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William asks…

What is the probability that the coach selects at least 2 passing plays and at least 3 running plays?

Assume that the playbook contains 11 passing plays and 15 running plays. The coach randomly selects 8 plays from the playbook.

What is the probability that the coach selects at least 2 passing plays and at least 3 running plays?

admin answers:

Answer = probability that he selects exactly 2, 3, 4 or 5 passing plays

prob that he selects exactly two passing plays =

8C2 is the number of ways of choosing two slots out of 8
and prob that he selects first passing play = 11/26
prob that he selects second passing play = 10/25 etc

You can calculate the other three cases similarly and sum to obtain the answer.

Thomas asks…

How does upgrading an annual Disney pass work?

I’ve heard you can upgrade the pass whenever you want, but not down-grade.
How does this work? I assume they wouldn’t just let you pay the extra when there are more blackout days, but I also wouldn’t exect to have to pay the full amount extra.
I know it probably depends on the case, so let’s say I buy the pass the day after the huge summer black-out day block is over and want to upgrade it right when that starts. How would that work?

admin answers:

Ok so here is how it actually works. For example lets say you have a 3-day Wild Pass which is an exclusive Florida Resident ticket that they have for purchase only for FR’s at certain times of the year. That special ticket only costs $99 dollars and you get three whole day at 1 of the 4 Disney theme parks per day. But lets say you use a day and find out that you love Walt Disney World and want to get a real annual pass so you can go alot more often. You would go to Guest relations and tell them that you would like to upgrade it. Since you paid $100 bucks for the 3-day pass, they would subtract $100 dollars off the Florida Resident Seasonal Pass which is a annual pass that works most times of the year except for holidays, summertime, and Christmas time,. The FL seasonal pass costs $300 bucks and allows you unlimited admission to all 4 WDW theme parks anytime you want except for blackout dates, you also get park hopping which allows you to go from theme park to theme park on the same day, and you get special deals, benifits, on shops, and restraunts, and a mickney newsletter mailed directly to your house with all the events and info at WDW. It would now only cost $200 dollars for the ap which is a steal. But thats not all, you can use the special fl resident monthly payment program that allows you to pay for the ap monthly instead of straight thru if you dont have the cash available right now. The Seasonal FL pass is about $16 dollars a month. They have it so it just takes $16 dollars out of your bank account each month. All you have to do is pay a $90 down payment. So its a pretty good deal too. Thats what I do, its very more affordable and allows me to still enjoy WDW all the time without going broke. Hope I helped. But there is one thing to remember, this deal is only for Florida residents. So if you are not a fl resident you willnot get the flexibitly to pay montly and it will be more expensive.

Mark asks…

What do you do on the birthday of a loved one that passed away?

My dad passed away on a 16 and also was born on a 16 ( different month) but today was turning 6 months since he died.

admin answers:

Hey there!

This is my first time ever answering and the question is a bit emotional for me for a 1st answer but since I was (unfortunately) in your shoes and all too soon, I can relate and Help ya out!
When my mother passed away this is what I did – I went and bought pretty flowers in colours she liked, I also bought Helium balloons and attached them to a small card on which I wrote a message as well as wrote/made my mom a homemade B-Day card like I did every year and put it at the gravesite where I stayed and talked and let the balloons go into heaven ( while watching them).

Good luck and I am sorry for your loss. 🙁

HUGs n KissES xoxo

O and one more thing you can do is buy a large candle that won’t put out from the wind and leave it on so even when you leave you will be happy in your heart the candle is still lighted.


Paul asks…

What does the different level of passes mean when wiping a hard drive?

Eraser software often give a selection of one to 35 passes.

Which is the most secure way of erasing a hard drive?

If you choose one or seven passes for example, are people still able to recover data from it?

admin answers:

Its analogous to cleaning car windows, especially if a smoker owned the car. It takes rub after rub after rub to convince the metal that the information it used to contain is fully magnetically erased.

supposedly 7 passes used to be an „NSA quality wipe“. Who knows… They say you can put the drive in a kiln and still recover data.

Sharon asks…

How long does it take to pass out if your hanging youself on a doorknob?

My closest friend hung himself with a belt on a doorknob. Did he pass out before he actually died? Did he even pass out? How long does it take to pass out like that?
I just want to know what happened to him 🙁
RiP Henrik, your soul is at peace.

admin answers:

Well usually when people hang themselves they do it from a height over their heads so the fall will break their neck. Your friend wouldn’t have broken his neck from that height so the belt cut off his airway strangling him. The amount of time it would have taken would depend on how tight the belt was around his airway. It could have been very quick if it was tight which I will assume it was if he was trying to hang himself. There really isn’t a way to be precise about it without being there but based on the situation he probably passed out in seconds and died shortly after. I am very sorry for the loss of your friend.

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