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Laura asks…

Why? I like to stay home( hungry for information ) then going out or doing social events?

I been doing it all my life (hungry for info).why?
I love information, planing, internet, reading, watching long moves, news
but I also enjoy going out and having fun but a need and hunger for info make me stay home

admin answers:

Not a problem, you happen to be a ‚knowledge-junkie‘ or more politely called an ‚academic-type‘.

So am I. That didn’t prevent me from going out to meet wonderful women who became my lifelong friends – we dated, but they chose someone else to get married to, that’s all. No big deal. We are all still best friends – I wish the best for them and their families and they wish the best for me as well.

I Am A Rock – I Am An Island as Paul Simon would and did say. That can be taken in two ways: that I am an isolating, depressive person – or that I am a rock that you can always rely on. In my case, both interpretations are true to some extent. I’m trying to lose the isolationist factor thing though LOL 🙂

The internet IS addictive though. I personally now am physically disabled thanks to a wonderful genetically inherited condition, so I can’t really travel that well. I mean, I can, but it’s a pain. And maybe I’m getting lazy. But not lazy at studying though. I study everything! Arts, humanities, architecture, mathematics, business subjects, sociology, music, etc. You name it – I might just have the answer if you have a question. That’s why one of my nicknames is ‚Brainiac‘ LOL (Others? The Duke of the Julie, the Double Amazing International Pimp 🙂

But my women friends still love me, as I do them – it’s just that we don’t live in the same neighborhoods anymore. They moved and I moved too. I talked to one of them on the phone last week and she was like „Can you meet me here Thursday at 12:00 (some restaurant)?“ Unfortunately, I couldn’t – not that day. But it was great to hear her voice and the love that resounded through it. I get that a lot from my women friends. It’s nice, but I avoid them kind of. None of them have seen me since I became diasabled and have to use a freakin‘ walker. I am foolishly and illogically embarassed about that – they won’t care – they love me for who I am and for what I have meant to them.
I’d say just make sure that you go out once in a while – make some lifelong friends like I did.
By the way, I met the women I am talking about in workplaces (theirs or mine), then we went out. It’s OK to have a party once in a while and have people over, you know. Parties can get out of hand, of course, though. Have a girl over and make some popcorn and give her a glass of wine and watch a classic old long movie together.
If you sincerely wish to always be alone, well, be careful what you wish for.

Take a break from your personal addictions once in a while. „lash out“ as my girlfriend in Canada would say. There’s other things in life that are more fun than watching Muslim suicide bombers on the news every night LOL. (I personally never watch the news, except for the MSNBC show with Maria Bartiromo, and sports – both with the volume off. I can read her lips these days.

But anyways, if you feel this is becoming a problem for you, you should talk with first, a hospital counselor, and then second, if needed, a hospital psychiatrist. They are professionals – they have heard it all before. They don’t judge you – they went into those careers to HELP people, not to pass judgment on people.

Best wishes from Seattle 🙂

Chris asks…

I have C.J. Spiller, Trent Richarson, and jamal Charles who should I start and why?pick 2?

Cj has the seattle defense but is gonna get a heavy work load. Jamal Charles has Oakland defense. Trent is Trent

admin answers:

Wow, this has to be one of the toughest questions I have seen. It’s about time someone has a real dilemma.

First, i would say play Charles no matter what. Oakland is Horrid and Charles has been great this year.

Now the tough part, Spiller or Trent. Spiller will get a huge work load, but playing Seattle in bad conditions( see in Buffalo, it could take away from productivity. Seattle is also VERY good against the run. However, if the condition are bad, it could also mean more run game and less passing.

Richardson is playing Washington and even though they are bad against the pass, they are decent against the run. Conditions may be better for this game.

With all that in consideration, I think its almost a push. I don’t think you can go wrong starting either one. Spiller has almost 1000 yards while not being the #1 guy when Jackson actually played. Richardson on the other hand, is very useful to the passing game and does have more TD’s. Now I know Jackson took TD’s from Spiller, but spiller is a smaller back and may get bottled up. I would hate to tell you the wrong thing but I’d almost go with Charles and Richardson.

Maria asks…

Toronto to Manhattan, what is the cheapest way and shortest way to get there?

please help :):)) I want to go for 3 days for example and would stay at hotel.

admin answers:

Trains from the USA to Canada
Two highly-recommended daily trains link New York with Canada, run by Amtrak, jointly with VIA Rail in the case of the New York-Toronto train.

