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Nancy asks…

What is the best free security combination to protect my pc?

I have norton with a few days remaining and I heard that there are other better free program. What is the best combination of these programs to run on a netbook with 2gb ram, 160gb hard drive and windows xp.

admin answers:

Shortly put, here is how i d do it if i were you :

♣ Avira
♣ ZoneAlarm
♣ Spyware Terminator
♣ Malwarebytes

But i have also constructed detailed information so you can see what is for you and what isn’t :

Anti-virus :

♣ Avira
♣ Avast!

Avira has the best detection rate among all anti-virus program, its fast, doesn’t slow down your computer, great for scanning files / folders / drives, reliable removal, easy to use and configure… Generally, if you are downloading a lot / torrent / p2p / web Avira is the choice for you.

But if you aren’t as heavy downloader, then rather pick Avast!. Avast! Has really advanced protection on the net ( better protection when surfing ), it will find bad scripts in malicious websites and block connection with the site. Its detection rate is worse than Avira’s, if you ask me it has awfully complicated main panel and i think it generates a LOT of false positives, basically for each keygen and crack.

So :

Heavy downloaders : pick Avira
Heavy surfers : pick Avast!


Anti-spyware :

♣ SUPERAntiSpyware
♣ Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
♣ Spyware Terminator

SUPER and Malwarebytes are only scanners, free version has no real-time protection, but they are very effective when scanning and you can install them both, or all 3 of them, without any fear they will interfere each other.

Tutorial for SUPER :…

Tutorial & review on Malwarebytes :…

Spyware Terminator is special, because its one of the rare if not the only anti-sypware tool that also offers 100% real-time protection and its providing it free of charge. I definitely suggest you to install it and use it as your primary anti-spyware protector.

If you need removers, i can also mention HijackThis… Its able to recognize and remove malicious registry entries, pretty helpful for final cleaning.

Guide for it :…

Once you make a log, post it to :…

Firewall :

♣ ZoneAlarm Free
♣ Comodo Internet Security

ZoneAlarm is totally basic firewall, much better than Windows firewall tho, offers program control and its not complicated, excellent choice for a novice user or user who doesn’t want to deal with all the settings.

Comodo is more advanced, rated as one of the best firewall, offers some complex protection which you have to configure… Generally not advised for novice user, but great for everyone who wants to know more and be protected real good.

All those can be downloaded through :


Otherwise :

♣ Don’t visit porn / fraud / money scams / poker / serial key websites
♣ Install McAfee SiteAdvisor, it will warn you which sites are dangerous
♣ Always scan everything you download
♣ Don’t open ANY email you don’t know, it doesn’t need attachment to infect you

Hope it helped.

More about computer security & tutorials available on my site, if interested :


Maria asks…

What are some applications from itunes for ipod Touches that are worth downloading?

Most of the free available applications arent that fun nor interesting so could you guys please give me some suggestions? thanks!

admin answers:

Well they aren’t free but they are cheap! Here are some I’ve enjoyed!

Wurdle – It’s a fun word game, keeps my entertained when I’m bored
Solebon – This has like 30 different kinds of solitaire! It’s awesome!
Arcade Bowl – Also just a fun entertaining game
MotionX Poker – I played this one constantly for a few months until I beat the whole thing numerous times then I kind of stopped playing it
Yahtzee Adventure – The Best yahtzee game available for ipod touch
Shuffleboard – fun easy game to play with a friend

Spend – A good app to keep track of the money you spend and your budget
mySticky – just a fun app for shopping lists or any kind of list
iTranslate – Translates anything to any language
myHomework – IF you are a student it’s a good way to keep track of homework assignments and due dates and also other various notes about the course.
Zenbe – Another app to make various lists: Shopping list, to-do list, homework assignments or any other notes

Those are just a few of the cheaper or free ones that I have! Hope you enjoy!

Donna asks…

What is a good website for free music downloads that you don’t have to download anything extra?

I have an ipod and i can’t afford to buy $.99 songs all the time. Please help me find a good free (legal of course) music download website! Thanks!

admin answers:

All of these answers suck!!!!!!!!!!!!
The best is if you go on to google
write this on google (the name of the song) (.mp3, or .rar for album, mp4 for music videos)

Richard asks…

What is a good website to learn how to play poker?

A website to show tips and to actually play it. No download.

admin answers:

Many suggest that you should first read and read and then read some more. Which I personally find a bit boring. Almost all of the major poker providers also have or are associated with an online poker school. I would suggest that you sign up for one (or all) of these. The nice thing is, they give you free starting capitol when you’ve finished the course, often after passing a quiz or something. This enables you to start your poker career without using a penny of your own!
For a listing of the schools with their bonuses:

Helen asks…

Where is a good place to download Governor of Poker 2 for free?

I’m looking for a site that’s safe, virus-free, no torrents, and doesn’t offer you anything. I don’t want to buy the game because I don’t want it that bad, and I don’t want to mess up my computer either.

admin answers:

There is no way to know if cracked software has malware or not. That’s why it’s best not to download them at all unless it’s on a separate partition/computer just for risky things like that. Or unless you have nothing sensitive on your computer and are about to reformat the drive anyway.

And of course there’s no special site that only has malware-free cracked software.

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