Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Carol asks…

is this true about unlocked phone?

i went to radio shack to buy unlocked phone for android. the worker there said, „do you know you can go to jail for using unlocked phone. its illegal now“.

is that for real?

admin answers:

Its not illegal to use an unlocked phone, its illegal to unlock a phone (without specific carrier permission) after January 26th 2013.

Apple, for example, still sell their factory unlocked iPhones & they are perfectly legal to buy & use.

John asks…

Are AT&T phones unlocked already?

i want to use a company called Qwert for texting now, and they give you a SIM to put in an unlocked phone. Are AT&T phones unlocked? If not, how can i unlock it, and about how much will that cost me?

admin answers:

To find out if your phone is locked or unlocked, insert a SIM card from a company other than AT&T, then turn the phone on. If the phone works after that for texts/calls, then it is already unlocked. If it says „unauthorized“ or „invalid SIM card“ or anything like that, that means it’s locked.

If you bought the phone under a contract from AT&T, chances are it’s still locked. You can call AT&T and ask them to retrieve the unlock code for you (they will probably have to request it from the manufacturer if it’s a relatively new phone).

Usually, for AT&T to give you the unlock code, they will either require you to show proof that you paid full retail price for the phone, or they will make you wait until your contract period is up (usually 2 years from the day you activated the phone).

In some cases, you can go to a third party web site, pay a fee, and they will try to generate an unlock code for you. They will ask for your IMEI number, which you can usually find by typing the following code into your phone: *#06#

Be careful. Usually if you’ve typed in the wrong unlock code three times, the phone will go into a „hard lock“ that can only be unlocked by taking it to a professional. However, once you have entered the correct unlock code, the SIM restriction is lifted and you can use any company/SIM card you want.

Lizzie asks…

unlocked phones?

can unlocked phones work with verizon wireless?

admin answers:

Yes. Unlocked phones that use a SIM card will work with Verizon. Unlocked phones will work with any carrier that uses SIM Cards

Mandy asks…

Help~!! anyone knows about T-Mobile Phone Unlock?

does T-Mobile offer unlock for every phone?? expensive??

admin answers:

T-Mobile phone unlock are a type of network locks. These locked mobiles won’t work on any GSM networks other than T-Mobile. T-Mobile provides handsets with T-Mobile GSM connections on contract basis for its customers. Most of the time T-mobile doesn’t provide unlock codes to release these mobiles from network locks.
But still you can get unlock code form online sites. For example you can get codes for all internationla brand mobiles from T-mobile network from this site . This is a reliable site to purchase codes at affordable price.

Steven asks…

unlocked phone?

is there any website that i can get an unlock phone
for T-Mobile.

admin answers:

Unlocked…lets see……….if you want an unlocked phone you dont have to find a t-mobile. If you go to and do a little research to find the t-mobile band frequency(eg. GSM 850/900/1800/1900)
it wont be the last 2 because they only use thos over seas. Then go to cell phone websites and find a phone that you like, IT MUST BE GSM, then go to eBay or something and find one that you like. I personally prefer sony ericsson but you might like something else

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