New York ► Montreal / Toronto

Toronto / Montreal ► New York

Daily Daily
New York depart07:1508:15 Montreal depart09:30
Niagara Falls USA 16:33| Toronto depart| 08:30
Toronto arrive 19:37| Niagara Falls USA | 12:30
Montreal arrive 19:10 New York arrive 20:35 22:05

The New York-Toronto train is the ‚Maple Leaf‘ with coach class & business class. The New York-Montreal train is the ‚Adirondack‘, with coach class. Both trains have comfortable air-conditioned reclining seats and a café car, and are a day well spent, highly recommended. Both trains travel right along the scenic Hudson River valley all the way from New York to Albany, with superb views of the river, including West Point Military Academy, Bannerman’s Island and Storm King Mountain. Try to sit on the left-hand side of the train leaving New York. The Adirondack passes through more great scenery in the Adirondack mountains. A wonderful ride!

Fares & how to buy tickets: New York-Montreal costs $62. New York to Toronto costs $105. You can check times and fares and book online at

Amfleet seating as used on the New York-Toronto ‚Maple Leaf’…Amfleet cars, as used on the ‚Maple Leaf’…
Seattle to Vancouver…

Two daily articulated Spanish-designed ‚Talgo‘ trains link Seattle with Vancouver, one morning, one evening. For details, see or You can also travel between Vancouver and Seattle via Victoria, the British Columbia provincial capital, on Vancouver Island: There is a daily catamaran service between Seattle and Victoria (see for times & fares), and regular buses link Victoria with Vancouver (see for times & fares).

Linda asks…

Traveling From Washington State to Georgia?

Hi! My husband and I are moving from Seattle to Georgia. We have never driven across the country. We will be driving two vehicles.. A Scion FRS and a Toyota Camry. We plan on going to Georgia a little early to find a house (sometime between October and January) and we are officially moving there in March. My questions are:
1. Should we travel from Seattle to Georgia in October or January?
2. What would be the safest route over the Rockies in either October or January.
3. What is the safest route to take over the Rockies in March?

Any other traveling advice is welcome! Thanks 🙂

admin answers:

October will be best to avoid winter storms though they can still strike
jut stay n the interstates, they will be in the best condition during any inclement weather

not sure where in Washington to not sure where in Georgia, so I types in Seattle to Atlanta, it’s all interstates in between directions courtesy of google maps

Driving directions to Atlanta, GA

Seattle, WA

1. Head southwest on Madison St toward 4th Ave

200 ft

2. Take the 1st right onto 4th Ave

295 ft

3. Take the 1st right onto Spring St

0.1 mi

4. Turn right onto the ramp to Portland

0.9 mi

5. Follow signs for Interstate 90 E/​Bellevue/​Spokane and merge onto I-90 E

108 mi

6. Take exit 110 to merge onto I-82 E/​US-97 S toward Yakima
Continue to follow I-82 E

Entering Oregon

143 mi

7. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-84 E/​Pendleton and merge onto I-84 E
Entering Idaho

420 mi

8. Take the Interstate 84 E exit toward Ogden/​Salt Lake

0.5 mi

9. Merge onto I-84 E
Entering Utah

134 mi

10. Slight right to stay on I-84 E (signs for Cheyenne)

39.0 mi

11. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-80 E/​Cheyenne and merge onto I-80 E
Passing through Wyoming

Entering Nebraska

827 mi

12. Take exit 397 to merge onto US-77 S/​Homestead Expy toward NE-2/​Beatrice/​Nebraska City

4.0 mi

13. Turn left onto W Pioneers Blvd

1.4 mi

14. Turn right onto NE-2 E
Entering Iowa

52.4 mi

15. Turn right onto the Interstate 29 S ramp

0.3 mi

16. Merge onto I-29 S
Entering Missouri

119 mi

17. Keep left to stay on I-29 S

19.0 mi

18. Take exit 3 on the left for Interstate 70 E/​U.S. 40 E/​U.S. 71 S toward Saint Louis

0.3 mi

19. Merge onto I-70 E/​US-40 E/​US-71 S
Continue to follow I-70 E

208 mi

20. Take exit 210A to merge onto I-64 E/​US-40 E/​US-61 S toward Chesterfield
Continue to follow I-64 E/​US-40 E

35.8 mi

21. Make a U-turn at Exit 36A
Entering Illinois

7.5 mi

22. Keep right to continue on I-64 E/​IL-3 N, follow signs for Louisville/​St Clair Ave
Continue to follow I-64 E

75.0 mi

23. Keep right to continue on I-57 S, follow signs for Interstate 57 S/​Memphis

47.3 mi

24. Take exit 44 to merge onto I-24 E toward Nashville
Passing through Kentucky

Entering Tennessee

179 mi

25. Keep left to stay on I-24 E, follow signs for Interstate 24/​Interstate 40 E/​Chattanooga/​Knoxville

4.8 mi

26. Keep right to stay on I-24 E, follow signs for Chattanooga
Passing through Georgia

Entering Tennessee

134 mi

27. Take exit 185A to merge onto I-75 S toward Atlanta
Entering Georgia

109 mi

28. Take exit 248A for M L King Jr Dr toward State Capitol/​Turner Field

0.2 mi

29. Slight left onto Jesse Hill Jr Dr SE

39 ft

30. Turn right onto Martin Luther King Jr Dr SE

0.2 mi

31. Turn left onto Washington St SW

492 ft

32. Turn left onto Capitol Square SW

0.1 mi

33. Turn left onto Capitol Ave SW

272 ft

Atlanta, GA

David asks…

I’ve read a lot about vegetarian diets and the benefits of it all….but I have a question.?

