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Ruth asks…

Which is the bestest religion?

admin answers:

I would say the best religion (for you) is the one which helps you to live your live in peace, the one which touches your heart and inspires to be the best human being you can be, the one which inspires you to treat your fellow humans with love, compassion, and understanding, the one which helps you to express and receive love.

The best religious path is the one which helps you along the path of life. Since we are all unique, the „bestest“ religion for one might not be the „bestest“ for another. Only you can know your heart and which path connects you to your highest ideal and Deity.

Blessings upon you in your search.

William asks…

who is the bestest?!?

i want 4 u to vote the bestest skaters….women skaters and skateorders!! ….. not like in figureskating but skatebording !!

admin answers:

Horse racing?


Not the cleverest person in the world are we?

Lisa asks…

Cast your Vote on World Bestest Rappers.?

Which Rapper do you like the most and think he’s Best?

Option: Eminem or Mike shinoda.

admin answers:

1: Bestest isn’t a wordest
2: Neither are even close to being the best.
3: There is no best rapper in the world, it’s all an opinion

But my personal favorite is Pharoahe Monch, of the two you listed neither.

Sandra asks…

What is the bestest verizon phone?

I REALLY want a good verizon phone. And i would REALLY like one with a full keyboard and a good camera. LG Voyager was my 1st choice but the reviews sounded pretty bad. And i cant afford the blackberry email so NO blackberrys or blackberries. If you know any1 that works at a verizon store or someone that hhas a a lot of verizon phones pleezzzzz tell them to answer this question.

admin answers:

The lg voyager is probably the „bestest“ verizon phone. But it all depends on what u want in a phone. The dare and voyager are both very good touch screen phones and LG makes them. Nobody has had any problems with them so far. If u want one with a full keyboard i suggest the voyager because it has the keyboard and if u get bored of that then u can go to the touch screen. Dont get the samsung glyde. The touch screen breaks.

Michael asks…

Fastest or bestest?

Ok if anyone has ever seen that proactive cermershal there is a girl on there and she ecribes proactive to be the (fastest or bestest ) which one is it ?its been drivung me crazy for months !!!!! any plz help !

admin answers:

Their is no such word bestest.

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