

Thomas asks…

How old do you have to be to play live poker?

In New England (Massachusetts to be specific), there is Eastern Poker Tour (EPT) and they hold pub poker and charity poker. The pub poker entrance fee is free, and it’s held at bar & grilles or at restaurants with bars, or some pub. I know the drinking age is 21 and you need ID to prove you’re at least 18, but can you be 18 and still play at the pub poker? Or is 21 the minimum just to participate in the free poker event?

admin answers:

It depends on the state some states let you at 18, mass. However isn’t one of them, sorry to say you must be 21 to play poker for money in that state.

Sandy asks…

Where is a good place to play free poker?

I just want a place to play poker for free..

all the sights i find or people give to me are always garbage and are geared towards u giving in and paying

a GOOD free poker website please..dont care about prizes

admin answers:

Honestly i would go with zinga poker. If you have facebook you can play it on there. Its free and you can always play with your friends that are on facebook. I started playing it and havent stopped. I always find mydelf trying to get more money then my FB friends

Lizzie asks…

Is it OK to wear a wife beater shirt at a casual dining resturant?

Every Wednesday night at the Old Chicago restuarant (casual restuarant with a bar), they host a free poker night. Would I be underdressed if I showed up in a wife beater? It’s insanely hot today!

admin answers:

Well, it IS a casual restaurant. I wear wife beaters to restaurants all the time! I guarantee that you are not the only one who will be dressing like this.

However, in case you feel uncomfortable, bring a light sweater or jacket.

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