I’ve been eating meat since…I first had teeth. And though I love (some) vegetables and all fruits, I’m just curious, is there anything about meat that’s harmful for the body? Would you recommend cutting meat out of anyone’s diet?
Psych lapse – I am doing my research. On yahoo answers. Buzz off.

admin answers:

There is some evidence to suggest that the human digestive system was not designed for meat consumption and processing (see sidebar), which could help explain why there is such high incidence of heart disease, hypertension, and colon and other cancers. Add to this the plethora of drugs and antibiotics applied as a salve to unnatural factory farming conditions and growing occurrences of meat-based diseases like E. Coli and Salmonella, and there’s a compelling health-based case for vegetarianism.

The factory-farmed chicken, cow or pig of today is among the most medicated creatures on Earth. “For sheer overprescription, no doctor can touch the American farmer,” reported Newsweek. According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, the use of antimicrobial drugs for nontherapeutic purposes—mainly to increase factory farm growth rates—has risen 50 percent since 1985.

Ninety percent of commercially available eggs come from chickens raised on factory farms, and six billion “broiler” chickens emerge from the same conditions. Ninety percent of U.S.-raised pigs are closely confined at some point during their lives. According to the book Animal Factories by Jim Mason and Peter Singer, pork producers lose $187 million annually to chronic diseases such as dysentery, cholera, trichinosis and other ailments fostered by factory farming. Drugs are used to reduce stress levels in animals crowded together unnaturally, although 20 percent of the chickens die of stress or disease anyway.

One result of these conditions is a high rate of meat contamination. Up to 60 percent of chickens sold in supermarkets are infected with Salmonella entenidis, which can pass to humans if the meat is not heated to a high enough temperature. Another pathogen, Campylobacter, can also spread from chickens to human beings with deadly results.

In 1997, more than 25 million pounds of hamburger were found to be contaminated with E. Coli 0157:H7, which is spread by fecal matter. The bacteria are a particular problem in hamburger, because the grinding process spreads it throughout the meat. E. Coli, the leading cause of kidney failure in young children, was the culprit when three children died of food poisoning after eating at a Seattle Jack in the Box restaurant in 1993.

The British epidemic of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or mad cow disease, which began in 1986 and has affected nearly 200,000 cattle, jumps to beef-eating humans in the form of the always-fatal Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD). The CDC reports that an average of 10 to 15 people have contracted CJD from meat in Britain each year since it was first detected in 1994. In 1998, the British Medical Association warned in a report to Members of Parliament, “The current state of food safety in Britain is such that all raw meat should be assumed to be contaminated with pathogenic organisms.” In 1997, it added, Salmonella or E. Coli infected a million people in Britain. BSE spreads through cattle that are fed contaminated central nervous-system tissue from other animals. “Its future magnitude and geographic distribution…cannot yet be predicted,” the CDC reported. In the U.S., deer have been affected with chronic wasting disease, which has many similarities to British BSE, though a definitive link to humans has not been established.

In the book Eating With Conscience, Dr. Michael W. Fox reports that what is known as “animal tankage”—the non-fat animal residue from slaughterhouses—is used in a wide variety of products, from animal feed and fertilizer to pet food. Dr. Fox adds that hundreds of cats in Europe (and several zoo animals) that ate tankage-laced food have contracted forms of BSE. The Japanese outbreak is believed to have originated in BSE-contaminated feed imported from Europe.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), more than 10 million animals that were dying or diseased when slaughtered were “rendered” (processed into a protein-rich meal) in 1995 for addition to pig, poultry and pet food. Animals that collapse at the slaughterhouse door or during transportation are called “downers,” and their corpses are routinely processed for human consumption. A 2001 Zogby America poll conducted for the group Farm Sanctuary found that 79 percent of Americans oppose this practice, which could be an entry point for BSE into the U.S. Meat supply. Farm Sanctuary petitioned the USDA in 1998 to end processing of downer meat for human consumption, but its petition was denied.

Europe will spend billions of dollars bringing a virulent epidemic of yet another animal-borne disease—foot-and-mouth—under control. In the last two years, 60 countries have had outbreaks of foot-and-mouth, which kills animals but does not spread to people.

One of the major western exports is a taste for meat, though it brings with it increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Clearly, there is something seriously wrong with a diet and food production system resul

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