Your Questions About Pokerus And Macho Brace

Sandra asks…

How do I EV train in Pokemon?

I never knew how to EV train, and id really like to learn. My friend has tried to explain it to me, but i would just never get it. I looked it u up on other websites, but its still too confusing. Can someone help?

admin answers:

EV training is hard to explain and understand. I’ll try to explain as simply as possible. Each Pokemon has EVs. When you battle a Pokemon and you level up, your Pokemon gets a boot from that EV that the opponent gives. That EV may be attack, speed, defense, special defense, or special attack. For example, a Zapdos has +3 special attack EV. When you level up while battling Zapdos, your Pokemon’s special attack will get a boost. Not adding 3 on to your stats, but just adding a boot. For example, you may gain +1 special attack from fighting a Moltres, but when fighting a Zapdos you will get +2 special attack. Having Pokerus can double the EV gain. Macho Brace also doubles EV gain. You can also use vitamins for the Pokemon. Each one can have 10 vitamins. Hopefully, you understand EV now. 🙂

Jenny asks…

How many times do I have to defeat unown so I can get 255 effort points?

I’m trying to increase my typlosion’s attack stat.

admin answers:

Unown gives one attack and special attack. That is something you should know.

Unown. 255 standard way, half that with a macho brace or pokerus, a quater that with macho brace and pokerus. 25 with the proper power item and pokerus.

You will have to remove the unwanted spec. Att EV’s. You can use stat reducing berries.

Mary asks…

Will a pokemon holding a lucky egg tend to have lower stats when leveled up?

I’m not too familiar with the EV/IV numbers (If someone can explain it clearly, that would be awesome!). I know rare candies are bad because you don’t gain any battle experience and get just the level up values. But giving a pokemon a lucky egg is good so it can level up faster, but it’ll have less KO’s before it levels up compared to a pokemon not holding the lucky egg because of the doubled experience. Is this true? will a pokemon tend to have lower stats while holding a lucky egg or having the 2x EXP AR code? Does this also effect a pokemon that’s recieved in a trade because it will grow faster?

admin answers:

A pokemon gains EVs based on what it defeats. Not how quickly it does so.

Generally speaking (there are exceptions), a pokemon will get EVs based on the highest stat of whatever it defeated. For example, defeating Mightyena will give Attack EVs, and defeating Chansey will give HP EVs.

Generally speaking, defeating a pokémon on an evolutionary line provides 1 EV of that type if it’s at its lowest stage, 2 EVs if it’s evolved once, and 3 EVs if it’s evolved twice. So, for instance, Ralts would provide 1 EV of its type (Special Defense), Kirlia would provide 2, and Gardevoir would provide 3.

Generally speaking, defeating a pokémon that’s not on an evolutionary line (Heracross, Pinsir, Miltank, etc.) will give 2 EVs if it is non-legendary, and 3 EVs if it is legendary.

You also get 4 more EVs if the pokémon is holding a Power Item of the appropriate type. You also get double the EVs if the pokémon is holding the Macho Brace. And you get double the EVs if the pokémon is infected with Pokérus. And these stack, so a pokémon holding a power item and having pokérus will be getting 10 EVs per kill on something that would ordinarily only give 1.

Also, using Vitamins (Protein, Iron, Carbos, etc.) will provide 10 EVs to a pokémon right away. However, it will not boost a stat that already has more than 100 EVs in it. Wings also provide 1 EV to a stat, and have no maximum limit other than the one imposed with EVs in general (see next paragraph).

However, a pokémon can only obtain up to 510 EVs total, and no more than 255 in a single stat. So if the number would go over, then it won’t gain any more EVs. But from Level 1 to Level 100 would take more kills than that, which is why the Lucky Egg, Experience Share or whatever won’t affect it, unless you cause it to go way more than 510, which is highly unlikely. Heck, even Rare Candies are fine, once you have all of your EVs. Unless you gained all of the experience from fighting pokémon that give off the same type of EVs, thereby eliminating your ability to gain any others, it won’t matter.

As for IVs, those are just randomly generated and cannot be modified. Kinda. Technically, if the pokémon is hatched from an egg, then you can do some things with its parents in order to get the IVs that you want, but that has nothing to do with experience, and so the Lucky Egg won’t make a difference.

Now, everything that you have read up until this point is for Generation III and Generation IV. In Generation I and Generation II, the pokémon’s stats were calculated completely differently.

In Generation V, the system changed, but only slightly. Now, EVs are calculated after every kill. So if you killed a Graveler (2 Defense EVs), and those EVs were enough to push your Defense Stat up by 1, it would do so immediately. Older games made you wait until a Level Up before the boosts were applied. Here, they are applied immediately, and you would automatically get the stat boost. (The „boost“ shown in a Level Up is just for its base stats and nature that it gets off of a Level Up.)

So if you’re playing a Generation V game, then the Lucky Egg doesn’t matter at all. Even if you trained off of only the same type of EVs, you can still gain more at any time after Level 100.

Additionally, some berries (Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa and Tamato) can lower your EVs, but the amount and restrictions that are placed on this depends on the generation. (And, in the case of Gen III, which game you’re playing.)

TL;DR Version: No. The Lucky Egg won’t hurt your stats unless you are stupid with it, and even then, only in Gen III and IV.

Laura asks…

Why won’t my Pokemon’s EVs for attack go up?

I started EV training (in Pokemon Emerald) my Grovyle at level 21, it is now level 22.

At 21, I must have defeated several Poochyena, and yet Grovyle’s EVs are not going up, the stayed the same. The only time they changed was when he leveled up to 22, but it was nothing significant.

It has Pokerus and is carrying a Macho brace.

admin answers:

How do you know the EV value isn’t going up? It’s normally hidden.

The stat gains from EV training don’t appear immediately or even quickly. For example if you EV trained a Lv1 pokemon fully, all 510 points (we’ll say it was hacked to do that) you wouldn’t see any significant rise when it hits Lv2. It WILL receive those bonus points eventually, and it will on average rise higher than an untrained pokemon, but they are given at a steady pace as it levels up.

Carol asks…

How does Pokerus work EXACTLY?

I’m playing Black 2 and while I got the dough (sorta) to take a quick fix in raising the EV’s of my pokemon I do realize I have to start fighting wild pokemon for those ev’s using stuff like the power items and the pokerus virus to help out. If i read it correctly, the small smiley face is there indicating is once had pokerus and no longer has it or can get it, BUT it still will gain double the EVs, so example, fighting Banette in victory road 1st floor without macho brace or power item, will net FOUR evs in attack instead of 2. Am I correct?

admin answers:

I believe you are right. Pokerus doubles the amount of Ev’s earned on any Pokemon that is infected with it forever. The the virus stops becoming viral after 24 hours. To prevent this you can leave the Pokemon in the pc and it will stop the time expiration. What I did was I infected a bunch of pokemon like patrat and keep them inside the pc. This way I have an infinite way of using the Pokerus again.

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